Blendtec Total Blender Review

Blendtec Total Blender Review – Fresh & Whole Foods FTW (For The Win)

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Product: Blendtec Total Blender
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Size of Container: 32
Guarantee: 8 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 8 out of 10

Blendtec Total Blender: A Brief Overview

Hi again folks, today I wanted to fill you in on a fantastic way to get as much fresh and whole foods into your diet as you can. As we know, macro nutrients are important – but few people touch on the issue of micro nutrients – your vitamins and minerals and others not associated to fats, carbs and proteins.

Few people touch on the importance of a well-balanced diet which includes all vitamins and minerals.

As you may be aware already, Physique Authority pride’s itself on our ability to offer the best approach for fitness – and that includes nutrition. Many times in the grocery store (about 80 percent of the time) I’ll choose whole foods – meats, eggs, fruit, vegetables etc and I always battle with new and exciting meal plans.

With the Blendtec Total Blendermaking fruits and vegetables easily, effortlessly and enjoyably is just an outright breeze. With its 3hp direct-drive motor, 32oz container and 2-prong ultra-hard stainless steel blade, there is no fruit, vegetable or anything else that this monster cannot power through and turn into a delicious on-the-fly meal idea for you!

The 3hp motor is good to blend ice, bananas, carrots, and many other foods that other alternative blenders would struggle through. Couple the super strong motor and the ultra-tough blades with the 32oz jar, the Blendtec Total Blender will also allow you to create larger batches of whatever you’re making which makes food prep so easy.

In the box also comes a user manual, DVD for easy viewing of functionality along with a recipe book containing over 200 recipes!

Alright Hang-On,
It’s Expensive, of Course. Can’t Argue That – But What You Save Will Pay for Itself!

I don’t know what the situation is like where you live – but here in Canada, one popular store (at least in Ontario) called Zehrs sells pre-made items that this blender will make. Let’s call them smoothies and fresh-fruit juices.

These jars of juice can run you up to 10 dollars per container! Over the course of your family’s juice-buying endeavours, 50 of these bottles will run you as much as this blender costs. If you buy one per day, five days per week, that’s 50 dollars per week – it’ll only take you about 10 weeks of this behaviour to spend 500 dollars or more on these juices!

Now that is not very economical, is it.

Besides, when you make your own juices, smoothies and anything else, you know exactly what goes into the mixture, how much you used and how much each ingredient costs. The fresh-factor is also something to consider. You’ll be feeding your family the best of the best – beautifully crafted home-made fresh foods that they’ll love – all while saving money in the long-run.

Not only that, this beast of a machine comes with a full 8-year warranty so you’ll have peace of mind when you make the purchase.

This is a Multi-Usage Beast!

The Blendtec Total Blender will make much more than smoothies, however. Whether you’re into making dips, salad dressings, soups, desserts or juice – this machine can handle it all with ease.

The above are some of the more common foods you can prepare with the Blendtec Total Blender. However, as mentioned, the DVD and the recipe guide have so much more to offer – easy to make recipes that are hearty, nutritions – and delicious – all in record time.

Down below you will find a very handy review of the blender and some sample meals/recipes bestkitchenreviews makes. You will be amazed at just how easy and effortless it is to use this device. Go check it out now and let me know what you think!

This Will Be Your Favourite Part –
The Cleanup!

The cleanup on this thing is probably the most exciting. There are three basic steps:

  1. Use warm water and a drop of soap – blend for 30 seconds!
  2. Rinse Out
  3. Dry – and you’re done!

Let’s Go Over Some of the Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper than comparable units (ex. Vitamix 7500)
  • 8 Year warranty!
  • Comes in 3 colours – Black, White and Red
  • Makes: Smoothies, batters, dips, soups, meal ideas, desserts
  • Very fast at making smoothies – Make a smoothie in under 60 seconds!
  • Smoothies come out lump-free
  • Very good at making juice from fresh ingredients – hello health!
  • Recipes also have nutrition information
  • Even fruit and vegetable prep can be done using the instructions
  • The jar is extremely easy to place on the base – it just sits right on top – There’s no hassle trying to twist and manipulate the darn thing to get on (like some traditional, cheapo blenders)!
  • Blender is very stable
  • Extremely good build quality
  • Very easy to set up and clean – no crevices or cracks for particles to get stuck

Cons: (don’t be discouraged – there are a few)

  • Can be used to blend up dry ingredients but it MAY cloud up the inner surface of the jar
  • Some liquid does come out of the lid when blending but it’s easily cleaned up
  • Can be quite loud – but that’s the case with most high powered blenders
  • The jar can flop around a bit when blending heavier items so it may have to be held down temporarily by hand – again, this is the same with most blenders when blending hard items
  • The upfront investment – though, over time, you’ll save money

The Blendtec Total Blender is a Hit.

This may come as no surprise to you – but the Blendtec Total Blender is an absolute hit amongst its fans. There are many people that have just loved theirs from the moment it began residing on their kitchen counter.

As someone once said, it’s always a regret to buy cheap – and you never regret buying quality. I understand that the upfront investment can seem steep – but the overall quality and cost-savings (providing you care for this product correctly) are astounding.

No more processed junk from the juice aisle – say hello to highly nutritious, fresh food that your entire family will love! Your whole family will be grateful for the nutritional value you’ll be offering them.

Backed by its astounding 8-year warranty, it even beats out the Vitamix 7500 with its 7-year warranty. You can check that puppy out here.

One final note I want to leave you with is the sheer taste that freshly prepared food has over packaged garbage – every time I buy a package of something I almost always regret it – had I just have made it myself, I could’ve done a better job and made food that I love.

You can pick up this bad boy locally most of the time at places like Costco and similar places. For the online shoppers, check out Amazon as they usually have a large selection of them. Keep in mind it comes in black, red and white. You just have to search specifically for which colour you want.

I really do hope that you liked this review and that I was able to give you all of the information you were hoping to find.

Please let me know if you have any other questions by leaving a comment down below – I answer them all! Feel free to leave your own review or just a comment in general as well.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your great review of the BlendTec. I’ve always been interested in that blender as it comes with such a great warranty and I’ve heard it’s so super strong. It seems you can do almost anything with it. Do you know if you can make almond milk with it?

    1. Hello Diane, thanks so much for stopping by! I have certainly always been interested in getting good quality kitchen appliances. I feel as though they really aid in helping you to make smart, healthy meal choices!

      This blender has exceptionally strong blades and a 3hp motor – that’s unheard of. 

      As far as Almond Milk, there is a recipe right on the Blendtec website which you can check out here:

      Hope to see you around again!

  2. Thank you for such an informative review! I’m in the market for a new blender because my friends recommended how making my own smoothies would be a lot more beneficial toward my wallet and health in the long run! I’m definitely going to try this blender out because there are so many more pros than cons! Some blenders I tried before ended up making my smoothies way too lumpy. No more Jamba Juice runs for me 🙂

    1. Yes you’re welcome! Yes, anytime you can make things yourself you could always face the possibility of saving some cash in the long run. That’s pretty much one of the major problems with other, cheaper (and some more expensive) models. They don’t completely process the fruits and veggies and can leave you with a lumpy smoothie. That’s no fun.

      What is your favourite blender??

  3. Great article! I, myself, am a fitness enthusiast and always needed one of these blenders. It can definitely be a bit pricey, but I believe that the more expensive things are always better (and that’s for a good reason). The usages for this blender are endless, it is definitely something I would recommend to someone who has some money to waste.

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