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The Best Ellipticals for 2018: Your Ultimate Elliptical Buyer’s Guide

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Hi everyone and welcome to our Best Ellipticals for 2018 buyer’s guide! As always, we’re super pumped you landed here and we’re going to make your visit as worth-while as possible.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this article which we want to thank you in advance for enduring. We understand there will be a lot of information to consume but we promise to deliver you the best information regarding ellipticals in 2018 in the most easy to understand fashion possible.

You’re going to learn about the different price ranges, what you can expect from each price-range, our top recommendations and, of course, Honourable Mentions as always if and when applicable.

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As with all of our buyer’s guides, we have given every effort to produce the best quality content possible with the help of various knowledgeable fitness experts and gym owners’ opinions and advice. Ellipticals, like any other cardio equipment, are an amazing way to get a fantastic workout directly in your own home.

The three different price-ranges are going to feature different designs and some will be better suited for certain individuals than others. Things to keep in mind are: stride length, Q-Factor, intensity of workout, the user’s weight capacity, warranty periods, how often the device will be used and how experienced and in shape the user will be.

Of course, spending a bit more on any exercise equipment will yield better results ranging from better build qualities, more resistance for more experienced users and more features, ruggedness and overall better warranties. 

Some important features to keep in mind when buying an elliptical machine are as follows:

  • Q-Spacing (space between pedals)elliptical machine q space

Q-Space essentially is a biomechanical way of referring to the physical spacing between pedals on an elliptical machine. Life Fitness, for example, employs biomechanical engineers who thoroughly study the movement of the human body and have determined what the ideal Q-Factor is. 

What this means for you will be reduced stress on your joints, hips, knees, legs etc. and will make for a more comfortable experience as well.

In a nutshell, the closer the gap between the two pedals, the better! Check out the graphic to the right.

  • Stride distance or length

Stride length refers to the amount of movement you get from your elliptical pedals back and forth – usually the higher the better and it can usually be adjusted as well to suit a variety of users’ needs.

  • Resistance levels

The amount of resistance essentially makes the machine be able to grow with your ability level as well. The more levels, generally, the better.

  • Features, warranty, build quality and functionality

This is something that is going to be enhanced by price as well. Of course the more you spend the more of the above you will be getting – so this is entirely up to personal preference and taste!

Just keep in mind that we’ve made every effort to only recommend machines that fit what we believe to be the best qualities and features so there’s not much need for you to wonder about any of the above four points. We’ve done all the leg work for you already.

Just a quick note:

We believe that the sweet-spot in terms of performance, price and features for your home usage elliptical machine is the $1000-$2000 Category.

You definitely do not have to spend over $2000 to get a great machine, however, for the very advanced user and the more frequent user, spending the most money your budget allows will get you the best machine for your money, no doubt.

In addition to the above, you will have to consider other user reviews, brand status of the manufacturers and information surrounding how to set up, install and maintain your elliptical machine.

Part I: Best Ellipticals Under $1000

Alright so let’s get part one started. We chose to bump our maximum budget for this piece of equipment because of the fact that we genuinely do not believe you can truly enjoy all of the benefits of an elliptical machine under $500.

It’s just not worth it to us. You won’t really get much resistance, the build quality will be very poor, your user experience will be poor and the warranty will be very short.

Not only will you be stuck with a machine that you can’t do much with – if anything breaks, you’re out of luck and we just don’t want to see you have to struggle through that.

It is with that in mind that we recommend an absolute bare-minimum budget of $500 to spend on an elliptical machine to deliver the most reliable and enjoyable user experience.

From $500 – $1000, you are sure to find something that suits your needs as a beginner. Keep in mind that stride-length and foot pedal spacing will play an important role in comfort and workout intensity so we are making every effort to deliver you only the best recommendations we believe in ourselves.

NordicTrack C 7.5

NordicTrack C 7.5

The more you spend on an elliptical machine the more features you will get that may be important to you including the ability to adjust your workout to keep you in your specific heart rate target zone, electrically controlled resistance, on-board fans for cooling and larger stride lengths.

If you wish to skip this section altogether, you may choose to go straight to Part III if you’re after something more advanced, reliable and with more features.

Why don’t we get started and have a look at each option so you can spend more time reviewing and comparing models instead of listening to us blabber on 🙂

Let’s go!

#1: Schwinn 430

Schwinn 430

Editor’s Score:

Schwinn has been a top player in the cardio and exercise equipment niche for a long time – and their Schwinn 430 Elliptical is one of the best offerings in this price-range. With an enormous stride length of 20 inches and 22 workout programs, this elliptical will give you one of the best bang for your bucks around.


Schwinn has gracefully presented us with two amazing options – their 430 and 470 series ellipticals. Although we’ve decided to include the 430 in this article, we still believe the 470 is a great choice and you can learn more about that here.

Back to the 430 – you will be getting 20 levels of resistance, 22 workout programs, heart rate monitoring, DualTrack™ LCD display system, USB charging, on-board speakers for your favourite music and an unprecedented 10-Year warranty. We think you will love this machine!

Key Features:

  • 20-inch Precision Path™ Stride length
  • Large, and comfortable foot cushioning
  • Handlebars can move or can be static
  • 3-speed fan so you can stay cool
  • 20 levels of resistance for all experience levels
  • High-quality, perimeter-weighted flywheel
  • 22 workout programs + 9 profile programs + 8 heart rate programs (beginner/advanced)
  • Also features quick-start, 2 fitness tests and 2 custom program options
  • EKG Grip heart rate monitoring
  • Can incline up to 10 degrees with 6 different positions
  • DualTrack™ 2 LCD display design to show you numerous metrics simultaneously (heart rate, time, distance, RPM, pulse, speed, calories burned, resistance, course profile, goal achievement and more)
  • Extras: USB charging and data export to, on-board sound system, water bottle holders, transportation wheels
  • Dimensions: 70L x 28W x 63H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Mechanical, 1-Year Electrical & 90-Day Labour

#2: Nautilus E614

Nautilus E614

Editor’s Score:

Nautilus. . . we truly believe these guys are one of the best exercise equipment manufacturers on the block. Backed by a staggering 10-Year Frame warranty and packing a 20 inch Precision Path™ Stride Length the Nautilus E614 is definitely one of our favourites for this year’s list.


The pedals on this machine are oversized and grooved to add stability, comfort and durability to your elliptical sessions – and with Nautilus’ staggering warranty it’s not like you have to be overly concerned anyway.

A perimeter-weighted flywheel, 22 workout programs, 6 incline positions and a 3-speed fan are sure to keep your workouts as challenging as you like while also being comfortable enough to suit any experience level. USB charging and a media tray for your tablet will keep you adequately entertained while you workout.

Key Features:

  • 20-inch Precision Path™ Stride length
  • Awesome comfortable and grooved foot pedals for comfort and safety
  • Both static and moving handlebars to suit your needs
  • 20 levels of resistance for all experience levels
  • Perimeter-weighted flywheel
  • High-quality, perimeter-weighted flywheel
  • 22 workout programs – 1 quick start, 9 profile, 8 heart rate, 2 fitness tests and 2 custom
  • EKG Grip heart rate monitoring
  • Up to 6 positions of incline available
  • Eddy Current brake system for safety
  • Articulating footplates
  • 3-speed fan to keep you cool
  • Extras: Speakers to enjoy your favourite shows or music, USB charging for your iPhone or iPod, water bottle holder, media tray for your favourite mobile devices
  • Dimensions: 72L x 27W x 63H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Electrical & 90-Day Labour

#3: ProForm Endurance 520E

ProForm Endurance 520E

Editor’s Score:

What kind of fitness equipment article would this be if ProForm wasn’t included in some way or another? For decades ProForm has reigned the fitness industry with their unbelievable exercise machines and today we want to present you with their ProForm 520E Elliptical Machine.


With a 19 inch adjustable stride and a 16lbs perimeter-weighted flywheel, your workout is sure to be smooth, quiet, comfortable and difficult enough. You’ll also be getting 18 resistance levels to suit any level of skill.

The ProForm 520E is fully iFit® Coach Ready™ (subscription required) to deliver you virtually unlimited tracks and coaching programs via quick and easy download to your favourite tablet.

You’ll get an mp3 device port (for your iPod) and speakers, an integrated tablet holder, USB charging capabilities and a 5 inch LCD display so you can enjoy all of the amenities while you’re exercising as if you were in a club – all while being in the comfort of your own home.

Check back frequently as this machine is so popular that it sells out really quickly generally.

Key Features:

  • 19” adjustable stride
  • 16lbs perimeter-weighted flywheel for extra smoothness
  • 18 digitally adjustable resistance levels
  • Upper body also gets a workout with the resistance arms
  • Perfect for home-use thanks to the SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance system
  • iFit® Coach Ready™ – run on your favourite trails using Google Maps (this is a cool feature and we’re going to make this into a whole article soon so stay tuned)
  • iFit® Coach™ also lets you have unlimited workout programs by letting you download your favourite ones from fitness professionals
  • Please note that iFit requires a subscription to be functional
  • 18 workout apps to give you the best workout for your ability level
  • 5 inch backlit LCD display to inform you of speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned
  • Can incline up to 20 degrees
  • Fan to keep you cool
  • EKG grip heart rate monitoring
  • Foot pedals are oversized to give you maximum stability and a variety of foot positioning options
  • Extras: front-mounted wheels for easy transport, water bottle holder, mp3 device port with external speakers, integrated tablet holder, USB charging
  • Dimensions: 69L x 26W x 68H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime + 1-Year Parts & Labour

#4: NordicTrack C 7.5

NordicTrack C 7.5

Editor’s Score:

Let’s face it: If we speak about ProForm in one of our articles, chances are pretty high you’ll see something about NordicTrack as well. These two players are top-dogs in the fitness world. The NordicTrack C 7.5 delivers what we believe to be the best experience you’re going to have in this price category and we can’t wait to show you why that is below.


You may have even heard of NordicTrack before. They have one of the best track-records when it comes to fitness equipment and their C 7.5 is no exception. You’ll be getting a 20 inch power-adjustable stride length, a 20lbs flywheel with 22 levels of digitally adjustable resistance, oversized pedals and iFit coaching compatibility.

If that wasn’t enough, we’d like to point your attention to the 20 degrees of electronically controlled incline ability you will be getting as well as a speaker system for your iPod, transportation wheels, an integrated tablet holder, a water bottle holder and a 5 inch backlit LCD display.

Key Features:

  • 20 inch power-adjustable stride
  • 20lbs flywheel with SMR™ silent magnetic resistance
  • 22 levels of digitally adjustable resistance
  • Oversized foot pedals and Softtouch upper body grips
  • 26 pre-loaded workout apps designed by professional fitness trainers
  • 5 inch backlit LCD display showing you calories burned, time, distance, heart rate and more
  • Automatically-controlled workout fan to match your intensity
  • Compatible with wireless iFit coaching system via Bluetooth
  • One-touch controls allow you to change settings without having to go into the menu
  • Allows for up to 20 degrees of electronically controlled incline
  • Extras: iPod compatible speaker system, transportation wheels, integrated tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Dimensions: 67L x 25W x 69H
  • Weight Capacity: 325lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

#5: Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

Editor’s Score:

You see, we want to love the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02, but we had to knock a half-star rating off because of the smaller stride length and fewer resistance levels than the other options prior to this one above. We still really like it, however, and we do still believe this will give a great user experience because of the Johnson Exclusive SixStar™ Frame.


As mentioned, this machine comes stacked with an 18-inch stride length, 10 electronically controlled resistance levels, 10 programs and a 5 inch display to show you the most vital information.

You will also get a built-in tablet holder, built-in speakers and a water bottle holder. As one of ConsumerReport’s favourite ellipticals, we think you’ll love it too.

Key Features:

  • Precision-balanced 14lbs flywheel
  • 18 inch stride length
  • Johnson Exlucisve SixStar™ Frame for the most biomechanically correct movements available
  • ConsumerReports highly recommends this machine (learn more here)
  • 10 electronically-controlled levels of resistance
  • 10 programs including: manually controlled, weight loss, interval training, constant, reverse training, random and calorie goals
  • 5 inch LCD display showing you time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart-rate
  • EKG heart rate monitoring
  • iPod connectivity for your music
  • Extras: Built-in speakers, tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Dimensions: 68L x 25W x 64H
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 1-Year Labour, 2-Year Parts, 2-Year Brake

Body Solid Best Fitness E1

Body Solid Best Fitness E1

We don’t always provide an honourable mention, especially when there is nothing worth-while to offer, however, in this case, we do believe that the Best Fitness E1 is at least worth a mention in our article for this year.


The main reason that this machine didn’t make our main list is because the price sometimes fluctuates in and out of this price-range. in addition, the shorter warranty and lower weight capacity made us not want to add this into the main section.

However, you are still getting a fantastic machine here with a very low center of gravity and close pedal spacing to reduce stress on joints and hips.

What we really didn’t like:

  • the really ugly, out-dated design
  • Ugly Gold colour
  • The super bulky form-factor
  • Control panel seems out-of-date

Other than these things, you’re still getting some immense value here and if you’re interested, click below to learn more.

Well folks, this wraps up our Part I: best ellipticals under $1000 section. As we’ve learned, a few features are definitely available in this price-range and you’re already getting a fantastic machine if you decide to purchase one above.

However, we definitely think that the next two parts offer functionality and quality of their own so be sure to check out the rest of the article – if only to do some reading and learning!

Part II: Best Ellipticals From $1000 – $2000

Welcome to Part II! We have some very exciting announcements to make for the next part of our elliptical buyer’s guide this year.

Although the above section provides some really awesome machines for your home cardio equipment arsenal, we believe that this next section is really the sweet-spot between price, functionality and feature-sets.

If you’re someone who is looking to get a very killer workout right in the comfort of your own home you don’t really have to look very much further than this price-range to be honest. Even if there are some more expensive models below, we really don’t think they’re necessary for the average home cardio enthusiast.

Let’s talk a little bit more about this next price-range below.

Perhaps sometimes you don’t always have time to get to the gym, the weather is poor or for whatever reason you just want to have an elliptical machine that you can use at home. We’re cool with your decision regardless of what it is!

The main reason we think that this price-range is truly the best is because even if you buy a machine from Part I and you’re a beginner, you probably won’t always stay a beginner – and at that point you will likely need to invest in another, more powerful machine to keep reaping the benefits of cardio training.

Sole Fitness E35

Sole Fitness E35

As always, we feature our top pick for each category at the top of each section so you can have a quick glimpse of which machine we believe is the best one. For this particular category, the Sole Fitness E35 is our top-pick award winner.

By purchasing a machine you can grow with, you’ll be able to comfortably and effectively continue to use it and grow with it. This means that the more in shape you become, the machines from below will be able to continue to provide you with ample training capabilities to continue getting into better and better shape.

Like we mentioned above, cheaper machines might not grow with you and you might have to upgrade again in a few years. This is the main reason we always recommend getting something a little bit better than what you think you need today.

Let’s jump right in!

#1: Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470

Editor’s Score:

The Schwinn 470 offers up some incredible features for a pretty much unbeatable price. You’re going to get Schwinn’s Precision Path™ foot motion technology for a near real-life running experience. Couple this with the RunSocial app and you’re in for an awesome elliptical experience – and one of our favourites! 


As an incredibly feature-rich product, the Schwinn 470 serves up a DualTrack™ LCD display system adding the ability to monitor various vital pieces of information simultaneously. In addition, you’re going to get a water bottle holder, a 3-speed fan, speakers for your favourite media and more.

Due to the rather large footprint, we had to deduct half of a star from our rating as it will take up a significant amount of space – however, if you have the room for it, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

You will also get a 10-Year frame warranty, 2-Year Mechanical, 1-Year Electrical and 90-Day Labour which is also not the best we’ve seen in this category – but still pretty impressive. Check out the full feature list below.

Key Features:

  • 20 inch stride with Precision Path™ Foot Motion Technology simulates real-world running
  • 25 levels of Eddy current resistance for all experience/ability levels
  • 5 incline levels (up to 10 degrees) and 5 resistance quick keys to rapidly switch between difficulty levels
  • Large foot pedals for added comfort, stability and safety
  • Features 29 preset workout programs including profiles, heart rate control, fitness tests and many more
  • Schwinn DualTrack™ dual backlit LCD panels allows for more than 10 different stats to be displayed simultaneously
  • Track time, calories burned, distance and transfer stats to your Schwinn Trainer app which integrates with MyFitnessPal
  • Allows up to 4 users to set up their own preferences
  • Schwinn Fitness has partnered up with the RunSocial app so you can run on some of the most breathtaking trails
  • Trail lengths can be up to marathon distance
  • Run alone or run together with your friends anywhere in the world
  • Extras: water bottle holder, speakers for your favourite music (via iPod connection), 3-speed fan to keep you cool, transport wheels for easy moving
  • Dimensions: 70L x 28W x 71H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Mechanical, 1-Year Electrical & 90-Day Labour

#2: Sole Fitness E35

Sole Fitness E35

Editor’s Score:

The Sole Fitness E35 offers up an impressive list of high-quality features leaving pretty much nothing left to be desired in your next elliptical machine. An awesome 7.5 inch display, a 25lbs precision balanced flywheel and the ability to transfer fitness data to your favourite device will make this an incredible bargain for the price.


What you’re getting here is a machine from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the business. You can incline this machine up to 20 degrees, it features cooling fans to cool you off as you workout, and you get built-in hand grip heart rate monitoring to ensure your workout remains as intense as possible.

The Lifetime Frame Warranty is sure to deliver an even bigger reason to dive in head-first into the purchase of this machine. We love it for this reason very much! Check out the full feature list below.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable 20 inch stride length for increased comfort
  • 25lbs precision balanced flywheel
  • Oversized foot pedals for added safety and comfort
  • Features 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart programs
  • 7.5 inch LCD display so you can view all of the most important information
  • Ability to transfer fitness data to your favourite mobile device via Bluetooth
  • Built-in hand grip pulse heart rate monitoring sensors
  • Wireless chest strap is also included for hands-free heart rate monitoring
  • Can incline up to 20 different incline levels
  • Cooling fans to keep you cool
  • Extras: Water bottle holder, built-in sound system for your favourite music (via iPod), power-adjustable incline
  • Dimensions: 82L x 31W x 67H
  • Weight Capacity: 375lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Electronics, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labour

#3: Kettler UNIX P

Kettler UNIX P

Editor’s Score:

You might have gathered thus far if you read any of our other Buyer’s Guides that we really love German-made stuff. Germans are just the best at making high-quality things, and the Kettler UNIX P is therefore one of our favourite ellipticals this year. Check out the full feature list below and find out why!


Although not one of the most feature-rich products in this price-range, this product resides near the bottom of the price-range making it an incredible value for your money. With a 16 inch adjustable stride length and a 3-Year Residential Warranty, this elliptical is sure to keep you happy for years to come.

Featuring 10 programs, a large backlit LCD panel that’s directly integrated into the machine and a biomechanically engineered Q-Factor of 8 inches, this machine is not only one of the cheapest in this price-group, but also one of the most comfortable and reliable machines we’ve seen.

Key Features:

  • Made in Germany meaning extreme reliability and durability
  • 16 inch adjustable stride length
  • 15 levels of resistance suitable for many skill levels
  • Large backlit LCD display provides easy to read exercise information
  • 10 programs including heart rate-specific programs
  • 3 different types of heart rate monitoring: hand grips, infrared earlobe clip or an optional POLAR T-34 wireless chest strap
  • Awesome Q-Factor of 8 inches for reduced stress on joints, comfort and stability
  • Extras: Transport wheels for easy moving and storage
  • Dimensions: 57L x 23W x 61H
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Year Residential

#4: ProForm 12.0 NE

ProForm 12.0 NEEditor’s Score:

Once again, we’re featuring another superb product from ProForm – and this time their incredible 12.0 NE. Once you discover its feature-set, we’re sure you will fall in love with this machine. 


A 20 inch adjustable stride will ensure any user can achieve maximum comfort while using this machine. The 30lbs perimeter-weighted flywheel will also ensure that the resistance will grow with your skill level.

You will also get an iFit®* enabled machine allowing essentially access to an unlimited source of fitness professional-designed programs making the use of this machine also more enjoyable in the long run!*

Key Features:

  • 20 inch adjustable stride for comfort and multi-user support
  • 30lbs perimeter weight flywheel
  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel construction for continued reliability
  • Levellers allow the machine to be levelled on uneven surfaces
  • Up to a 20 degree incline capability
  • Features 24 Digital Resistance Levels for quick adjustment on the fly
  • iFit® enabled – customise your workouts with many different programs designed by certified professional personal trainers (subscription required)
  • Run your favourite tracks with the help of Google Maps
  • Access your iFit account from any mobile device (including tablets, phones and laptops) and view all of your running data
  • 7 inch full colour LCD display indicating your time, calories burned, heart rate, distance and resistance levels
  • Over 30 workout apps designed by fitness professionals so you can get the right amount of workout stimulation
  • Very simple menu navigation allows you to pick the right workout for you with ease
  • Easy out-of-the-box assembly for ultimate ease of use
  • Extras: Water bottle holder, iFit Coach Ready, integrated tablet holder, workout fan to keep you cool
  • Dimensions: 66L x 26W x 80H
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labour

*iFit access requires a subscription. 

#5: Body Solid E300

Body Solid E300

Editor’s Score:

The Body Solid E300  is definitely one of our favourite machines in this price range – and it also happens to have one of the smallest footprints allowing for easy use in smaller spaces. We’d like to point out that it also features one of the largest stride-lengths in this price range as well making this an amazing piece of cardio equipment.


What we love most is that this machine has been biomechanically engineered to offer amazing comfort and safety during your most strenuous workouts. With the synchronised arms, you’re certain to get a full body workout – and not just your legs.

Offering up a water bottle holder, transport wheels and levelling feet this machine can make a great addition to your home workout studio for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve outlined the full feature list for you to be able to review below if you wish!

Key Features:

  • One of the smallest ellipticals in this price-range
  • 21 inch adjustable stride to suit a variety of users
  • Synchronised arms for a full-body workout
  • Large, 5-readout LCD display showing you the most important information
  • Handlebar EKG heart rate monitoring
  • Programmable with the ability to use 7 preset programs and 2 user programs
  • Fully biomechanically engineered to offer you the best blend of space efficiency and ergonomic comfort and joint safety
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for small spaces
  • Extras: Water bottle holder, transport handles, levellers to sit on uneven surfaces,
  • Dimensions: 50L x 31W x 66H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Electronics, 1-Year Labour & 6-Month Wear Items

So we’ve quickly wrapped up Part II of this article, and, as we’ve seen, a few more features are available in this price range that aren’t necessarily in the cheaper price ranges.

Let’s dive right into Part III so you can have an in-depth look at the offerings in the next and final price range of our article this year.

Part III: Best Ellipticals Over $2000

As you’ve discovered above, the latter two of the three price ranges in this article will offer up better support, more ergonomically and biomechanically adjusted designs, better warranties, more durable machines and a more challenging workouts for the more advanced athlete.

Part III will take this to the next level and offer up some additional features as well. With stride lengths ranging to more lengthy ones, better durability and much longer warranties as these are the beginning stages of the commercial elliptical lineup.

Precor EFX 222

Precor EFX 222

You’ll be getting a long-lasting machine that will be able to serve up support for continued use from multiple individuals which is great if your whole family enjoys using the machine.

We’re serving up 3 main machines from some very respectable manufacturers, one machine from a surprise manufacturer (chances are you might’ve heard of them!) and one Honourable Mention which we did not showcase in the latter category.

Let’s get started exploring Part III!

#1: Sole Fitness E98

Sole Fitness E98

Editor’s Score:

The Sole Fitness E98 is likely one of the best options in this category. Although it didn’t quite make our Editor’s Top Pick Award, it came pretty close – and it almost shares it with the actual award winner. We think you’ll be impressed by its feature list below so make sure to check that out.


Not only is this machine one of the highest rated ellipticals in the price range, it comes pretty feature packed as well. You will get an adjustable 20 inch stride length, ergonomically and biomechanically engineered foot pedal spacing and a 10 inch LCD screen indicating all of the data that’s vital to your workout.

Also included is a 32lbs flywheel for great resistance and the ability to be electronically inclined as well making it perfect for a slightly more challenging workout.

Key Features:

  • Reviewed as one of the best purchases in this price range
  • Precision balanced 32lbs flywheel for great resistance
  • 20 inch adjustable stride length for comfort and to accommodate any user
  • Ergonomically and biomechanically positioned foot pedals
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD screen featuring 10 different programs including heart rate, fat burning and more
  • Fitness test program is also included
  • This machine can also be inclined via buttons
  • Extras: Bluetooth is now included which is new for this year allowing for workout information to be transferred to smartphones and apps such as MyFitnessPal, included cooling fans, speakers to enjoy your favourite media, water bottle holder
  • Dimensions: 82L x 31W x 67H
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Warranty: Two different warranty options are available. (1) Residential: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Electronics, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labour (2) Commercial: Lifetime Frame, 3-Year Electronics, 3-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

#2: Precor EFX 222

Precor EFX 222

Editor’s Score:

We’d like to introduce you to our Editor’s Top Pick Award Winner: The Precor EFX 222. Definitely one of our favourite ellipticals in this category but it was certainly a difficult decision. It was basically between this machine and the one above – the Sole Fitness E98. 

However, due to Precor’s known status as one of the most intense biomechanical testing company we think this will be the best addition to your home workout studio out of all options in this price-range.


With 3 stride lengths to choose from, anyone using this machine will have the best comfort available for them. You will also be getting 16 levels of resistance to keep your workouts as challenging as you need them to be.

By far the most exciting feature is Precor’s CrossRamp® which lets you adjust the machine to target specific muscles. You will be getting a welded steel chassis and an incredible powder-coated finish making this machine one of the most beautiful we’ve seen as well.

Key Features:

  • Precor is one of the leading elliptical machine manufacturers
  • 3 stride lengths to choose from for maximum comfort
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 10 preset workouts including: interval, weight loss, heart rate, hill climb, aerobic, cross country, gluteal, and manual
  • Features some proprietary technology such as: CrossRamp® so you can adjust the machine to target different muscle groups in the most comfortable way possible
  • CrossRamp® also allows you to incline the machine up to 3 levels @ 10 degrees, 20 degrees and 25 degrees to keep your workouts challenging
  • Supremely strong welded steel chassis and beautifully powder-coated
  • Large LCD panel allows you to view up to 12 metrics including time, calories burned, heart rate, and more in real-time
  • Heart rate monitoring options include touch, telemetry and an optional chest strap via Polar® chest strap (sold separately)
  • Extras: iPhone and iPod compatibility with SmartGrip® integrated tablet holder, water bottle & remote control holder
  • Dimensions: 75L x 29W x 65H
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts & Wear Items, 3-Year Console, 1-Year Labour

#3: Life Fitness E1 Go

Life Fitness E1 Go

Editor’s Score:

Truly one of the most stand-out ellipticals in this price range, the Life Fitness E1 Go will make one of the best additions to your home workout studio. The WhisperStirde Technology will ensure this machine remains sound-free for comfortable operation.


Featuring 20 levels of resistance, contact heart rate and handlebar heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity and RunSocial compatibility this machine is definitely one of our favourites.

You will also get seamless integration with Nike+®, Garmin® and MyFitnessPal® through Wahoo’s RunFit; and to Apple® Health, Jawbone™ and Fitbit®.

Key Features:

  • 20 inch adjustable stride length
  • WhisperStride Technology for ultra-low noise operation at home
  • Oversized non-slip pedals are biomechanically engineered for the best Q-Factor possible
  • 20 levels of resistance for all skill levels
  • Contact heart rate and handlebar heart rate monitoring
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to transfer workout data to your phone or other smart device
  • Connect to Nike+®, Garmin® and MyFitnessPal® through Wahoo’s RunFit; and to Apple® Health, Jawbone™ and Fitbit®
  • Can also be connected to social apps such as RunSocial
  • Extras: Integrated tablet holder, two options for LCD screens: GO and TRACK CONNECT
  • Dimension: 82L x 30W x 59H
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Year Parts, 3-Year Console & 1-Year Labour

#4: Bowflex Max Trainer M7

Bowflex Max Trainer M7

Editor’s Score:

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is certainly not one of our top picks in this category, but that doesn’t mean that this machine doesn’t come with some pretty exciting features. We had to knock a few points off due to its incredibly ugly design, but for home use, we think you’ll still appreciate this machine.


The Max Trainer M7 comes with 11 programs and 20 levels of electronically controlled resistance to keep your workout intense the better in shape you become.

What we believe to be the most exciting feature this product offers is the ability for the Max Trainer M7 to learn your fitness level over time and adapt to your increasing demands for a more intense workout. That’s pretty cool in our books. Check out the full feature list below.

Key Features:

  • Features 11 programs and 20 levels of electronically controlled resistance
  • The performance programming learns your fitness level over time and adapts the workouts accordingly
  • Large, dual backlit LCD display
  • Features 4 user profiles
  • Syncs with the Free Max Trainer® App available on iOS and Android
  • Very small design making it suitable for in-home use
  • Extras: Integrated tablet holder
  • Dimensions: 49L x 31W x 66H
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Year

Cybex ARC Trainer 770AT

Cybex ARC Trainer 770AT

The Cybex ARC Trainer 770AT is a special machine to us because of its ability to let you train for skiing, climbing and running. It’s definitely not your typical machine and we’re going to tell you everything we love and dislike about it below, however, we think you might like this machine overall just like we did!


Cybex really does offer some innovative designs here even though it’s not one of our favourite machines. The ability to combine skiing, elliptical training and running is interesting to us, and the Reverse Arc design allows you to target different muscle groups.

Check out what we like and dislike below:

Things we like:

  • This machine is special because it combines elements of skiing, elliptical training and climbing
  • Reverse Arc design demands more from your glutes and quads burning more calories
  • Features 8 preset programs and 9 custom programs
  • Super-large 24 inch adjustable stride length
  • Oversized LCD display that is right on eye-level
  • 21 levels of incline
  • We love that this product is very good quality and has immense durability
  • Mainly used in commercial settings but is targeted also at the home user making this product great for your home cardio studio
  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • Dual speed fan and water bottle holder
  • Wireless and contact heart rate monitoring
  • iPod and iPhone connectivity
  • Dimensions: 76L x 37W x 63H
  • Product weight is 404lbs
  • Warranty is great however at 10-Year Frame, 3-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

Things we dislike:

  • Very large and heavy
  • It’s very ugly in our opinion
  • No integrated tablet holder
  • Shipping weight is extreme at over 600lbs

Other than these things, you’re still getting some immense value here and if you’re interested, click below to learn more.

Well guys and gals, this wraps up our article for 2018 so make sure to come back in 2019 for an updated list if you didn’t make a decision this year.

If you want to go back and have another look at any of the categories above you can do so using our quick-navigation buttons below:

What we’ll do now is quickly wrap up and give you a little conclusion as to what we think makes a great elliptical for home or commercial use.

Some key takeaways for this article will be the following:

  • ellipticals beginning at at least 500 dollars are far superior to anything less than 500
  • the most important factors are stride length and Q-Factor – which is the physical distance between pedals
  • more expensive machines are subject to more intense ergonomic and biomechanical engineering allowing you to get a workout that doesn’t stress your joints and limbs
  • it’s important to understand how you will be using this machine and if you want to have certain features such as the ability to connect o different apps
  • it’s also important to note how often you will be using this machine and how many other users will be using it – adjustability is critical here to provide comfort for all users
  • of course, your budget will be the primary determining factor regarding which machine you will ultimately purchase – as long as you understand what you’re getting with each machine you’re all set!

Final Note:

If you have any questions regarding any of the information we have presented you with here or if you have discovered any errors, ellipticals that are discontinued or you wish to share your thoughts, opinions or if you have any other questions, please use our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions or comments you might have!

Thank you so much for tuning in and we hope to see you again soon.

As always,
With Love,


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