are there any weight loss pills that work

Are There ANY Weight Loss Pills That Work? Debunking Fitness Myths Vol. 3

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Are there ANY weight loss pills that work? 

I know, I know… I can already hear you thinking – what kind of rubbish IS this? Of course there are NO weight loss pills that work. And that’s the simple answer. No, there are not.

But that isn’t the whole story. Let’s get started.

Why Do Weight Loss Pills Not Work?

First and foremost, a study published by Strasser, Spreitzer and Haber in 2007 stated that the only thing leading to weight loss is a caloric restriction independent of the methodology used to induce the restriction – and what this means for you is that you must burn fewer calories everyday than you’re consuming.

Simple math – it’s as simple as that.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that you’ve read numerous reports of people using the next craziest weight loss supplement. A few come to mind right away – you might have heard of ephedrine, caffeine and many more – and these supplements by themselves do not and cannot induce a caloric restriction.

What their method of action is is that they provide the body with more energy via central nervous stimulation which may induce and increase what’s known as NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which basically means your body’s natural response to central nervous stimulation would be getting up and moving around more.

This is what the primary mode of action is in these “weight loss supplements” – or diet pills.

NEAT is basically a way for your body to prevent itself from gaining more fat by forcing you to get more activity in the form of fidgeting or moving your body around randomly.

Now, while NEAT is generally not directly caused by dieting supplements, supplements containing the above compounds (caffeine and ephedrine) could have an inadvertent effect on your mood and energy levels thus leading to a similar condition to NEAT. You’re probably more likely to have increased energy and an increased desire to do something when consuming these compounds.

NEAT is a good thing for you. It’s usually caused by eating more than your body burns – but you absolutely cannot rely on NEAT to handle your extra calorie expenditure solely.

With that in mind, you can now safely assume that there isn’t a single pill on the market that directly leads to weight loss.

Why Have There Been So Many Claims Then?

Physique Authority has been around for quite some time, and it’s our main mission to provide people with the right information necessary to achieve their physique goals.

Whether you’re female or male, want to lose fat and/or build muscle, you’ve come to the right place.

We try to deliver the most recent, science-backed approach to accomplish any physique goals and we do and cannot stand behind any products we don’t personally believe in.

Now, the same cannot be said for every product manufacturer or fitness personality/website out there. Some people, sadly and unfortunately, are simply out there to make a quick buck from you at the expense of your own sanity, well-being and, ultimately, your results.

This is sickening to my stomach and very sad.

However, you have to keep something important in mind. Selling people equipment, supplements and programs is a multi-billion dollar industry which is the exact reason marketing campaigns have been so successful and which is also the reason so many people buy into the rubbish.

It’s a strong psychological fact that when people see others believing and buying into something that they themselves become more likely to jump on board with whatever product it is.

The Psychological Component of Dieting Pills and Fitness Scams

Say for example you see a company online with a massive following on social media, videos, comments, and other people interacting, you are much more likely to also follow them than you are to follow someone with zero other followers.

When you’re looking at purchasing any product, what do you do? You probably see if you can find it online, and if you can, you also probably try to find reviews.

Well, at least that’s what I myself do. I just happen to take it one step further – I try to read and research peer-reviewed journal entries so I can have at least some proof that whatever concept I am implementing actually works.

It’s for this exact reason that I do not buy into the whole supplementation for weight loss crap. It’s simply untrue and just doesn’t work.

However, we’ve all been subject to the influence of other people and even the smartest of us can’t escape that from time to time – and dieting supplements have been massively popular not consequential of their efficacy, but rather as a consequence of millions of people blindly jumping onto the band-wagon.

Think of other programs and diets such as:

  • atkins
  • low-carb
  • paleo
  • ketogenic
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • weight watchers

All of these “programs” and “diets” are no more effective than just reducing the amount of calories you burn relative to how many you consume. However, you can find millions of people following any one of the above mentioned diets or programs and you’ll find millions of new subscribers to them every year.

Well, Why Have They Been So Popular Then?

Because, when one person believes, they share, talk about it and convert many others into believers as well! What if I told you that Physique Authority wrote the perfect weight loss program?

Well, there are a few problems with that:

  • no one else has used it
  • there are no testimonials
  • no one generally cares
  • therefore, no one will follow it and share it with others

This is proof that there is a massive psychologically manipulative agenda in the fitness industry and the faster we can realise this the faster we can get on to the right path of weight loss or whatever else you want to do with your physique and body.

Social proof is a real concept and it’s the main driver behind many peoples’s decisions everyday. When it comes to dating, it’s been well documented that a man’s social proof speaks to a woman on a biological level – and they will end up having more success with that women leading to dating and/or marriage than if they had less or no social proof.

It’s the same thing with physical products. Social proof is a massive industry-leading marketing tool and billions of product manufacturers are capitalising on this every year.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Marketing

These guys know what’s up. Think of Apple. When you think of a smartphone, what product do you think of? Probably iPhone (I think of Android because I am biased haha).

When you think of tissue paper you probably think of Kleenex. When you think of shipping stuff you think of FedEx. When you think of pharmaceutical painkillers you think of Tylenol, fast food McDonald’s, coffee Tim Horton’s (if you’re Canadian) and so on and so forth.

These brands have been permanently embedded into our heads and we can’t help but think of them. That’s a massive problem when it comes to deceitful product marketing.

These brands have become so popular over the years due to their social proof, status and the repeated advertising we see them do each year. 

The exact same thing happens with diet pills and the rest of the fitness industry.

What can we do about the marketing efforts and our inability to differentiate fact from fiction? Well, for starters, definitely head over to our website often as we publish articles weekly outlining many of the fitness myths and what to do instead.

The other thing you can do is just do some research before you believe anything these days. Just because you hear of a product or service being sold to millions does not make it automatically effective – and I would even say you should be extra weary of it if that’s the case!

So Mike, You’ve Been Rambling For a While But What Does This Have to Do With Anything?

What I am trying to illustrate here is the fact that, no matter what people tell you and no matter how many people believe a certain thing does not necessarily make it the most truthful gospel if there’s any truth to it at all.

Just because every child under the age of 6 believes that Santa Claus is real does not make him real!

This is what I am trying to say. If you want to learn how to do something such as lose weight, you must find the right way to do so. Actually, we recently published a pretty cool article outlining how to lose about 1-2lbs per week (which is the human body’s natural maximum rate of weight loss) which you can read more about here.

That article will go over with you the principles of weight loss and, ultimately, how many calories you should be consuming to lose weight at the maximum rate for your body type.

You will learn how to shred off as much weight as you want – and, the best thing is – it’s going to outline this for you in the most truthful way we know how to:

  • we will not try to sell you something
  • the information is free!
  • we just want to see people become healthy because obesity is a massive concern!
  • we want you, the reader, to trust us and come back for more information – and we have no vested interest in deceiving the very people who enable us to keep this website up and running!

We Won’t [Don’t] Be Fooled…Again.

We, as the people of this planet, can either go through life believing every last piece of information written by any average Jane or Joe out there or we can take it into our own hands and become responsible for our own lives.

Take the information you learn with a grain of salt and go out there to learn about the truth. Dieting pills are nothing more than a scam and a lie with some very clever marketing strategies – but that’s ALL they are! Clever marketers trying (and succeeding!!) to make a dollar from anyone willing to listen and believe.

There are an amplitude of resources available to us in the modern day to help us learn anything we want – and that includes the truth.

Go out there and learn the truth and make sure to head over to our How Many Calories do I Need to Eat to Lose Weight article to learn more about how to shred as much fat from you body as you wish.

Make sure to leave us a comment below letting us know if you have had any experiences with dieting pills and what your results were. We’d love to hear from you – and make sure to click the little social media icons to share this article!

More people need to get on board the learning train and together we can abolish any and all fitness myths.

As always,
With Love,


  1. Thank you for writing this insightful article. I have long suspected that diet pills do not work, and your post provided much information to help me finally know the truth.

    I, too, had tried diet pills in the past. They would work, in a sense, but only temporarily. Because the pills I took only helped to suppress my hunger. Not good. After I stopped using the pills, I ate with a vengeance and put back on the weight, sometimes more.

    These days, I follow the mantra – to eat less calories than I burn. In effect, I never finish the rice, potatoes, noodles. The food that is served at food places, I will always eat half or less of any carbo that was served.

    Once again, thanks for a very helpful article.

    1. Hi Timotheus,

      I agree. They’re only a temporary solution – and a very ineffective one at that. Appetite suppression is definitely a great way to aid in weight loss and it’s something I implement through fasting, for example. You can learn more about that here.

      In any case, knowing how many calories you’re using will help you find out how many you need to eat to lose weight. Your idea about leaving some food on the plate could be an effective – yet flawed – technique in weight loss as without knowing exact numbers it’s really hard to effectively sustain a weight loss program. Weighing your food and tracking it is the only way to go!

      Regards and happy holidays!

  2. Hi Mike, Nice article and brand new concept. You are right we have to have our own determination on weight loss, simply put, it is just we need to reduce the input and to increase the output. We are totally follow the massive psychologically manipulated media and the fitness industry, trying to follow the dieting pills or fitness theory, which lead to more confusing and less productive ways to deal with weight. Thanks for your work.

  3. The only way to do it is diet, exercise and a calorie deficit. It’s a struggle, it takes a lot of discipline to change your life and habits, but it’s better in the long run.
    I even had a trainer at the gym for a while…. My body didn’t change the way i wanted and i had a few minor strains because i was pushed too hard. I kept the trainer longer than i should have, but now i work out on my own, using an app for a plan (i change it around depending on my mood). My results are better now. If i can do it anyone can.

    1. Hi there,

      I completely agree with you. Diet is the #1 thing that leads to weight loss. To paraphrase an article published by NCBI “..the methodology behind caloric restriction in that the only thing leading to weight loss is the caloric restriction itself” meaning that exercise also does not contribute to weight loss – it might increase your caloric expenditure but the weight loss itself is still induced by a calorie deficit.

      I am sorry to hear about your poor luck with exercise programs and trainers! They really don’t take the time to understand what women truly want. Luckily now we have a guy called Greg from Kinobody and I highly recommend for any women to check out his Aggressive Fat Loss program, or, even better, the Kinobody Goddess Toning program. These products are amazing and helping thousands of women get the body of their dreams.

      Happy exercising and happy holidays to you and yours!

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