Physique Authority’s Key Principles to the Body and Life of Your Dreams

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Hey guys, it’s Michael again and today I want to talk to you about a couple of topics that will tremendously revolutionise the way you think about anything you want to accomplish.

Here at Physique Authority we want to make your journey to success as effortless and enjoyable as possible. We base our teachings on a few key principles. Keep things simple, to the point and effective.

Key Principle #1:

At the very core of Physique Authority, we want to make sure you reach your goals. That’s our end game. Whether you’re out there to build an insane body or craft a better life for yourself, I personally want to inspire you to succeed!

You see, differentiating between motivation, discipline, will-power, inspiration and drive can be difficult. They all seem to work together, but I do believe that they’re each separate entities. To learn more about how inspiration is arguably the most important factor in determining success, I highly recommend you check out the article on inspiration here.

Of course, airy-fairy tales of great success are fine and all – but what’s the point of them if we can’t provide you with an excellent framework by which to strive for and reach your goals. At Physique Authority, we don’t want to ramble a bunch of words at your face, but rather, we want to inspire you to be the best you can be in all aspects of life.

When you’re striving towards anything in life, I genuinely believe there is an enjoyable way to do anything because once you’ve established in the framework of your being what you want, taking action towards that requires minimal effort.

Our belief is that we want to make your approach to fitness and goal attainment:

  • Sustainable

  • Evidence-Based

  • Enjoyable

“S” for Sustainability

When we think of sustainability, what comes to mind?

Well, usually the earth, the planet and everything involved in living in a way that will allow the earth to continue on without suffering any damage.

Why not employ this same belief system to our own personal growth?

Historically speaking, whenever I have set out to do anything and accomplish anything in my own life I have given up. I used to blame myself, others, and any and all things because it would make it easier for me to justify giving up.

There was a fundamental issue with this – perhaps what I was doing wasn’t sustainable. For example, I gave up martial arts. Well, I had a girlfriend, my teachers were getting older, I was running out of the desire to keep going.

Sustainability in regards to the principles taught at Physique Authority means setting out to attain the body of your dreams and not stopping until you get there. You see, we cannot offer sustainability without taking the next two key components into consideration – Evidence-Based and Enjoyable approaches.

When we can visualise the goal and what it will look like once we are there, we will be that much more confident in our approach will, in turn, makes it sustainable.

We know that we’re doing what we need to do (evidence) AND it’s incredibly enjoyable.

This is what makes your goals attainable and the process sustainable.

“E” for Evidence-Based Approach

There really is not too much to say here because it all boils down to this. Unfortunately there is a tremendous amount of B.S. (Billy Smith) in the fitness industry that people willingly buy into and that is not supported by facts. This is not evidence-based.

Anyone can begin writing anything they want online today. Anyone can begin making videos about anything and millions of people will see it.

With this power comes tremendous responsibility. Many individuals (not all) exploit this by taking advantage of the internet’s ability to reach millions of people. This means that a lot of info you may see and or hear is B.S. just to make a dollar.

That’s just not right in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not talking about “guaranteed paths” to success or “get rich quick” because of evidence. I am talking about getting you from where you are now to your ideal goal physique by following a handful of proven, scientifically tested, evidence-based principles that, if you choose to employ, will tremendously improve your chances of getting to your goal physique in the quickest time allowed by your genetics.

“E” for Enjoyable

What’s there to say here?

Don’t we all want the most enjoyable way to do things? 

What are we, masochists?

Talk to anybody that’s ever dieted down to 6 or 7 percent body fat or who has tried fruitlessly to build the body Chris Hemsworth has in Thor.

I can pretty much guarantee that they weren’t having a good time doing so. And if they were… well keep reading!

But what if you could enjoy the process as much as the result?

I am here to tell you that you can.

Why work harder on something than you have to? Why clutter your brain with more information than is required to achieve your goals?

Why not follow the most simplistic, easy and enjoyable method for getting your dream physique or any other goal? 

Just to get one thing straight – I am NOT talking about laziness or lack of effort.

What if this same principle could be applied to anything you want to achieve?

We’re going to explore just that down below. Keep reading.

At Physique Authority I strive to engage with people and let you know that you have the power to create the life you want. You must give yourself permission and decide to do something about it.

Key Principle #2:
Become Your Own AUTHORITY

As with anything in life, you must take control of the situation and instil change. You must be the one who does it. It’s so critically important to think of yourself as the only person that can do things for you – if you want anything in life, you must be the one who attains it.

Your mom can’t help you, your dad is too busy watching the Jays, your wife has her own hurdles to climb – these people can be supportive and influential but it’s still you that must take action.

These people can offer you inspiration, guidance, support, love and hope but they can and never will be able to take the action for you.

Even if they offer money, loans and help – this will still not equal taking actual action.

I used to blame all kinds of people, situations, circumstances and other problems for my problems until I realised the AUTHORITY principle. It has changed my life forever, and it can change yours too if you decide to employ it.

Become Your Own AUTHORITY:

Accept your current condition, and decide to change it.

Understand what it will take to get to your goal.

Take action towards your goal.

Hone your skills DAILY.

Omit all the brain clutter and information you do not need.

Remain focused on your goal.

Identify with the person you want to become – act like you’re already there.

Train your body and your mind consistently.

Your goals will be realised by doing the above.

When you let go of what anyone else says, does or thinks and take control of your own situation, I promise to you that you will reach heights you have never dreamt of before.

So that’s it for now guys. I want to extend another massive THANK YOU for coming out to read about Physique Authority and how I can help you get to your personal and physique goals!

Please leave me a comment down below or email me at if you have any comments, questions or concerns about anything fitness, nutrition, lifestyle or in regards to this site!

As always,
Yours truly,


  1. Very inspirational and well written. I love the AUTHORITY acronym. It’s so important to spread the message about taking charge of our own life, health and happiness. And I’m a huge believer in “seeing” your success. You must manifest your dream life and the universe will speak to you. Thanks for writing this and providing your readers with powerful motivation.

    1. Hey Katie, thanks for stopping by to read the article. I totally agree that it’s so critical to take charge of the situation. It’s really all we have – no one else will hand things to us on a silver platter, right? Let me know if you have any other thoughts!

  2. Hi Micheal,

    Thank you for the encouraging information. I understand it requires sacrifice to get where you want to be, to accomplish your goals. And I know it’s not easy. Like you I also found myself blaming other people and situations for my problems. By taking control of our own situation and take action we can attain our goals. I like the authority principles listed here. This is a great post.

    1. Hey Rosa, it absolutely does take sacrifice. It’s also not easy – but it’s definitely possible. We all must take control over our own lives because ultimately, we’re the only ones that can truly elicit change in our lives! Thanks for stopping by!

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