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The Best Treadmills for 2018 – Your Ultimate Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

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Welcome to our Best Treadmills for 2018 Buyer’s Guide! We are glad you made it here and we are really excited to be able to present you with industry-leading information to help you make informed decisions when considering purchasing a treadmill.

Whether for home use, office use or gym use, we are sure you will find information here that will help you decide on the best treadmills in your budget range.

Through our expert knowledge, we have devised a list of the 16 best treadmills for 2018 across three different price categories.

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This guide was created with the help of knowledgeable fitness experts and we are proud to present you this comprehensive list. Treadmills are amazing in-home or gym machines that can help you get into incredible shape if you know how to purchase the correct one.

As you will discover, each price range will have certain features that might be better for your needs. For example, as we will discuss, treadmills under $1000 can mostly not work for running especially for heavier individuals.

Spending a little bit more will get you a treadmill that you can comfortably walk and run on, can be connected to your music or home entertainment of your choosing, and has a plethora of program options, incline options and are feature-rich to suit your needs.

Some other key takeaways from this article will be brand status, warranty for each treadmill as well as information regarding the ease of set-up and installation.

Part I: Best Treadmills Under $1000

Let’s have a quick overview of what you can expect from treadmills in the sub-$1000 category. You will get certain features such as fold-ability and a light-weight design, however, these features will come at the expense of certain other features as we will describe below.

The most obvious feature you will be missing out on in this price range will be a motor strong enough to be able to do jogging or running, but we’ll talk more about that below.

Along with a generally weaker motor, you will be looking at a smaller track size (skinnier and shorter) which would make jogging and running not only uncomfortable and restrictive, but also dangerous.

For safe running, generally, a motor of at least 3 CHP* (continuous horsepower) is necessary along with a slightly larger track size.

You will also find that the warranties are shorter in this

*Please note that this is our minimum recommendation and it is always advised to go slightly higher in CHP in order to preserve the motor’s life.

In addition to the horsepower rating, please keep in mind the user’s weight in order to plan motor strength accordingly.

It’s always safest to go slightly higher than what you might think is necessary when it comes to the treadmill’s power rating if you’re planning on doing any jogging or running. This is something you will have to determine.

If running is your primary motivator for buying a treadmill, your best option will be something more expensive and durable.

For long-term reliability and longevity of your treadmill is going to be one in at least the $1000-$2000+ range, and ideally the $3000+ price range as you will be offered a much better motor, way better warranties and a much more durable design and build quality that you just cannot get in a cheaper treadmill.

For a list of treadmills you can safely run on, check out our Best Treadmills over $3000 section below.

NordicTrack T 6.5 S

NordicTrack T 6.5 S

There may be certain treadmills that lend themselves better to running (especially the more expensive they get) but this will depend greatly on the treadmill’s power output (as rated by its CHP as discussed above), track size and the user’s weight.

A balance between these factors will determine whether you can safely walk and/or run on your treadmill. For obvious reasons, the lighter a person is, the better jogging experience one will have in this price range and the longer the motor will last.

Along with a small, compact and light-weight design, you can expect to get some models with manual incline capabilities, various speed controls, a few different options for programming and EKG heart rate monitoring via handrails. 

It goes without saying that treadmills under $1000 are aimed at those people looking to get a space-saving treadmill that can easily be stored away when not in use. This price range is perfect for this. However, other features will be sacrificed such as the ability to jog on it.

Feel free to browse around below to get a good overview of different features available in the sub-$1000 treadmill price-range. We will take a more in-depth look at each treadmill below.

Let’s take a closer look at each treadmill in the following section below.*

*The treadmills are in no particular order and do not represent our own views, opinions or recommendations on which one to particularly aim for. However, we do provide our over-all recommended treadmill in each category which can be viewed above.

#1: Goplus 2.25 HP Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2.25 HP Folding Treadmill

Editor’s Score:

The Goplus 2.25 HP motorised treadmill is a great fit for someone looking to get an affordable treadmill to use in small spaces. It features a 2.25 HP motor which is great for brisk walking at a decent pace. Along with a small footprint, this treadmill features an Easy-Release Folding Design and an Easy-Storage Design as well which makes it convenient for small spaces.


The Easy-Fold System and Soft-Drop System makes it exceptionally well-suited for those wishing to store it away when not in use. It’s easier than ever to get it out of the closet, set it up, and put it back away when you don’t need it anymore thanks to the one-handed foldability design.

The Goplus 2.25 HP Treadmill is designed for affordable walking indoors with the ability to easily be stored away. You aren’t going to be training for an upcoming marathon on this thing or running any serious distances – probably not even jogging, but for a little quick walking during inclement weather, this machine is perfect!

Key Features:

  • 2.25 HP motor
  • Easily foldable and soft-dropping mechanism for hands-free unfolding
  • 5″ LCD display with 5 display options
  • 5 button controls
  • Hand-rail controls and heart-rate monitoring
  • 3 levels of incline depending on your needs
  • Dimensions: 62L x 26W x 50H
  • Track dimensions: 16 x 47
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs
  • WARRANTY: Goplus warranties are not publicly available. The information will be inside of the owner’s manual. However, we believe it’s a 90-Day Parts & Labour

#2: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603

Editor’s Score:

If you’re after a treadmill that can be stored away somewhere out of sight when you’re not using it, Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 might be the best option for you. Although not strong enough to be able to do any running or jogging, we think this is an excellent choice. It didn’t quite receive our prestigious Editor’s Top Pick Award… but nearly!


Featuring a light-weight chassis and easy-folding and soft-dropping mechanisms, your treadmill experience will not only be an enjoyable one but a convenient one. We like this treadmill because it comes from a brand that generally features high-quality equipment you can trust.

Fold up your treadmill with ease when you’re not using it (can even be folded up one-handed) and bust it out to the party when you’re ready to get a quick workout in. It’s never been easier to get a fast workout at home and forget it ever happened afterwards!

Key Features:

  • 2.2 HP motor
  • Easily foldable and soft-dropping mechanism for hands-free unfolding
  • 9 built-in user programs
  • 3 incline levels (manually adjusted)
  • Hand-rail controls and heart-rate monitoring
  • Overall dimensions: 62L x 27W x 47H
  • Track dimensions: 16 x 49
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year Frame, 90-Day Everything Else

#3: AFG Sport 5.5AT

AFG Sport 5.5AT

Editor’s Score:

The AFG Sport 5.5AT Folding Treadmill comes feature-packed with one of the only two 2.5 CHP rated continuous duty motors in this category (see the NordicTrack T 6.5 S below for the other CHP-rated motor)  and it will easily fold up and unfold with the EZ-Assist Folding Mechanism for your convenience!


In addition to the stronger motor, the maximum weight capacity is 300lbs which means this treadmill is perfectly suited for jogging – although our editors still do not recommend any running on anything less than 3 – 3.5 CHP. 

We picked this treadmill to be featured in this article due to the enormously positive reception its received from thousands of happy users, its durable design, awesome folding features and the ability to go up to a 10% incline. Let’s have a closer look at the key features of this treadmill below.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 CHP continuous duty motor for brisk walking and light jogging/running
  • Button-controlled incline up to 10%
  • 9 Pre-programmed expert-designed workouts
  • Folding for easy and convenient storage
  • EZ-Assist Folding Mechanism
  • Variable-Response cushioning for a natural feeling running surface
  • Comes with cooling fan to keep you cool during your most strenuous jogs and walks
  • 3 LED displays with 20 quick-touch keys for various controls
  • Dimensions: 71L x 34W x 57H
  • Track Dimensions: 20 x 55
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor, 1-Year Parts & Labour

#4: Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

Editor’s Score:

The Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 is by far one of our favourite treadmills in this category, so much so that it almost received our prestigious 5-Star Rating! We love the T7643 because of its great rigid and durable design, but yet small enough to comfortably use and then stow away in your home when you don’t need it.


Folding and unfolding is made easy with its Soft-Dropping Mechanism and Easy-Folding Mechanism featuring wheels to be able to move it anywhere you desire with ease. The Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 also features a multi-functional display with the ability to mount a tablet or a laptop up to 13 inches in size!

As one of the most feature-packed treadmills in this category, we couldn’t help but include it here for you to review. As always, let us know if you have any questions surrounding any aspect of this article!

Key Features:

  • 2.5 HP motor for longevity and comfort
  • LCD display with the ability to mount a tablet or up to a 13 inch laptop
  • Scan-mode displays progress and can assist in attaining fitness goals
  • Heart rate monitoring is built in
  • Easy-Moving transportation wheels
  • Soft-dropping system for convenient usage
  • Dimensions: 61L x 33W x 53H
  • Track Dimensions: 43 x 20
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Year Frame, 90-Day Other Parts & Components

#5: NordicTrack T 6.5 S

NordicTrack T 6.5 S

Editor’s Score:

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S gets our Editor’s Top Pick Award which isn’t easily handed out. This amazing piece of equipment comes packed with a bunch of features for the price and comes with one of the only two CHP-Rated Motors in this price-range which could make it a suitable fit for some light jogging sessions.


Featuring a 2.6 CHP motor (which is the only other CHP-rated treadmill in this category) and a slightly larger tread belt, this would be one of our only recommendations for safe jogging at home. Although you still might not be able to run very fast or continuously on this treadmill, we strongly believe that it will last longer than any other option on this list.

Along with a stronger motor it will come with the ability to plug in your mp3 device, features up to 20 Personal Trainer Certified workout programs and can be inclined with the touch of a button (which is a step up from manual adjustment!) That’s just unheard of in this category so far.

Key Features:

  • 2.6 CHP motor for longer life and the ability to jog comfortably
  • 20 built-in personal trainer certified training programs
  • Digitally adjustable incline up to 10%
  • 5″ LCD display for ease of use
  • iFit compatibility for connectivity expandability for more workouts, GOogle Maps training routes and automatic stats tracking
  • OneTouch allows you to adjust speed and incline settings at the simple touch of a button
  • Your preferred MP3 player (iPod or Phone) can connect to the built-in 2-speaker sound system
  • EKG handlebar heart rate monitoring
  • Dimensions: 68L x 36W x 73H
  • Track dimensions: 20 x 55
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • WARRANTY: 25-Year Motor and 1-Year Parts & Labour

Lontek T600 Folding

Lontek T600 Folding

Although this section is wrapped up, we would like to present an honourable mention to the Lontek T600 Folding Treadmill.

The T600 did not make our list of the 5 best treadmills under $1000, but we thought it deserved a special mention due to the enormous value you get and its great universal reviews it has been enjoying.


Featuring a 3 HP motor, a 16.5 x 48.5 tread belt,12 built-in programs, 2-position adjustable incline, a 220lbs weight capacity and a 6-Year Motor & 2-Year Frame & Parts Warranty, we thought this treadmill would be worth a look if you wanted to learn more about it.

The reason it didn’t make our list of 5 is because it’s too similar to the other ones we’ve already covered above and didn’t stand out on its own in any spectacular ways.

The universal high-praise it’s been receiving is the main reason we are giving this guy a shout-out. Click below to view this treadmill and to learn more about it.

This wraps up the best treadmills under $1000. Continue reading the article to learn more about the next two main price-tiers and how they will be a benefit to you more so than the cheaper treadmills.

Part II: Best Treadmills Over $1000 – $2000

Alright, you’ve made it this far in our Best Treadmills of 2018 article! That was a long section, we know, and we’re glad you’re here because we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at what you can expect from a $1000-$2000+ treadmill. 

By the way, if this is out of your budget range, just hit the button below and we’ll take you right back to the previous (and cheaper) section – no questions asked!

As you will find out, purchasing a treadmill in this price-range will net you a far better feature-set, better quality, more durable motors, longer and more thorough warranties, higher user-reviews and a host of additional features.

Whereas the sub-$1000 treadmill category doesn’t lend itself very nicely to running or jogging, the same cannot be said for this category.

However, we understand that budget can be the deciding factor when making the decision to make such a large investment into home exercise equipment.

ProForm Pro 2000

ProForm Pro 2000

If you decide to spend a few hundred dollars more than the cheapest variants above, you will be getting something of higher quality and equipment that will last you much longer.

As you may have noticed above, the treadmills in the sub-$1000 category feature mainly “HP” motors and are not the continuous horsepower motors that you need for running and jogging (aside from the two we discussed).

The $1000-$2000+ price range is entirely different – most treadmills you will find feature a higher-powered, CHP-rated motor that will last much longer under a continuous load (especially for running and interval training).

As always, some sacrifices will have to be made. The major sacrifice in the previous section would be durability and motor power; in this category it will be ease-of-use, the physical weight of the treadmill will be higher and the amount of floor space it takes up will also be larger.

Why don’t we dive right in and find out what’s happening here.

#1: Nautilus 618 Treadmill

Nautilus 618 Treadmill

Editor’s Score:

We really love the Nautilus 618 Treadmill because it offers you a feature-rich, user-first design that makes it not only reliable and practical, but enjoyable as well.


The strong 3.5 CHP motor and the large 20 x 60 treadbelt surface will be sure to deliver a top-quality walking, jogging or running experience. Couple those two features with an incredible 26 programs and speakers for your music, the Nautilus 618 Treadmill will deliver a superb user experience.

This treadmill also offers USB charging for your iPod or iPhone and EKG heart rate monitoring to keep track of your workout’s progress!

Key Features:

  • Power: 3.5 CHP motor
  • Dual Track backlit LCD screens offer visibility to programs and goal-tracking simultaneously
  • Heavy-Duty crowned rollers for extended belt life and smoothness
  • Foldable treadmill design for easy storage
  • Exclusive Rebound™ Cushioning System for soft-dropping of the belt
  • Performance Handrails with buttons for incline and resistance and EKG heart-rate monitoring
  • 26 built-in programs designed by personal training experts
  • Speakers for your music and entertainment
  • Wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring is optional
  • USB charging port for your favourite devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod compatible)
  • Dimensions: 77L x 35W x 58H
  • Track Dimensions: 20 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: An incredible 15-Year Frame & Motor, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labour

#2: 3G Cardio Pro Runner

 3G Cardio Pro Runner

Editor’s Score:

The 3G Cardio Pro Runner treadmill is not our personal top pick in this list, but we gave it a shot in our list because of the great motor and awesome folding and space-saving design it features. It’s now easier than ever to hide your treadmill away when it’s not in use and bring it out only when you need it!


Keeping up with the rest of the treadmills in this category, the 3 CHP continuous-duty motor will be sure to deliver a safe and long-lasting jogging, walking or running experience. Couple the powerful motor with a 21 x 58 belt size and running has never been more enjoyable indoors.

You will get a soft orthopaedic belt for comfortable long-distance running, heart rate monitoring, up to a 10% incline, 8 built-in programs designed by fitness professionals, and up to a 350lbs weight capacity.

Key Features:

  • 3 CHP motor
  • Built-In Interactive Plus heart rate monitoring
  • Folding, Space Saving design
  • Up to 10% incline capability
  • 8 Built-In programs
  • Heart rate monitoring ability via hand-rails (with optional chest belt for wireless monitoring)
  • Soft orthopaedic belt for comfortable and safe jogging and/or running
  • Dimensions: 74L x 35W x 59H
  • Track Dimensions: 21 x 58
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

#3: 3G Cardio 80i
[Best In-Class Folding Treadmill]

3G Cardio 80i Folding Treadmill

Editor’s Score:

The 3G Cardio 80i Folding Treadmill gets a 4-star rating from us because it’s the best in-class folding treadmill. Featuring 3G’s Fold Flat™ Technology, this treadmill can be stowed away folded with a maximum height of only 10 inches! Now that’s pretty thin!


The Cardio 80i gets a special place in our list this year not only because it’s the best folding treadmill in this class, but also because it is pretty feature-packed. Along with a 3 CHP continuous duty motor, many other features are available including the ability to incline up to 15%.

Although the Cardio 80i it features a track size that is slightly smaller than other treadmills in this category, you still get 8 built-in programs, 4 customisable programs, an Easy To Read display, heart rate monitoring, and also the ability to fold it up vertically. A small sacrifice had to be made to be able to let you stow this thing away wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Key Features:

  • 3 CHP motor
  • 8 built-in program options; 4 custom programs available
  • Has the ability to incline up to 15%
  • The only Fold Flat™ treadmill with a folded-up height of under 10 inches for easy storage
  • Can also be folded vertically for closet-storage (includes wheels for easy moving)
  • Heart rate monitoring via handrails
  • Easy To Read display for vital information
  • Dimensions: 74L x 33W x 49H
  • Track Dimensions: 18.5 x 58
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

#4: Endurance T10HRC

Endurance T10HRCEditor’s Score:

Featuring a slightly different design regarding the tread belt than the other options above, the Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill stands out on its own in this category as a fully commercial treadmill that is also suitable for home users with slightly more space to spare.


The 3 CHP continuous output motor will be sure to deliver a long-lasting running experience. The tread belt is multi-ply and is fusion-seamed for strength and durability.

You will get 25 personal trainer certified workout programs to go along with this beast, a bright LED display, a 20 x 60 tread belt and hardened steel rollers for ultra-smooth and durable tread belt operation and longevity.

Key Features:

  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • Hardened steel rollers for smooth and durable treadbelt life
  • Safety-key stop system for ultimate safety during operation
  • Bright LED display shows you monitor vital information (heart rate, speed, elevation, time, distance and calories burned)
  • 25 personal-trainer certified programs for your enjoyment including cardio, endurance, distance, fat burning and many more
  • State-of-the-art, commercial-grade treadmill with super-strength construction and design
  • Dimensions: 77L x 32W x 57H
  • Track Dimensions: 20 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

#5: ProForm Pro 2000
[Our Only 5-Star Rated Treadmill!]

ProForm Pro 2000

Editor’s Score:

The ProForm Pro 2000 is our favourite treadmill in this category and gets not only our Editor’s Top Pick Award – it’s the only treadmill in this entire article that gets our highly prestigious 5-Star Rating for the most features, most powerful and reliable motor, largest track size and incline AND decline abilities allowing you to train for a variety of terrain conditions.


The ProForm 2000 has been a favourite amongst households and gyms and ProForm themselves have been one of the most rock-solid, reliable and durable manufacturers of treadmills for over 25 years. User reviews on the Pro 2000 have been absolutely incredible and we’ll discuss why below.

The popular iFit Coach offers unlimited workouts for your convenience. All you have to do is load up the program you want – and start on your fitness journey easily and effortlessly today! Likely the most stand-out feature you would have noticed from the image above is the ability to connect your tablet to the top of the treadmill to stay updated on your latest movies, shows, music and more.

The tread belt features a non-stretch design for ultra-durability along with a proshox cushioning system for continued comfort during your most strenuous runs. Along with the above, the ProForm Pro 2000 features a lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty because ProForm stands behind their products.

Key Features:

  • 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Motor
  • 7” Backlit LCD Display, iFit compatible, 3” speakers (iPod compatible)
  • Connectivity options for your iPad or other tablets to watch your favourite shows or movies
  • EKG grips for heart rate monitoring
  • Bluetooth wireless chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Up to 15% quick incline; up to 3% quick decline
  • iFit Coach compatibility offers unlimited workouts (examples: 30-Day Fresh Start for Treadmills or the 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge)
  • Dimensions: 80L x 40W x 63H
  • Track Dimensions: 22 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 5-year parts, 2-year labour Warranty

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill DeskLifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

We don’t rate our Physique Authority’s Honourable Mentions because we hand-pick one stand-out product that might interest you. As you may have noticed, this LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Standing Treadmill Desk is a very special one to us for a very special reason…


We’ve been seeing offices and individuals gravitating more and more towards the types of treadmills you can use as a desk because it takes the strain off of your back while you’re working.

Studies have found there to be little difference between sitting and standing all day to work (in a static way, anyway) but when it comes to walking – that’s a whole different story – and you’re still getting movement which is critical.

It is therefore that we are offering up a special spot for the TR1200-DT5 as it is an exceptional quality piece of equipment featuring (of course) a desk, a 2.25 CHP motor (which is quite adequate for gentle walking while you’re working), a 38 x 29 inch desktop to fit your laptop and monitors, on-board wireless Intelli-Step Bluetooth step-tracking so you can keep track of your activity (you can view your progress right on your phone) and much more.

Learn more about the TR1200-DT5 by clicking below.

Part III: Best Treadmills Over $3000

Phew, we’ve made it this far, and I am sure you’re just dying to know what exactly you’re going to get with treadmills in the next price-tier. 

When it comes to deciding upon a treadmill purchase, we understand this can be a frustrating experience and one that leaves you more confused than before. We’re going to aim at alleviating your confusion so you can make a more educated purchasing decision for your next treadmill for home or professional use.

What you will find in the $3000+ price-range are professional-grade treadmills packed with features, ultra-strong and durable motors and above and beyond incredible warranties, build quality, size, construction, user reviews and feedback.

Again, if you just want to go back to the last category, simply click below. We’ll understand 🙂

This price-range generally delivers you treadmills that are absolutely rock-solid, reliable, comfortable and incredibly feature-rich. You simply cannot go wrong with any of our recommendations here (unlike the previous two categories where some options are better than others).

When you’re preparing to spend $3000+ on a treadmill, you’re getting what you pay for – and this list below is our top treadmills over $3000 recommendations. This category features 4 absolutely incredible machines that have nothing but the highest of praise, user reviews, features, motor strength and warranty periods.

There aren’t nearly as many options when it comes to the $3000+ price range but we’re sure you’re going to find information here that will help you make the most informed decision.

3G Cardio Elite Runner

3G Cardio Elite Runner

When it comes to power output, the stronger the motor the better – and the longer it will last for you to continue to enjoy your treadmill. Why would somebody spend so much money on a piece of equipment that just is not good quality?

We’re going to dive deep in and explore exactly what it takes to receive our highly prestigious Editor’s Top Pick Award for the Best Treadmill Over 3000 Dollars.

You’re also going to get great cushioning, a nice suspension system, ultra-durable rollers for treadbelt smoothness and longevity, super easy controls, a feature-packed console with preset and highly customisable running programs.

And, best of all – you can walk, jog and even run in this category, you can do high-intensity training, interval training all while having peace of mind with insanely long warranties and super durable motor designs.

Let’s get this section rolling because we’re super excited to offer you this information.

#1: Sole F85

Sole F85

Editor’s Score:

The Sole F85 Runner’s Treadmill offers up one of the most powerful motors out of all our treadmills this year. Its feature-dense design, elegant styling and solid construction makes this machine a favourite amongst running enthusiasts at home or in the gym. Let’s learn more about it below.


What you get with this treadmill matches up nicely with its price range as well. We like to see treadmills in this price category have strong motors and wireless heart rate monitoring because we believe that anything less than that is just not a right fit for the price.

Luckily with the Sole F85 you get some incredible hardware with the right feature set which sets this machine apart from the competition in a few different ways. Check out some of the details below to get started learning about this beast of a machine.

Key Features:

  • 4 CHP motor will prove to last you a very long time
  • 0-15% incline so you can train for a variety of conditions
  • Vibrant and bright display showing feedback and instructions regarding your workout and heart rate
  • 6 built-in programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart programs
  • Built-in fan for a cool and comfortable run
  • Two-Ply Belt for comfort and durability
  • EKG grip heart rate monitoring or wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring
  • A sound system to support your favourite music or entertainment media
  • Dimensions: 80L x 35W x 58H
  • Track Dimensions: 22 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Warranty: Industry-Leading Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck, 5-Year Electronics and 2-Year Labour

#2: True Performance 300

True Performance 300

Editor’s Score:

The True Performance 300 delivers one of the most user-friendly designs we’ve ever seen in a treadmill in this price-range. Featuring an awesome commercial grade build quality and a solid 3 HP motor (featuring a 30-Year Warranty) we’re certain this treadmill is willing and ready to deliver you a superb user experience.


With heart rate monitoring via hand rails, wirelessly or via Bluetooth, 2 water bottle holsters, a tablet and/or book holder and an orthopaedic belt designed to ease stress on joints, the True Performance 300 is a fantastic choice for the enthusiast home runner.

You’re going to love the 9 built in programs offering different workouts such as weight loss, distance and speed, and the TRUE HCR Cruise Control feature which monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts settings to keep your maximal heart rate where you need it!

You might be thinking that this treadmill only has a 3 HP motor (not CHP-rated), however, as you will see, True Performance stands behind their products. Not only has the 300 been one of their top-sellers over the years, they stand behind the motor with a 30-Year Warranty! Now that’s unbeatable.

Key Features:

  • 3 HP motor
  • Commercial-grade design and component selection make this one of our most reliable choices in this category
  • 2x water bottle holsters
  • Tablet holder and/or book holder
  • True Mobile App workout summaries via Bluetooth
  • Features an orthopaedic belt designed to reduce impact and stress on your joints and knees
  • TRUE HCR Cruise Control lets you lock right in on your target heart rate to keep your workouts at the precise level you need
  • 9 built-in programs and 2 customisable programs for your enjoyment
  • Dimensions: 79L x 32W x 56H
  • Track Dimensions: 60 x 21
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 30-Year Motor, 7-Year Parts, 1-Year Labour

#3: 3G Cardio Elite Runner

3G Cardio Elite Runner

Editor’s Score:

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is the most-awarded treadmill under $3500 and has won BestBuy’s #1 Rated Treadmill Award in 2018. User reviews are raving about this product and for a very good reason. Featuring a 4 CHP continuous output motor and a second-to-none warranty, this is by-far our Editor’s Top Pick Award Winner.


3G Cardio is known to make some incredible treadmills, and their Elite Runner is no different. Featuring an ultra-strong, durable motor, an oversized treadbelt measuring in at 22 x 62 inches, a cooling fan with two speeds, and wireless heart rate monitoring it’s no wonder that this is one of the most loved treadmills for runners.

You’ll be fully backed by an incredible warranty whether you’re using this piece in your home or commercially (more information about the two warranty types can be found below so make sure to check that out). 3G has your back – so you can spend more time running and less time dealing with broken-down equipment.

Key Features:

  • 4 CHP motor for ultra-longevity and reliability
  • Commercial Ortho Flex Shock™ Suspension System
  • Oversized 22 x 62 inch running platform
  • EKG hand-grip heart rate monitoring
  • Wireless chest-belt heart rate monitoring (comes included)
  • Cooling fan to keep you cool while you’re working out (with High and Low settings)
  • One-Touch Speed and One-Touch Incline (incline up to 15%)
  • 8 Built-In professionally designed programs with 2 customisable programs
  • Various fitness tests are available at the touch of a finger
  • Dimensions: 84L x 36W x 58H
  • Track Dimensions: 22 x 62
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Residential Warranty: Lifetime Motor & Frame, 10-Year Parts, 2-Year In-Home Labour
  • Commercial Warranty 5-Year Motor & Frame, 5-Year Parts, 1-Year In-Gym Labour

#4: ProForm Pro 9000

ProForm Pro 9000

Editor’s Score:

The ProForm Pro 9000 is like the big sister to the ProForm Pro 2000 as described above – and gets equally as praised. An absolutely astonishing 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor with a lifetime warranty is sure to deliver you one of the most enjoyable running experiences you’ve ever had.


This puppy is well-suited for home or even commercial use. The motor is strong enough to handle multiple daily runners, has a 300lbs weight capacity and an ultra-large track size to keep your runs comfortable and safe.

Featuring an iFit® Coach Ready™ design with integrated SpaceSaver® and EasyLift™ Assist technology, a 10″ full colour touchscreen, a holder for your tablet, 38 workout apps and the ability to incline and decline, and two CoolAire™ fans, this treadmill will leave no stones left unturned.

A half-star was docked from our rating based on the slightly higher than anticipated price-point compared with other treadmills in this category. However, the extreme motor and warranty more than makes up for this.

Key Features:

  • 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor
  • ProShox Cushioning for ultra-running comfort
  • Can incline up to 15% and decline up to -3%
  • 2.5” Balanced Rollers for extreme smoothness and reliability
  • 10” full colour touchscreen
  • iFit® Coach Ready™
  • Integrated tablet holder for your multimedia convenience
  • 38 Workout Apps
  • mp3 player compatible audio
  • EKG heart rate monitoring; wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring;
  • Dual CoolAire™ fans to keep you cool
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Dimensions: 77L x 39W x 70H
  • Track Dimensions: 22 x 60
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labour

Well folks, this wraps up our overview of the Best Treadmills for 2018 article. By the way, if you want to head back up and go over all of your options again you can do so using the buttons below to have another overview of each price-range.

Whether you’re here to do some light walking on a budget, do some moderate walking with the ability to throw in some jogging as well or if you’re after a fully-fledged treadmill on which you can do high-intensity training and running, you’ve come to the right place.

Some key takeaways for this article will be the following:

  • In order to safely jog and run, you want to look at motors that are at least 3 CHP continuous duty certified
  • The larger the track size, the better for jogging and running because it will keep you safer
  • Treadmills in the sub-1000 dollar category are not ideally suited for anything other than walking
  • The $1000+ range will get you something much better suited for mild jogging
  • $3000+ and you can guarantee a safe, enjoyable and long lasting running experience
  • Warranty lengths directly coincide with the price of the treadmill – the cheaper the device the poorer the warranty will be.

Final Note:

If you have any questions regarding any of the information we have presented you with here or if you have discovered any errors, treadmills that are discontinued or you wish to share your thoughts, opinions or if you have any other questions, please use our contact form and we will be happy to answer anything you have to say!

Thank you so much for tuning in and we hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Hi there!

    I am currently thinking about a treadmill or a bike and I just can´t make a decision!

    Which one burns more calories you reckon? I think they take about the same space…

    I wanted to stay under 1000 dollars but after I read you recommend a motor with 3chp I´m lost. Don´t you think one with less power will do? I want to train on it 2 – 3 times a week.

    Thanks bud, I appreciate your feedback.

    1. Hi Manny,

      I don’t that any treadmill burns more calories than others. Calories burned depends on how long you worked out at what kind of intensity.

      As far as CHP is concerned, anything less than our recommended 3 CHP is not sufficient for running unfortunately. This is an industry standard and any deviation from this is sure to ensure you run into problems down the road.

      A motor of less than 3 CHP is not sufficient to run – anything less than the 3 CHP is great for walking but not running.

      You can look at models with at least 3 CHP if you want to run on the treadmill, or you can look into models with at least 2 HP (regular peak-duty horsepower) if you simply want to walk.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Great post about treadmills! I love the navigation you implemented, it helped me find what I was looking for within my budget!

    These treadmills seem a little too expensive at the moment, but I’m planning on saving up money to buy one that is less than $1000 dollars. The sunny health and fitness treadmill appealed to me the most. I’ll come back and I hope to see what other products you would like to share!

    1. Hi Marques, absolutely! Thank you for the kind words. Yes, treadmills can be a little bit pricey if you aren’t just walking on them. The ones good enough for running are more expensive.

      When you are ready to decide, I suggest you check out our article What is the Best Treadmill For Home? This article might help shed some light on what features you should look out for and which features can make your treadmill experience more enjoyable.

      Happy holidays!

  3. ive been looking for some cardio equipment that i can use for home use but havent found an honest article reviewing some products i might be interested in. this article is exactly that and i am glad i found it as i can now make a much more informed buying decision when i decide to buy a treadmill for home use

    thanks for posting

  4. I am in the process of using a treadmill, non motorised type manipulating fast walking rather than jogging, and in the space of 6 months i lost about 20 pounds in body weight. The ones displaying on your site are really up to date state of the art machines with all the calorie count, distance ran etc on the monitor, In the future i may have to update my machine for something more modern.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      That is incredible! Congratulations on your weight loss journey. I know how it feels – I lost about 30 pounds a couple years back.

      Hope to see you again soon and happy holidays!

  5. Seems you have a great deal of Treadmills, great info, I am looking to buy one in the future, Will return to your page as soon as I can save a little more money. Thank you for all the chooses.
    I have had some health problems and can’t get out and walk the way I used to, I was up to 5 mile a day in an hour. I really miss it.
    Again Thank’s VickiG

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Oh wow, that’s quite a bit of walking! I am sorry to hear about your health concerns. I really wish you the best and that you can get healthy again soon!

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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