I Feel So Lost in Life

I Feel So Lost in Life: Why Finding Your Purpose is the Most Important Thing

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I feel so lost in life, I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know why I am doing what I am currently doing, so many people have taught me that this is the way things should be and if you don’t do these things  I am “weird’ or ‘different’ or even a ‘loser’. 

These are some of the things you might have been telling yourself or experiencing yourself and I just want to point out to you that this could not be further from the truth.

Today, I want to explore with you my own personal experience with feeling lost in life and how I still sometimes do, and what actions I am taking on a daily basis to improve my situation and get after the things that will give me purpose.

PhysiqueAuthority.com is all about providing information and personal recollections of issues surrounding building a rock-solid, strong physique and combining that with a healthy mind to craft the life of your dreams and become the best possible version of yourself. I therefore feel as though I owe you this article because of my own personal experience with feeling lost in my own life.

Finding Your Purpose:
Make the “Lost” Feeling Begin to Subside

Without getting too much into the psychological aspect of my own personal being I would like to share with you my own personal experience with feeling lost in life. This article is going to seem VERY cliche, but if you just bear with me and read all the way through, I am almost certain that I will be able to share some value with you through anecdotal story telling.

If you visit the “about me” page here, you can find out a little bit more about my story and where I came from. Hopefully this will shed a little bit of light into my own personal life.

You see, when I say “lost in life” I really am saying that I literally feel lost, as if I were in a huge forest. I can walk for days and days, but I can not see the edge of the forest. I want to get out, escape this forest because it’s dark, it’s lonely, and it’s taking away my zest for life one day at a time. I realise that there is an edge, and I know that it exists, I just can’t see it yet

Once in a while, I’ll even begin doubting that the edge is even real or that it’s there.

There may be numerous reasons for not being able to see or find that metaphorical edge of the forest and many times (at least in my experience) these reasons seem quite insurmountable. This is the problem I have within myself: once in a while I just get a little down and forget that that edge of the forest really does exist.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Reasons You May Not Believe You Can Change Your Life

Oftentimes, you might find yourself having crazy thoughts, self-limiting thoughts that truly rob you of your ability to dream big dreams and get after that which you really want out of life.

Some of the things holding you back might include:

  • You don’t have confidence in yourself
  • You don’t have confidence in your actions that you’re doing
  • Maybe what you’re currently doing is not in-line with the person you truly want to be
  • You don’t know what the person you truly want to be even looks like
  • You feel stuck, lied-to by your parents, the media and socially conditioned people regarding what life should really look like (spoiler alert – *whatever you want it to look like!*)
  • The things you value right now aren’t in line with what you truly value (or want to value). This could include love, compassion, freedom, money etc. You can value anything you want.
  • You don’t think that you can lead the life you want and that you’ll be stuck in the endless cycle of doing shit you don’t want to be doing . . . forever

I can really relate to this stuff. Pretty much every word I am writing in this article is based on my own thoughts from time to time. Now, over time, I have gotten a lot better at putting these thoughts out of my head because I realise that thoughts are just thoughts and that we have complete control over them at all times, or at least how we allow them to make us feel.

And even sometimes if I can’t completely eliminate them, I can definitely choose how to let them affect me – if I let them affect me at all. All kinds of crazy thoughts pop into my head and sometimes they really get a grip on my ability to stay focused – but they soon enough vanish into the abyss because I am set in the direction I am going.

Feeling Lost in Life is Directly in Line With Not Having a Vision of What You Want Your Life to Look Like

Let’s make something very clear here – there are many important psychological theories out there. That goes without saying. However, there is (in my opinion and experience) one single fundamental principle that mustn’t ever be overlooked (no pun intended).

If you cannot visualise the way you want your life to look, forget ever getting to where you want to get to. If you want to find out more about how you can begin working towards you goals once you’ve established a vision, check out this great article.

In other words, if you don’t have a clear vision of who you want to be, what you want to have, the way you want to look etc., there is pretty much a 99.9% guarantee that you will not change your current situation. I have directly experienced this myself, and let me be brutally honest – it sucks ass. I hate it.

Not having a vision to work towards is like wandering around the streets without having any idea of where you are heading. This is a brutal way to live my life. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t the way I want to spend my days.

I needn’t be a millionaire or a massively successful celebrity or business person, I just want to ensure that I am living true to my values and the potential I have set out for myself. I don’t want to undermine my own abilities by settling for a life of mediocrity.

Let’s recap this section: 

  • Without a vision to work towards, you will always feel stuck or “lost” in your life if you aren’t doing what you feel to be the most fulfilling way to live your own personal life
  • If you don’t have a vision of who you want to be, then begin trying to find yourself and establish a vision
  • Once you have a vision, you don’t have to feel lost anymore as long as you’re taking action

Depression Has Had a Death-Grip on Me and I do NOT Want the Same For You

For me anyway, depression has had a death grip on me many times. Now, it still does obviously from time to time, but I have developed some of the skills necessary to battle it and move forward. Because if I didn’t find a way to do so, I would still be lost and stuck in my shitty situation(s).

I don’t want you to have to go through depression like I did. It’s awful and it really leads nowhere other than keeping you stuck in your situation as it is. It actually cripples my ability to do anything productive, let alone even perform basic daily activities.

However, once I realised what was causing my depression, it nearly instantaneously removed it. I feel as though depression is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts: You wake up, you’re not where you want to be, which leads you to feel bad about it, which then leads to an “emotional rollercoaster” of depression. This, to me, seems like a man-made phenomenon and one that can be easily fixed.

Now, you’ll say, “But Mike, many people suffer from clinical depression which is linked to the various types of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.” Well yes, that is of course correct. For those individuals, please seek treatment as soon as possible.

However, I am speaking of thought-induced general malaise which for me has led me to a pretty darn close comparison of depression to clinical depression.

But I digress slightly. For me, the reason I could not “find” myself was because I had no clear vision of where I was going. This led me down a road of doing random things, and getting me not much closer to discovering where I truly wanted to take my life.

When you find out what it is you want, and you take action towards this everyday, that “light” at the end of the tunnel or the edge of the forest you want to escape will become clearer and clearer.

You must focus your energy on discovering what it is you want. And if you already know what you want but you’re not there yet, you must focus your energy on taking action towards this everyday. We all have one single shot to live the fullest life and if we die tomorrow, what do you want others to say about you?

What have you guys suffered through? Have you had major episodes of depression and feeling lost? What did that feel like, and where are you now?

How did you discover what your true calling is and are you taking action towards this right now? I would absolutely love to share more of my experiences with you and I would strongly urge you to share any experiences you have!

This website is built to help inspire others so share you stories and/or experiences in the comments below!

As always,
Yours truly,


  1. I have had to try and help my younger brother through tough times…this page will help give me some jumping off points to lean on when I just can’t seem to help him out on my own. Although I personally have not had these demons, the rationale behind your explanations make perfect sense, and I plan to share this accordingly. Thank you for providing such meaningful content!

    1. Hi Gareth, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I hope you have been able to find some value in this post. What do you believe is the most important thing to help your brother through his dark times? I would be happy to hear and offer help where I can.

  2. This is a great article that discusses depression and suggestions to handle it. This is an epidemic and I for one, suffer from Chronic Depression. It used to be clinical til I moved and stuff hit the fan. Sleeping was always my coping mechanism. Deep breath and keeping your vision are useful tools in the battle. Thanks for addressing depression and helping all of us.

    1. Hey Candice, man, I can really relate to “sleep as a coping mechanism” man this is really familiar to me because I definitely have done this and definitely still do from time to time.

      How are you doing now, have you felt any better and if so, how did you manage to overcome your depression? I would absolutely love to hear from you again!

  3. This is a great article. I had a season a couple years ago where I felt I had no direction in life was lost in life. Your experience seems to mirror exactly what I went through. I related so well to what you said about not feeling like there is even an “edge” to the forest. Great article!

    1. Hey Austin, yeah, the edge of the forest still seems so distant to me at times. I am glad I was able to share an experience that resonated with you. How did you manage to fight through that and overcome this? I would be so happy to know because I may implement some of your strategies in my own life!!

  4. This really hit home. I have suffered from depression most of my life and I even take anti-depressants. I used to feel that I didn’t belong in this world, and still do sometimes. You have really given me a way to look at things that I have never thought of before. It is still a day to day struggle, but it is well worth fighting through it. Thank you for your words and to know that I am not the only one who has those feelings of being lost.

    1. Hello Corinne. I am so sorry to hear of your hardships. Just know that there are people in this world that have experienced what you have (yours truly) and can relate to you for sure.

      I always feel as though I don’t belong in this world, and it’s a true upwards battle for me all the time. As long as we can understand that thoughts are just thoughts and that we are who we are regardless of the negative thoughts.

      How have you been able to fight off the depression and find some peace and purpose? I would love to hear from you 🙂

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