How to Work Out at Home

How to Work Out at Home – Build Muscle and Strength in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

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So you wanna get ripped? So you wanna get shredded? You want to be the epitome of fitness with the ultimate physique?

I think we’re going to be touching on a great topic for you in that case today. Working out in the comfort of your own home, in your underwear, if you wish to do so.

As long as gyms have existed, there have been people that do not go to them. You might be one of those people. You may be somebody who has a true passion for health and fitness and haven’t yet taken the plunge and purchased a gym membership. 

But you might be thinking . . .

. . . I am self conscious. I don’t have the money for a gym membership. I do not want to go to a gym. . . [insert a myriad of other reasons here]. These are all valid reasons to not want to go to the gym and that’s totally okay in my mind!

All these points are valid – and I am telling you – there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you cannot get a complete, gym-worthy work out directly in your living room (or garage, or basement etc.)

A Quick Note for Aspiring Bodybuilders Looking to Get Started at Home

You WILL NOT build a Hollywood Worthy Physique in your living room, without weights, PERIOD! However, if you want to get started on your personal journey of health and fitness then you absolutely can do so.

Working out at home is a very cost effective, economical, easy and convenient way to get started on that journey today – all without having to go to the gym. It’s quite easy to simply get going on your workout, finish it as soon as possible, shower, then jump into bed with your wife or husband with your new-found muscle.

You will not train for the Olympics in your living room. You will not become the next Mr. Olympia in your living room and you won’t get on the cover of any fitness magazines either . . . But the journey must begin somewhere and your living room is perfect for that purpose. Or your garage.

Eventually, you will be doing 10 one-arm push ups, many pull ups, many dips, leg raises etc. and simply put, weights will become necessary in order to progress. Without weights, eventually, your physique development cannot progress – even with at-home workouts but we’re talking about a solid 1-year transformation you can do at home.

There is only so many times you can lift the same weight and keep progressing.

We all know that progressive overload is the number one indicator and prerequisite for strength and muscle development. For an awesome beginner’s work out anyone can start at home, please check out this awesome article. 

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Pros and Cons of Working Out At Home

Literally the only thing that is holding you back from beginning a work out routine is your own desire to do so. That, and having the right plan because without the right plan, no workout in the world will get you anywhere.

You need a structured, well thought-out and put together workout and nutrition plan that can easily be implemented in your already busy and hectic life and schedule which is WHY you’re looking at working out at home in the first place.

Keep reading below to find out exactly what kind of workout routine can get you absolutely astonishing results right at home. I will be making some recommendations to get you started on your journey to an amazing body whether you’re a man or a woman!

And that’s it! 

Let’s recap:

  1. You need the desire to workout at home
  2. You need the correctly put together workout program that will help get you started

Alright, so let’s explore the pros and cons list of starting your work out journey at home today:

Reasons to start working out at home today:

  • You can begin right now
  • You do not need any workout equipment
  • It is free
  • It is convenient
  • It is easy (to start)
  • You can work out your entire body in your living room
  • You don’t have to endure or suffer through the judgement you think people are doing to you
  • You do not have to feel self-conscious about your skill level
  • Literally you can do, look like and wear anything you please

Reasons to NOT start working out at home:

  • There are NO reasons not to start working out at home!
  • There may not be anyone there to check over your form or your exercises that you choose

Key Exercises and Muscle Groups to Focus on When Working Out at Home

As you may know, your body has many muscles and many of them work in tandem making them awesome compound movements.

As we all understand, compound movements are very important in your training – especially as a beginner.

There is absolutely no reason to isolate muscle groups unless A) you are highly advanced or B) you’re using massive amounts of anabolic steroids.

For all others, choose a variety of movements from the Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises post. Additionally, it will be hard for you to find workouts you can do at home that are NOT compound movements in the first place.

So Mike, HOW DO I Exactly Work Out at Home?

Great question. The idea is to do a full-body routine, ideally one that you can perform 2-3 times per week based on heavy, compound movements that you can perform in your house with a simple dip bar, pull up bar and your floor.

What you can do is refer to this article and pick one or two exercises from each group and perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Now I get that you won’t be able to do weighted dips, squats, bicep curls etc. but you can certainly do the body weight only movements to begin with.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder, chances are high that (even if you are reading this article) that you won’t follow this advice anyway as you already know what you’re doing.

However, something good can be said about body weight dips, pull ups, push ups, squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, jumping lunges and planks. These exercises will net you some results. The idea, however, is to get to the next level of difficulty.

All of this is great and all, but if you don’t have an understanding of what I just discussed this might be confusing for you so I am going to take the time now to suggest some incredible workouts you can do at home. These workouts are correctly structured to make you stronger and prompt excellent muscle growth! So keep reading. . .

Mike’s Recommended Fitness Courses for At-Home Workouts

Alright guys so when you’re considering working out at home it’s so incredibly easy to get stuck doing the same routine day after day, over and over again without really making any progress.

When you want to achieve strength and muscle growth your muscles need to be challenged on a regular basis. Without making your muscles work harder and harder it’ll not be possible for muscle growth to happen.

This is exactly where a well-structured fitness program that’s been designed by a professional comes in to play. Lucky for you, I have created a review of one of the best at-home workouts currently available.

I’d invite you to check out my review of the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Online Fitness Program today in order to learn more about how Greg (the founder of Kinobody) can help you get into incredible shape right at home.

Without something as well-structured as this it will simply be impossible to achieve anything worth-while by workout out in your home. So go check that out and make sure to come back here when you’re done to finish up the article.

As with a well-structured program, you will also need one fundamental piece of equipment that is easy to use, easy to setup, take down and is extremely cheap, reliable and has insanely great reviews. Check below to see which piece of equipment I am referring to.

For an alternate bodyweight workout program check out my review of the fantastic Bar Brothers The System which is possibly the most popular and famous bodyweight program avaialble.

Mike’s Recommended Equipment for At-Home Work Outs

The Pull-Up/Dip Station

This is seriously one of the most important tools you’ll find in any credible home gym or fitness establishment because of its versatility and importance in building your dream physique.

This is a must-have and I use this every.single.time I go to the gym.

The best thing about this piece is the simplicity involved. Simply put it up into your door frame, do your work out, and then take it down again. Voila – easy as cake. Just remember, cake comes after the work out (just kidding!)

With the Shamrock Triple Pullup, Dip and Suspension Door Gym you can safely and securely find a place to do pull ups, chin ups, Australian rows, dips, l-sit holds, knee-raises leg raises and front lever pulls directly in your own living room or other part of the house with a door frame.

This piece can be had for anywhere between 50-70 dollars which is a great small investment for the value you get.

For an in-depth review of the Shamrock Triple Pull up, Dip and Suspension Door Gym click here.

So, how do you work out at home?

Make sure to check out the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Course Right Here.

Don’t forget!

I hope you enjoyed today’s article! And make sure to leave a comment below if you have anything to add, any thoughts, concerns or questions. I answer all comments!

As always,
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  1. Hello there,

    I agree with you. Working out at home without weights cannot shape enough one’s body but can definitely maintain it stable and healthy.
    We can do miracles only with the weight of our own body and with the help of some cheap fitness supplies and tools like the wheel or a homemade bench.
    The Pull-Up/Dip Station is also a fantastic tool that can help us bring the sexy back! 🙂
    Thanks for your valuable advice!

    1. Hi Asen, thank you so much for stopping by to check out the article! Yes I truly agree. Working out at home can only get you so far but it’s vital to take the first step which can easily be done at home.

      I also love the pull up and dip station because it offers a great way to get yourself into fantastic shape in a matter of a few months of dedication!

      I am glad you liked the article 🙂

  2. Hi Michael,

    Working out at home is definitely a step up from not working out at all. I find that I like to do light cardio or pilates at home, but the pull-up/dip station looks like a great tool to have in order to diversify the types of exercises that can be done. Thank you for the tips!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. Whereas I do not currently work out at home anymore, I once did and I seriously believe that it’s a great way for someone to get started in their fitness journey!

      What’s your favourite work out?

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