How to Do Cardio at Home: Free Programs, YouTube Videos, Equipment & More

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So you want to get into better shape and live out the rest of your life as strong and healthy as possible? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place and our How to Do Cardio at Home article is the perfect place to land.

What we’ll be doing is offering you a variety of resources to help you choose a method of working out that essentially provide the same thing: Getting a fantastic cardio equipment right in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn about:

  • The best free cardio resources to help you get into shape
  • Great videos for cardio training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Free Guides
  • Paid cardio fitness courses
  • The best home cardio fitness equipment

So let’s get started!

Free Cardio Resources to Help You Get Into Great Shape

Now, this is where we put in a disclaimer. There are several things to keep in mind when thinking of starting a cardio program:

  • Cardio training does NOT lead to weight loss
  • You must consult with your family doctor or physician before starting any cardio program
  • Please do not expect to lose 50lbs by doing some HIIT training at home.

For an in-depth guide and overview of what exactly leads to fat loss, please check out our How Many Calories Do I Need to Eat to Lose Weight article here. This will explain exactly what leads to weight loss and how to do it.

For us, the simple act of walking has been a great way to enhance our activity levels everyday and get a little bit more movement than what we otherwise would be getting by simply sitting on our chairs all day. For that reason alone our #1 recommended thing to do for cardio training is to simply walk more.

Now, there are many other reasons why people choose to do cardio training at home. It is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping sending more blood throughout your body than what would otherwise be possible by simply just walking.

Doing cardiovascular endurance training definitely aids in avoiding health conditions such as heart disease and things of that nature, and we definitely recommend trying to get some form of cardio training into routine.

A common misconception when thinking of working out is that you always have to spend some kind of money on either equipment, programs or other things and we just want to dispel that myth right from the outset here.

If you just do a quick search around the internet you’ll find literally tens of thousands of pieces of information that will help you get an insane cardio workout directly in your living room which is pretty awesome in our opinion.

A good place you can start would be Not only are other fellow redditors very in tune with their own spending habits, but they definitely want to be helpful towards anybody else looking to work out for free.

You can find things like high intensity interval training routines, jogging routine, routine involving different exercises such as push-ups sit-ups dips squats, and while the latter few that we just mentioned are more geared towards building muscle they are definitely able to provide a great cardio workout if done the right way.

One of the BEST Ways to Workout Quickly AND For Free:
Enter HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

All right so high intensity interval training is definitely one of our favorite ways to get another ridiculous workout really quickly and without spending any money you, and without having to own any sort of equipment whatsoever.

There are several styles of interval training that you can do, some of which can be done on a treadmill, some of which can be done on various other types of exercise equipment, but by far our favourite type of interval training is just done with your own body using push-ups and things like that.

Why don’t you go ahead and check out FitnessBender’s 32-minute HIIT training lesson below to get a good idea of how you can do interval training in the comfort of your own home within about 30 minutes. We’ll come back to you after you’re done checking out the video.

Awesome so now you have a great idea of how to do interval training at home without having to spend a single dime or without having to own any sort of equipment whatsoever. And we love that. There’s literally no reason to really have to spend any money at all if your only goal is to lose some weight and get into great shape.

Obviously there are going to be those people who just prefer to use various pieces of equipment and you can learn more about that at the bottom of this article, as we are going to cover the best exercise equipment for your home if that’s what you prefer to do.

Not everybody is willing to do push-ups and things like that and whereas interval training is free and one of the best ways to do cardio, it’s definitely not the only way.

We like to provide our readers with every single option available to you whether they are free options or paid options as we think that is going to leave you with the most amount of information that will really actually be helpful to you.

High intensity interval training is a great option for you as you’ve learned and we strongly recommend to check out various YouTube videos and other sorts of articles online because these will really help you get into it incredible shape.

For Those Who Prefer Written and Visual Content Instead of Videos…

So of course videos are probably my single favorite option when I’m trying to learn something, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to read about the topics I want to learn about.

For this reason we’ve tossed in a quick article from Men’s Health Magazine outlining how to do HIIT training and about 10 different routines to get you started.

We think this is probably going to be your best bet when it comes to getting some cardiovascular training at home.

Remember we mentioned above some people have the goal of weight loss in mind, and some people have the goal of just getting overall into better shape and we think that cardio training aids in getting into better shape better than it does aid in losing weight.

Of course you can definitely use cardio training to increase your calorie expenditure for the day or the week, but we don’t like this method of calorie restriction. We strongly believe in just simply eating less calories than necessary to induce weight loss without having to worry about outside sources such as extra exercise and things like that.

We think it’s just much easier to just eat less food overall and it’s therefore extremely critical that you track everything that you’re eating.

Paid Fitness Courses for Men and Women

Again, we definitely don’t want to sell you something just for the sake of selling you something, and it is for that reason that we generally don’t really recommend spending money when you just want to lose weight or do some cardio training.

On this website alone we have an abundance of information to help you do anything you want with your body including getting shredded, losing some weight, building muscle or all of the above.

Of course there are always going to be those people wanting a little bit more, and for that reason we have also included paid programs to help you get into awesome shape that somewhat focuses on a nice balance of cardio training and muscle building.

You can head over to our Bar Brothers The System Review to learn more about how you can get into probably the best shape of your life whether you are a man or woman.

Although we won’t get into too much detail here, just real quick, the two guys that make up the Barr Brothers have built some of the most impressive bodies I’ve ever seen.

They have amassed a following across the world including men and women. I’ve seen both men and women of all ages, races, and countries get into the best shape that they’ve ever been in and it’s pretty impressive and inspirational to be honest with you.

The one drawback that we can think of when considering purchasing the bar Brothers program is the fact that you are required to have a couple of pieces of equipment around your house including a pull-up bar and a dip station.

This is not a real huge problem in our opinions because those two pieces of equipment are relatively cheap to purchase and can last you your entire life if you take good care of them. So with that in mind, you’re at least now armed with the right information surrounding that method of getting into shape at home.

Last But Not Least: Cardio Training Equipment

Sometimes there will be people that just don’t want to do push-ups and pull-ups, and we’re totally okay with that because it’s definitely not something that’s necessary. A lot of times in high-intensity interval training you’re going to be required to do push-ups and things like that and we totally understand if you don’t want to do that.

Enter cardio training equipment. These pieces of equipment come in various shapes sizes and configurations and can aid you in your quest to get into the best shape of your life right at home.

However,  one important thing to keep in mind is that we also don’t really like to recommend steady-state, low intensity cardio such as just jogging on your treadmill or elliptical machine. In our minds this is a huge waste of time and think about it this way.

By the time you’re done running on the treadmill for 1 or 2 hours, you spend so much time on it that you’re probably going to be hungry and we’ll eat something which is going to basically undo all of the calorie burning that you did by running on the treadmill in the first place.

This is the main reason that we’re huge proponents of the interval training method because you get in, you get out as fast as possible while burning the most amount of calories, and you can get a pretty intense workout done in about 15 to 30 minutes.

This is in direct contrast to low-intensity steady-state cardiovascular endurance training that you would do on your exercise bike or whatever.

Let’s take a look at the various types of exercise equipment you can buy for your home that offer you the ability to do high intensity interval training. We’re going to kick this section off with treadmills.


Now, the important thing to keep in mind with treadmills is that not all treadmills are created equally and you just won’t have the ability to do interval training on all treadmills especially when considering cheaper models.

If you head on over to our treadmill buyer’s guide you’re going to learn about the reason that you have to spend a little bit more money on a treadmill if you want to do high intensity interval training.

The main two reasons for this are basically a week motor that’s just not powerful enough to do serious running, and the other reason is that the tread belt is too narrow and not long enough which makes it slightly dangerous to do full out running on it.

We don’t want to see you get hurt because safety is our number one priority when recommending workout programs to our readership.

If you head on over to our Treadmill Buyer’s Guide, you can learn about all of your options for great machines to do cardio at home.

Special note: if you’re more advanced, learn more about our best options for treadmills that you can run on and that are strong enough to withstand high-intensity interval training frequently. Check out that article here:

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are a little bit different in that you basically are able to do some interval training on any of the machines and it’s the way that you structure your workout.

Obviously more expensive machines will have pre-built programs designed by Fitness Experts so you don’t have to mess around with anything too much to plan a interval training workout, and we really like this feature found on more premium devices.

However, unlike treadmills, you don’t need to really worry about motor strength and treabelt size as these two things are pretty much an important when considering an elliptical machine.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying an elliptical machine is choosing one that has a durable build quality. This is especially true if you’re going to be using this machine more than just a handful of times per week, and if more than one user is going to be using this.

Also keep in mind how intensity workouts are going to be because of cheap unit just will not be up to the task over the long run.

Learn more about ellipticals below:

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes again are a little bit different and they are also definitely not all created equal. Cheaper models will not have much resistance for you if you’re anything more than a complete beginner at Cardio training, and the build quality will just not withstand the forces created by high intensity interval training.

A good price point to start off with in terms of exercise bikes is the $500 range because I will just not yield a great result.

Now, if you’re a complete beginner with cardio training at home. If your complete beginner, you can definitely pick up a great machine for your needs under $500 even though the bill quality is not incredible and the resistance provided by the machine are also not incredible.

You only need to worry about choosing a better machine if you are more advanced and your physical conditioning is much better than a beginner’s.

Some bikes, just like ellipticals and treadmills, come with built-in programs offering you a wide variety of high intensity interval training programs to choose from, some come with the ability to be connected to iFit so you can always upgrade and choose new workout programs, and some just come bare bones with just a small LCD screen to indicate all of your important Fitness tracking information such as heart rate and things like that.

Choose a bike that’s right for you in the price range that’s also correct for you. You can definitely learn more about that by checking out our exercise bikes. We also have a recumbent exercise bike buyer’s guide if you prefer to have a back rest while you’re cycling.

You can check out both those articles here.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are definitely one of our favourite pieces of cardiovascular training exercise machines because they just provide a fantastic workout without saline no stress to your knees or joints, and they’re also easy to get in and out of it as well.

The one Pitfall 2 rowing machines is that if you have lower back pain or issues with hips and Joints, it might make it more challenging to get in and out of the machine and using a machine might make it a little bit more painful for you, but if you don’t suffer from these issues than a rowing machine would be a fantastic option for you.

What we really love about rowing machines  is that they take up earlier room beside from the horizontal room they require while they’re set up.

There are definitely options that fold up and can be stored away when they’re not in use and these are some great options for your home if you have limited space and no desire to have them laying around while they’re not being used.

Again, as a brand new user of rowing machines you may not need the most resistance possible and you can definitely get away with choosing an option that’s slightly more cheap, but for the advanced user and for the person that is in relatively decent shape you just won’t be able to get enough resistance out of a very cheap unit.

That Sums it Up: You Now Have All The Info You Need to do Cardio at Home!

Well that pretty much wraps up this article and your now armed with all the information you need to get into fantastic shape right at home.

As we’ve learned today, you definitely do not have to spend any money to do some training at home, and there are some paid options for those people that don’t really want to do high intensity interval training as well.

Do you want to get into shape at home and you don’t mind doing some push-ups and pull-ups, interval training is going to probably provide the best bang for your buck and is going to enable you to get into the best shape possible while using the least amount of your time which we really like.

As far as our own personal workout routines go, we don’t spend more time than we have to, and doing some steady-state low intensity cardio training is the biggest waste of our own personal time in our opinions. We don’t want to see you waste your time as well which is why we are such massive proponents of interval training.

As always, let us know if you have any questions below and make sure use our Contact Form if you want any sort of personalised recommendations in terms of exercise programs or exercise machines and we’d be glad to help you find the right product!

As always,
With love,


  1. Thanks for this very helpful info. It has been raining a lot in Singapore lately. And Cardio at Home is the best choice. I have a question – recently, an old shoulder injury started to hurt again. It came back because I strained it. It is getting better now. Do you have any suggestions on 1) Should I start exercising now or wait till it is fully recovered? and 2) What exercises do you recommend to start with?

    1. Hi Timotheus,

      You are very welcome! I would take rain any day over this blistering Southwestern Ontario weather! Yes, cardio at home is very simple to do. Many people think you need a fancy gym membership, expensive equipment, FitBits, fancy apps and machines in order to lose weight and get in shape – but the truth is, all you need is your own butt and the right fitness info and nutrition info!

      As well, if you’re suffering from any kind of injury, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you should refrain from performing any kind of activities or exercises that exacerbate the issue. If you’re finding that your exercise routine is going well without putting stress on your injury, you’re probably fine.

      However, I am definitely not a medical practitioner of any sort and it’s always highly recommended to check in with your doctor before performing any movements if you have an injury.

      With that said, you can perform any kind of exercises that do not directly involve your pectorals or deltoids as these two muscle groups are closely linked together and performing exercises that trigger one group will always involve the other (chest and shoulders.)

      Hope helps!

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