Can Smoothies Help You Lose Weight? Not Exactly, but Yes at the Same Time…

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If you’re here, you’re probably asking yourself “can smoothies help you lose weight???”

Before we begin, however, we just want to start off by saying that smoothies cannot help you lose weight alone – but wait! Don’t go!

We’re going to show you how smoothies can both aid you in your weight loss goals and also prevent you from attaining your weight loss goals all at once (if you don’t do it right…)

Let’s get started.

Smoothies: A GREAT Way to Eat Nutritious and Delicious Foods

If you haven’t check it out yet, we highly recommend checking out an article we wrote a while back about how to make smoothies in the comfort of your own kitchen which you can check out here.

As you may know, eating wholesome whole foods (meaning foods that come from the ground) are a fantastic way to ensure your health remains at its peak and we really stand behind that thought.

The thing is, the more processed your foods are the less nutritional value they contain and nobody wants to be malnourished.

Snapping up some of your favourite ingredients and smashing them up one of these incredible blenders is a great way to consume wholesome and nutritious foods that taste just as good as a decadent dessert (in our opinion).

Getting your nutrition from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lactose-free yogurt, and anything else you can think of that comes from the ground is your sure-fire method of ensuring you’re getting all the micronutrients your body needs.

So… Do They Aid in Fat/Weight Loss?

Well, you see, smoothies cannot directly influence your rate of fat loss unfortunately.

But that does not mean they’re not useful to help you along the way.

When I lost 30 lbs myself a couple of years ago, there was one thing that I did to help me keep going – adherence to my fat loss plan.

For me, I like to eat foods that taste delicious as well as eat foods that fill me up and getting smoothies into my plan was an awesome way to love what I am eating.

Instead of reaching for a dessert that has empty calories (which, by the way we definitely still recommend doing), you can reach for your blender and snap together a quick and delicious fruit snack that will leave you full and full of healthy nutrition that your body needs.

What makes smoothies so great is that they will help you stick to your fat loss plan in the long term by giving you the opportunity to eat very delicious snacks.

There’s a Difference Between Making Them Yourself and Smoothie Parlours…

One of the most accurate ways to determine whether you’re going to lose weight is not only ensuring you’re eating the correct number of caloriesbut also knowing how many calories are in the foods you eat.

It therefore goes without saying that, unless the smoothie shops have the nutrition information handy, you’ll always be better off making your own food as you’ll be knowing exactly what’s in it!

That’s one of our favourite strategies of melting the fat off of our body – simply knowing what we’re eating.

It gets challenging to know how much you’re truly eating if you haven’t made the food yourself so why not just make it yourself to begin with and enjoy all of the benefits of choosing your own ingredients!

Here’s a fantastic Martha Stewart smoothie recipe guide that will give you enough options to make smoothies for the next decade and we think you’ll love them!

To recap:

  • Buying smoothies at restaurants and smoothie bars makes it hard to track the calories in them
  • Making your own gives you the freedom to make any type you want, plus you get to know exactly what’s in them and how many calories they contain!

Get Recipes that You Love – You Will Stick to Your Plan!

Remember we said earlier that in order to stick to your fat loss goals it’s important to eat what you like?

Well the same can be said for smoothies. Make sure you love the recipes you create.

It’s so imperative to remain adherent to your dieting plan to see long-term and sustainable results, and smoothies are one heck of a great option to give yourself a fighting chance at sticking to those plans.

Nothing is worse than seeing the fat melt off only to reappear weeks or months later!v

It’s frustrating, and take it from me. I’ve been through that and it sucks.

It’s not until I figured out a way to actually love my dieting strategy that I was able to stick to it, so find a way to make it enjoyable for yourself and you will see long-term results.

If you’re a guy, as a matter of fact, you can check out the full report on how I was able to get and keep off those 30 lbs I told you about earlier here.

If you’re not a man, there’s a similar and fantastic program by Visual Impact that you can learn more about here.

How happy would you be if you could not only lose weight, love the process and then love the fact that you’re actually keeping the weight off?

I was and would be ecstatic if I had to do it all over again!

How to Make Your Own Smoothies for Excellent Results!

If you’re out there wondering about how to make your own, and you love what you’ve read so far, luckily all you really need is a blender.

Check out this quick video for your viewing pleasure!

If you already have one, then excellent – you’re on your way to the grocery store to snap up some excellent ingredients and off you go!

If you don’t yet have a blender, you are invited to check out our awesome Guide on Choosing the Right Blender Here for more information about that.

A little bit further down we’ll talk about some recipe options that you’ll love, but for now all you really need is the following:

  • A blender
  • The ingredients YOU love
  • Some basics: yogurt, ice, frozen strawberries, bananas, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds
  • … anything else you can think of!

Let’s Talk About Recipes and Wrap This UP!

Thank you to for this awesome smoothie recipe!

Of course, this is just one smoothie idea. You don’t have to make this one!

There are a number of places at which you can find smoothie recipes and all it takes is a simple Google Search for that.


Protein: 8g
Fat: 2g
Carbohydrates: 35g
Sugars: 26g
TOTAL CALORIES: 185 calories

Well this is it – a great recipe to get you thinking about using smoothies for weight loss.

Remember the fact is that no smoothie can force weight loss upon you but with a little bit of intelligent planning, you can use smoothies as a great tool to keep you sticking to your weight loss diet!

Don’t forget to snap yourself up a fantastic blender if you don’t already have one! Just don’t spend too much on one…

That’s all for today and as always,
With Love,



  1. Hi, this is exactly what I was looking for now. I am opening a smoothie bar here in Thailand due to the fact that these drinks are an all-time favorite here.
    I’m happy to show your ideas to my wife who then can integrate the slim maker smoothies into our offer.

    1. Hey Stefan,

      If you’re going to be using the recipes from our website, make sure to reference the original source as these are all inspired by others’ work. Glad you enjoyed the article and when I finally get to make it to Thailand (not yet…) I definitely want to swing by there brother!

      Cheers mate.

  2. I love smoothies! I like making them at home because of the exact reason you stated, I can keep track of the calories I put in them. That is a great recipe, I am always looking for an easy smoothie recipe. I have a question. I use Metamucil for digestive issues but it is also great to keep you full between meals, do you think it can be added to my smoothies?

    1. Hey Melissa,

      Yes absolutely this is the best reason to cook at home. As for ingredients, my opinion doesn’t really matter to be honest – one can put anything they desire into their smoothie! If Metamucil is your thing, go for it!

      Cheers and hope to see you again soon.

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