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How to Be INSPIRED: What Does it Take to Make Your Dream Come True?

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First and foremost, I just want to take the opportunity to thank each and every single one of you amazing people out there coming all the way to this site. It’s been a great pleasure creating content for you and even though probably no one will ever read this, I plan on continuing to offer the best possible content I can on a daily and weekly basis.

Look guys, self-doubt happens. It’s a fact of life. Understand it, embrace it, FEEL the feelings or emotions, and reconcile with them – however, do not let it them take over your being.

Those feelings, emotions and mistakes you’ve made do NOT make up who you are as a person.

I have never cared if anyone ever reads my content because sometimes I feel as thought it’s not really providing any real value to my readers – however, the day someone does, my only goal will be to INSPIRE these people. That’s it.

I want to not only speak words, but live by the words I speak and to offer inspiration to anyone and everyone that comes to by page to read about me, my goals and how Physique Authority is aiming to inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

How Have I Been Inspired and What Does It Mean to Me?

Right now, I am going through much pain in my life – financial, work, relationships – depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, lack of belief in the value I am offering up, self-consciousness, self-defeating prophecies, and so on and so forth.

These are all bogus things and by growing into the person I need to become, hopefully you guys can all use this to be inspired to do the same in your lives.

I am going to take this page and my life and create exactly that life that I truly want to live.

I AM inspired to do so.

You see, I wasn’t told, “Okay Mike, do this, this and that, and then watch your life transform.” No, I was not “told” any information that helped to inspire me (although some information has inspired me to some extent).

What has inspired me truly has been taking a look at other people I like on YouTube, their blogs, Vlogs – whatever the case – and having watched them grow into what they are now.

For me, when I truly want something, it’s basically based probably on something someone else has done already, and for me, when I see these people, that is the best form of inspiration that ultimately leads to motivation to do something similar for myself.

When I see the proof in the pudding (in other words, when I have witnessed someone else achieve success), this is all the motivation I need – and the only source of it.

No amount of books, classes, videos, lessons or blogs will inspire me to change my life – they will simply provide me with the information on how to do so once I have already been inspired to do so.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet.

Guaranteed one of the Most Important Things

I used to think I was going to blog about how to live the “good life”, about how to find success by building a strong body and mind, and how to get everything you want in life.

However, it dawned on ME when I realised how I first got started in my blogging journey – it was not because someone SAID I should do it in a “LOOK AT ME!” sort of fashion.

No. What brought me to pull the trigger and begin blogging online? Well, I saw what others were doing – my mentors, my role models, my truest inspirations – and it INSPIRED me to make a change in my own life.

It literally made me want to do this more than anything in the world and for a good reason. It’s just been something I have been wanted to do – and I needed that final push.

See, throwing information out there at people’s faces is not going to make people want to use that information. Showing them that you have used information to transform your own life will hopefully inspire them to change theirs as well.

Now, I have always had doubts in my mind about myself, what I am doing, my purpose in this life but all that doesn’t matter anymore. 

I am here presenting you with my own personal story, the way I have decided to live my life and create a change in mine and hopefully you can take that and do something with yours as well.

Here at Physique Authority you will learn how I, Michael Pawlik, have changed my life by building a better body and a healthier mind.

Alright, so Now That We Know HOW to Be Inspired, How Do We Find Someone TO Inspire Us?

This is a question that I cannot answer for you but I can definitely give you some pointers. I always stress the fact of finding someone that has already accomplished something similar to what you want to accomplish – whether it’s learning an instrument, building a nice body, getting successful – and follow them. Watch them, learn from them, read their work, watch their YouTube videos – do all of the above.

For me, I was really into getting the best body of my life and I was stuck trying to get there. Not only was I stuck, I hadn’t even begun yet. Talk about frustration.

What did I do? Well, I embarked on one of the largest journeys I had ever embarked on. Large because in my mind fitness and personal development is an ongoing process with no end date or finish line. It’s something that you can keep doing for your whole life.

So I began learning from all kinds of different people, all kinds of forums, blogs, YouTube videos, lessons, books etc. and guess what – they were getting me nowhere. I was getting nowhere.

It’s only after I discovered one or two really cool individuals who were willing to give very incredible quality advice for absolutely free that I was instantly extremely interested in what they had to say.

So with that said, try to get out there and just look up various people who are already doing what you want to be doing. The year is 2017, it’s the 21st century which means we no longer have to invent our own wheel. We can ride the success of what other’s have laid out for us. All we have to do is follow in their footsteps.

I don’t mean copying someone’s exact moves, I mean follow what, when, how, why and where they were doing what they did to get to where they are today. If you have a solid idea and do the work based on the models of what others have done, you can find your own unique success.

Now, it’s not only about inspiration – one must have patience, resolve and be willing to show up everyday to do the work that’s required. Inspiration will help you get there.

Who Inspired Me? And Why?

Now here’s my story: Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic were the two individuals who initially motivated me to get my butt off the couch and start working out.

These two guys were truly motivational because of their insane physiques and crazy work ethic along with their unfaltering dedication to personal development.

I later learned of Ivan Markioli who is also a part of the Bar Brothers. You can check out the bar brothers here. Now, where I don’t personally recommend their program anymore, I do have to give them credit for being the original guys to motivate me to begin my fitness journey.

However, these guys weren’t living the life I wanted, they weren’t regularly publishing new content on YouTube, they didn’t have a blog that I could read so I just lost contact with them because I couldn’t relate to them on a personal level.

Their social media presence diminished and the videos I was watching were from 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 years ago – that just doesn’t cut it for me in the modern age of limited attention spans. I gave up on following their program and stopped working out for about 6 months.

Enter: Gregory O’Gallagher from When I first ran into Greg on YouTube, my whole world was instantly turned upside down, right on its head.

Greg brought a whole new approach to fitness, nutrition and personal development – one that I had never heard of in my life.

Not only that, but Greg has been a social media master for some time. He posts videos of himself giving lectures, fitness advice, sound fitness information on a regular basis and in a way that one can relate to him.

Unlike other internet/YouTube fitness personalities, Greg was giving information and advice that was resonating with me. I drew massive inspiration from this because I saw how he does things on a daily basis and I wanted to model my life after that as well.

After following Greg for a while, I started doing Greg’s Greek God Program. You can find a review of this course here. Highly recommend this course as it has changed my physique in incredible ways, far quicker than the Bar Brothers System would ever have.

Have said that, Greg has been a massive inspiration to me because he was living the life I wanted to live as well. So that is the fundamental difference between Lazar and Greg for me.

After Greg, I found a few other key individuals that I have drawn massive inspiration from including (but not limited to):

  • Elliott Hulse from Strength Camp
  • Radu Antoniu from ThinkEatLift
  • Igor Opeshansky from Vitruvian Physique

These gentlemen were already living the life I want to live so I draw inspiration from them because I see what they do on a weekly or sometimes even daily basis. I can see where they were and where they are now – I know their story.

They are basically role models, mentors and people who I am so proud to know of and have used as influence for my own life.

Get out there, find yourself someone (or something) you can draw inspiration from and you can achieve pretty much anything you’re inspired to do!

As always,
Yours truly,

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