How to Trust the Process

How to Trust the Process: Having Confidence and Faith in Your Goals

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Guys, a huge factor in what you can achieve in life is no secret – it’s the by-product of hard work, focus, dedication, determination, persistence, perseverance and patience – and it’s no secret that if you employ all of the above that things will happen for you.

What gets me personally down, however, is that sometimes I wonder if what I am doing is even going to be worth it in the end. I find myself asking questions like:

  • Am i ever going to achieve success?
  • Will anyone ever read what I am putting out there?
  • Will I be able to provide people with information that will help enhance their lives?
  • Are people benefiting from what I am talking about?
  • Will this website be a destination for people to be able to learn how to improve their lives?
  • Am I truly providing value to the world by writing for this site or will it just fall by the way side just like many other pointless blogs?

I find myself battling with these thoughts all the time. The one thing that keeps me focused and brings me back down to the ground is the fact that I am following an exact process, and I just have to trust that the process is going to pan out for me. Not only that, but realising that many negative thoughts we have are just self-limitations.

How to Trust the Process:
A Special Message from Peter Sage and Brian Rose from the
London Real Podcast

When Peter Sage was on the London Real podcast, which you can check out here, he really changed my perspective in a single interview. Peter is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience and he is directly involved with developing and researching the Space-Based Solar Power Technology. But do you think he began here? Think again. Had he not have trusted in the process, nothing would’ve been accomplished and he would have lived the mediocre life we all will live if we don’t take action.

Also, if you don’t know who Brian Rose is, I highly recommend checking out London Real. Brian does a podcast for the website in which he interviews many wealthy people, successful people and “People Worth Watching”. The podcast is very insightful and I highly recommend it.

Back to Mr. Sage. Peter Sage did not let his doubts interfere with that which he wanted to achieve more than anything.

Hang on a minute now though – I know what you’re thinking.

Mike, this website is called Physique Authority and I thought you were going to show us how to get the body of our wildest dreams?

Well yeah, this is very true. However, this website is also about how to cultivate a healthy body and mind to enhance your life. This includes personal development more of which you can find out about in my Key Principles article. What’s the point in having a good mind if you don’t have a healthy body to go along with it and vice-versa? But I digress. . .

Peter is a phenomenal human being. His teachings include how to harness the different levels of consciousness in order to enhance your life exponentially. During the interview, Peter said something that I will never forget. I have implemented this into my daily existence and it’s one of the most powerful ideas I have ever heard about.

I am going to paraphrase this. 

Think of yourself as the person you want to be in 1, 2, 5 years from now. You ARE him/her today. You’ve made it.

Now, look back at your older self and let him/her know to trust the process, as everything has worked out just fine and that there is nothing to worry about. You have made it to success, and all that time there was literally no need to worry at all.

This has truly been a life-changing idea for me, and something I try and implement into my daily routine/existence. You don’t have to be the most mentally sound person in the world, with rock-stable emotions and an attitude that is unbreakable. Hey, we all get down on ourselves from time to time. It’s in knowing that you’re headed towards the right direction that calmness ensues and your emotions take a back-seat to the process.

Do What Needs to Get Done Every Single Day

Earl Nightingale said something very powerful. He says, “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” In other words, the successful individual is successful because they are doing things everyday that are leading them closer and closer to their goal(s). Those who are “unsuccessful” are those who do not take action towards that which they regard as their own personal “worthy ideal”.

For me personally, my worthy ideal is being financially free, and not having to sell my hours for money to my employer. I am sick and tired of it, and I will stop at nothing to realise my goals. And guess what – I am already successful at it! I am progressively realising this goal by writing for this website and taking action everyday.

Coupled with a strong attitude and small things you can do everyday, there is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to achieve anything you want. You take into consideration what Peter Sage says about acting like you’re already where you want to be, looking back at your old self and telling him to just progressively take action everyday, and that you’re going to end up where you want to be quicker than you can image.

These principles can literally be applied to any aspect of your life including:

  • business
  • weight loss
  • gaining muscle
  • relationships
  • meeting ‘the one’
  • family relationships
  • any other aspect of your life you can think of

You Emotions can AND will F@#! You UP if You Let Them – And it Happens Quickly

Let me explain something to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re the happiest gal in the universe or the most depressed man out there. It really doesn’t. The universe doesn’t give a shit about your emotions. If you are following the process success can and will be realised regardless of your “emotional status”.

One of my favourite fitness and personal development coaches, Elliott Hulse, once said that it does not matter how you feel about yourself – you grind out the process and things will happen for you. The process does not care about you or your emotions, it just cares about getting done.

Your emotions can, and will, fuck you up if you let them – and it happens more quickly than you think.

Oftentimes, in my experience, I get emotional. It happens to the best of us. I get sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, happy, bla bla bla. They’re our natural instinct to transform what our brain’s logical system is telling us into a feeling that will represent that thought as a bodily “sensation”.

This can be applied to anger, jealously, sadness – you can’t argue with me that you don’t “feel” these things. They may stem from thought, but you eventually “feel” them. If you let these “sensations” take over, you will be naturally inclined towards not believing that what you are doing is going to work. That’s just our brain area telling the rest of our body that we’re failures.

And this is so damn powerful – you get off your ass and do it anyway! Live in the moment, understand that emotions surface from time to time, but you just keep going. If you are doing everything in your power everyday, it does not matter what your body is feeling. Check out this useful review of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now to learn more about how you can be present in the moment, and trust that everything is going to work out.

Thomas Edison

Think of the most famous people out there – do you think it just happened to them? Imagine the emotional roller coaster Thomas Edison must’ve went through prior to creating the light bulb?

He had to deal with people bashing his ideas, and telling him that he’s crazy and that he’ll never amount to anything – and, well, the rest is history (figuratively and literally). He did not let his emotions get in the way of trusting the process and doing it anyway. And it panned out for the better.

A Real-Life Example: Someone I know Personally

For the sake of preserving this individual’s identity, let’s call this person Emily Thorne. Emily had a dream, and that dream was to work for an art gallery or musuem. Emily went to school, got a degree and now is working as a server somewhere in the world.

She did not have any support from her family as they told her she was “wasting her time” and that there are “no jobs in her field”. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Emily has gone through periods of working random jobs in various establishments, and one day her dream will be realised. She did the process, and is continuing to trust in it. Since then, she has had multiple internships at high-profile museums and is getting closer and closer to her goal.

Do you think Emily did not have emotional turmoil that could’ve easily fucked her up and derailed her from the process? Absolutely! But she did it anyway. And she doesn’t care. Emily understands there are ups and downs and that you just gotta get your hands dirty and do it anyway.

Emily is the prime example of not letting your emotions fuck you up – but rather trusting that the process she’s doing will work out for her, simply because it’s being STRICTLY followed.

There is absolutely no possible way this can be avoided. If you’re doing everything in your power, when you can do it, there is absolutely no way that your dreams and goals can not be realised

Always remember – those who want something bad enough will find a way to do it. Those that do not really want it will FIND AN EXCUSE NOT to do it.

Let me know in the comments down below what you are doing today to get closer to realising your own ‘worthy ideal’. How are you approaching it? How do you deal with your emotions? I’d love to hear from you!

As always,
Yours truly,


  1. Hi, Micheal,
    Wow, what an inspiring article! I loved it!
    I read a lot of books about achieving goals and I they really help me do it!
    So far I’ve read have at all by John Assaraf, and today I read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, the one that is on your website:).
    However, what I wanted to say is that it is not always easy to think of myself as the person I want to be in the future. I am trying very hard, but then I get back easily where I was. Do you have some exercises to suggest?
    That would really help:)

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Daniella! I completely agree with you. The Napoleon Hill book is great! I haven’t finished it yet but will get to it one day for sure.

      I also agree that it’s not always easy to think of yourself as the person you want to be – but if you can practice the following exercise I promise it will help you out:

      So think of yourself as the person you want to be, but you’re already them, and just look back in time at your current-self, and tell yourself that it all worked out the way you had imagined it, and that there is no reason to worry because you got everything you wanted!

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I think Elliott Hulse sums the process up regarding setting goals to achieve success, particularly for my circumstances.

    It’s all about grinding away at your set procedure to accomplish each daily goal. Daily goals make weekly goals and weekly goals make monthly goals. It’s amazing how much you can achieve in such a short space of time by initially sitting down and planning your work life-cycle.

    However here’s the crux. This requires constant determination and grit to keep plugging away, especially when money does not roll in during the first few years.

    These emotions are constant anxiety battles and what puts the majority off, the time it takes to achieve, we can all do it but are you willing to commit?
    Thanks Michael,

    1. Hey Simon, thanks so much for stopping by. I totally agree it takes grit and determination to accomplish anything, but I would invite you to think about this – would it be worth it for you if you had a guarantee of success at the end? 

      If you could be the person you want to be already in the future, then look back at your today-self and say “hey, look, everything worked out just fine” how would you feel about the process then?

      I try to incorporate this thinking as much as I can. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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