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Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Review: How to Get Shredded as a Man or Woman!

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Alright guys AND gals – today I want to talk to you about something that is truly very personal to me and that I am almost certain is personal to perhaps many others reading this as well.

There was a time in my life that I struggled significantly with depression, anxiety and just an overall sense of unhappiness caused by obesity.

It wasn’t until I discovered Intermittent Fasting and the key lifestyle and dieting protocols in the Aggressive Fat Loss Program covered in this article that I nearly instantly began just shredding fat off my body like melting butter.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Aggressive Fat Loss Program from Kinobody.

Let Me Start this Segment off With a Picture of Me

In the picture above, you might find that I don’t seem much different from the left to the right side of the image. However, I would like to invite you to take a closer look: I am 6’2″, and I weigh about 190lbs in the left picture.

The picture on the left was taken sometime around January of 2016. Like I said, I weighed 190lbs and was just totally unhappy with the way I looked.

I did some of the things taught in the Aggressive Fat Loss Program and was able to get shredded to the bone in 8 months.

Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss – A Quick Overview

When you purchase the Aggressive Fat Loss Program you will be learning how to lose weight in the most enjoyable way possible while getting to eat the foods you love.

By pushing your first meal of the day later into the day you will be able to consume higher-calorie meals that leave you satisfied, full all while melting off the fat.

With AFL you also get the following benefits:

  • With the intermittent fasting protocol, you can virtually eat as much as you want at meal time while still shredding the fat
  • You do not have to eat 8 small, tiny bird-like meals throughout the day leaving you miserable, beat-down, tired, emotionally drained all in the name of losing weight
  • You can eat any type of food you wish! Guess what – you can eat chocolate, french fries, breads, pizzas, pastas and cheese all while melting the fat off
  • No more crazy, extremist diets like low-carb or ketogenic
  • Eat all the different types of food that work for your own self!
  • No more cookie-cutter, bull-crap dieting protocols that leave you just fed up with it all!
  • You do NOT become a slave to fitness or your own personal weight loss goals. They become YOUR slave!

 Let’s Discuss Some of the Pros vs Cons if You’re Skeptical (Believe Me, I Was As Well)

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Aggressive Fat Loss Program:


  • As described above, there really is nothing quite as cutting-edge as this and that will get you to your desired weight as enjoyably as this program
  • It’s all about what YOU like to eat and want to eat – no cookie-cutter dieting, chicken-and-broccoli-only bullcrap – IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is king! – If you want to learn more about Flexible Dieting/IIFYM, check out my article about that here
  • When you want to achieve something and there is an easy path and a difficult one to the same end-goal, why not choose to make it less difficult?
  • This program will help you overcome your own personal challenges with eating disorders such as binge eating and overeating by employing powerful strategies
  • Fat loss should be sustainable. This program makes it sustainable by making it easy to follow – it’ll make you want to keep doing it!
  • The program is for women and men

Cons – let’s be honest, everything has ‘some’ cons to it:

  • Intermittent fasting may be something you’re unfamiliar with or don’t trust – but fear not, you do not necessarily have to do it! You can choose to eat your caloric intake however you want throughout the day – Intermittent fasting just aims to make it much easier and sustainable to lose weight.
  • Some people enjoy employing extreme will-power to do things such as forcing yourself to eat “clean” foods and going low-carb or alcohol-less – but that’s entirely your decision. With this program, you don’t have to use will-power or force yourself to do anything you don’t want to do

Well That’s Pretty Much a Wrap – Aggressive Fat Loss is the BEST Way to Shred Fat Like No One’s Business!

This girl did something right – and you can do the same thing too. You just require the correct information if you don’t already have it.

When I first began training with Kinobody, I was part of the Facebook page that featured many members and their personal success stories.

Many of the individuals on there were having insane results from the Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

Countless testimonials have shown people and their fat loss and how the program changed their life in many more ways than just losing weight.

You become a stronger person. You become more confident, happier, and most importantly – you look your best!

Let me know what you think of this review in the comments below.

Have you ever tried to lose a significant amount of weight? Did you succeed? Was it an enjoyable process and if so, how did you do it?

I would love to hear from you!

As always,
Yours truly,


  1. I just had a question about this, I was wondering since you can eat whatever you want well fasting, don’t you still need to change your diet if you aren’t nessicarly getting your nutrience needs, such as wanting to slim down and build muscle with a high protien diet.

    1. Hey Todd! Thank you so much for stopping by the site. I would definitely say that getting all of your required nutrition and macronutrients is at the fore-front of your dieting principles for any given life situation – whether you’re trying to be a bodybuilder or just eat for good health.

      As long as you are getting ALL of your required vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs etc. you can then go on to eat anything else your heart desires (as long as it falls within your nutrition and calorie goals!)

  2. Mike I absolutely love your blog! Your tips about weight loss are on point. I like how you talk about macronutrients as being at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle. One question I have for you is how much can a person expect to loose within 6 months and what would you recommend when reaching a plateau? Should someone measure weight in pounds or inches? Is there a formula?

    1. Hey Shannon, thanks so much for stopping by! I always appreciate the kind words. It’s a little tricky to determine exactly how much weight one can expect to lose in 6 months as a whole without knowing how much extra body fat we’re holding on to. Generally speaking, however, the aggressive fat loss program is geared towards people who are carrying a somewhat substantial amount of extra weight. Even those with just a bit of extra fat can benefit from the program. You can reasonably expect to lose about 1.5 – 2lbs of fat per week if you’re severely overweight and about 1 pound per week if you’re already reasonably lean.


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