How to Lose Stomach Fat Quickly: (#2 & #4 Are Game-Changers!!)

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Hey guys today I wanted to share a post with you surrounding the illusive idea of “how to lose stomach fat”.

You might be sitting there wondering about the legitimacy of this post and I can definitely sympathise with you – Simply “losing stomach fat” is actually not possible by targeting your stomach specifically.

The idea behind targeting fat loss on any area of your body is one that many people automatically default to, especially if they hold excess fat in a particular area.

Particular areas of concern would be: love handles, stomach, chest, legs, your behind, and, for me, my lower back.

I must unfortunately break the news to you sooner rather than later: The only way you’ll lose “belly fat” is by bringing your entire body fat level down.

Well Mike, That’s Awesome.
But How Do I Get Started Dropping Body Fat?

The basic jist of losing fat in an enjoyable and sustainable fashion can be found here

In that post I explain in detail how to begin shedding 1-2lbs of body fat per week – and the great news about that is the more fat you’re body is currently storing the faster you will lose it.

Traditionally, it has been accepted that cardiovascular exercise and severe calorie restriction were the keys to getting those “shredded” abs and dropping overall body fat.

If you recall my post about S.E.E. Your Success which you can find here, you will quickly find that losing the fat your body is currently storing is much easier and straightforward than you may think, and much, much easier than the traditional rule of thumb which is to slave your ass off on the treadmill and eat only broccoli and chicken breast.

Yes you can eat cake.

Yes you can eat ice cream.

Yes, yes you can eat steak, french fries, pizza, wings, drink beer and wine, eat candy, chocolate bars and any and all other types of food we’ve been conditioned to think “sabotages” our fat loss efforts.

Of course, eating the above things exclusively will most certainly sabotage not only your fat loss efforts but your overall health as well, but if you keep reading, I am absolutely going to dispel any myths that you have been spoon fed about “unhealthy” foods such as the ones I mentioned above.

Using strategic meal timing I will teach you how to effortlessly lose fat while you enjoy the foods you love most – you do not have to eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life, I promise.

#1: Your Current Body Composition Will Determine
How Fast You Lose Fat

What you must consider is your current body composition meaning your overall body fat content. If you are above 15% for men and 20% for women you are certainly on the right path to dropping the extra fat.

It may come as a surprise to you when I tell you that the leaner you get (i.e. the less fat you are storing) the harder it becomes to strategically drop more fat.

The core principles here are calorie restriction – or, as I like to call it – eating at a caloric deficit. The benefits of eating at a caloric deficit are not only that you will lose the extra fat, but you will feel much better overall and that you can actually take control of your life. You are your own AUTHORITY after all.

You get to decide what you do with your body.

#2: One of the Best Strategies For Fat Loss:
Enter Intermittent Fasting

The question of how to lose stomach fat is one that probably millions of people have asked. And millions of people have failed at accomplishing because of one thing – they are not willing to make a change in their eating patterns and behaviour.

The simple truth is that if you determine what your caloric maintenance level is – meaning, the calories required to maintain your current weight – and eat 75% of those calories everyday you can reach your fat loss goals in the perfect amount of time.

If you choose to restrict your calories for prolonged periods, you can actually hinder your fat loss efforts and raise cortisol levels which is your body’s natural stress hormone.

Dieting and losing fat is a game of learning about your body which is why it’s great in the first place. You’re not simply just dieting to lose fat even though this may be your primary goal, at least for me, I diet sometimes because of the way I feel not just look.

I feel better, I look better and I perform better but when it’s time to stop the calorie restriction my body will let me know to do so.

When my workouts suffer, I get slightly weaker and I look pale and sick and it’s just time to ramp up my food intake for a few weeks before I go back to being in a deficit.

Now, with the above disclaimers out of the way, I can relax and focus my attention on describing Intermittent Fasting as a method to aid in your fat-loss efforts. 

Using intermittent fasting is not a magic pill to make you lose weight nor is it a sure-fire way to lose the weight. I personally use intermittent fasting to help me control my calorie intake which, in turn, has a secondary effect on fat loss.

When you employ intermittent fasting as a strategy to aid in calorie-restriction, this is what leads to effortless fat loss. Who the heck wants to struggle and be miserable while accomplishing anything?

There are easy, proven and straight-foward ways in which to do any given activity, or you can choose to be a hard-ass and do it the difficult way while being miserable and suffer doing said activity.

Why not do weight loss in the most enjoyable and sustainable way possible? Losing weight already is difficult, so why not make it easier on yourself?

If you check out this post, you can learn more about the way in which I personally lost weight in the most enjoyable fashion for me.

This may not work for you but it could be worth a read – so head on over there now. Don’t worry – I’ll wait for you to come back to this spot.

#3 What is Intermittent Fasting,
and How Does it Relate to Losing Stomach Fat?


Like I said above, intermittent fasting can help you lose weight by waiting until later into the day to consume your first meal, therefore circumventing the consumption of excess calories throughout the day due to perceived hunger.

In layman’s terms, you wake up, you wait 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours before you eat anything therefore avoiding extra breakfast calories. You’d be surprised to find out that a simple bagel, 2 eggs, some cheese and butter can add up to around 500-600 calories!

That’s a lot of calories that you no longer have room for later on!

This is the precise reason why I choose to employ intermittent fasting into my daily routine. I simply love doing it and I can slam back some serious meals later in the day because I have saved 500-1000 calories that I did not eat earlier on!

You can learn more about intermittent fasting in this post.

#4 Calorie restriction + Intermittent Fasting = Great Way to Lose Fat

When you choose to employ a strategy that allows you to regain control of your mind and body you can rest assured that you will have a much easier time sticking to whatever it is you’re doing.

This is why I love intermittent fasting so much. The S.E.E. Your Success principle is based on sustainable, evidence-based and enjoyable ways of doing anything you want to do. Why suffer?

When you skip out on your first heavy-hitting meal of the day, you can eat more later, simply put.

You can eat more carbs, more fat, and more protein – all of which lend themselves to feelings of well being.

So let’s say you eat 1000-1500 calories by lunch, and you’re left with 1000-1500 for the rest of the day – you will eat a snack of about 300 calories before dinner and by dinner all of you have left is 600-700 calories – that is one miserable day to go to bed hungry at the end of.

No thanks.

By simply avoiding those 1500 calories and eating your first meal at lunch, you will have your full calorie range to play with.

If sometimes you wait even until dinner, you can eat a hefty meal worth 2500 calories all at once – if you choose to do so (I do this once in a while).

Tell me about feeling amazing! A nice steak dinner, potatoes, buns, butter, gravy. . . that’s a fantastic meal and all the while I am losing body fat.

By simply pushing your first meal further into the day you can reap all the benefits of eating massive meals and losing fat while you do so.

And finally, one of the most effective things to cut out of your diet overall is the consumption of caloric beverages. This could mean anything from pop, juice, or anything else with a high calorie count.

Why not try blending together your own smoothies that are filling, satisfying, delicious, nutritious and highly customisable, and, not to mention, a hell of a lot cheaper than buying drinks?

==>Click to learn more about how I make my smoothies delicious, nutritious and highly satisfying!==<

#5: But Mike . . . What if I Don’t Want to do Intermittent Fasting?

You can of course still lose fat without fasting. It’s by no means necessary and it certainly isn’t for everyone.

I just like to share the way I personally like to do things for myself – maybe you can get some use out of my information . . . maybe not, but I by no means would tell you that you must do something to get a certain result especially if there are other ways of doing something.

All you have to keep in mind is that scientifically speaking there is only one single way to lose fat – and that is through caloric restriction.

Why don’t you head over to this article that explains a little bit more about fat restriction vs. calorie restriction.

It does a great job of comparing the two and proving that there’s no difference and that basically the only thing that matters is calorie restriction.

For me, intermittent fasting was and always will be a great way to continue being able to effortlessly enjoy myself even while restricting my calories – by simply waiting until later into the day to eat my food and therefore being able to slam back some seriously calorie-dense meals that leave me satisfied and satiated, and ready to sleep really well.

To Lose Fat in the Best Way Possible Select one of the Following:



Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you guys in the next post!

What do you think about all of this? Do YOU employ intermittent fasting and why? If you don’t, why not?

As always,
Much love,


  1. Well-written article, Michael. I am a firm believer in the principles that Physique Authority speaks about! I am glad that your website exists and that many other people can benefit from its teachings. This is truly a marvelous wealth of knowledge here and I hope this takes off huge for you.

    Well done,

    1. Hi Dave,

      I am not sure what happened here or how I missed this comment, but thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully I can inspire others to do the best they can by doing the best I personally can.

      Hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hey Emanuel, thank you so much for stopping by! I am glad I was able to provide some useful information for you! Feel free to visit often – I post regularly 🙂

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