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Kinobody Greek God Review: Get That Lean and Chiselled Hollywood Physique

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Product: Kinobody Greek God Program (Online Access)
Price: $69 (retail)
Where to Buy:
My Rating: 7.8 out of 10
Return Policy: 30-Day Guarantee

Alright guys, today we’ll be discussing the Kinobody Greek God Program. The way fitness has changed in the last 5-6 years is just colossal, and Greg, unlike any other, is spearheading the fitness revolution. 

If you want to learn how to build dense, thick and hard muscle while minimising or entirely eliminating fat gain, then the Greek God Program might just be for you. 

The Greek God Program is focused at getting you stronger in the gym in 4 key exercises that, once you master, will leave you with an awe-inspiring and just absolutely astonishing physique. 

You see, when you get stronger, it’s impossible not to have built muscle and this is what we’ll be discussing below. Let’s jump right in.

What You Can Expect from THIS Kinobody Greek God Review

As with anything discussed on, we strive to bring you the most up-to-date, well researched information available.

Not only that, but I also have direct experience with the Greek God Program because I am in the middle of doing it. Let me tell you this – I have never loved working out as much as I have with this program.

You can also expect a completely true, unbiased opinion on the program itself along with a complete description, excerpts, and information regarding the “how, why, when, where and who” that this program applies to.

The Greek God Program is a fully-fledged guide on how to obtain the sought after Greek God physique that so many women drool over and leave other men awe-inspired.

Kinobody Greek God Program: A Brief Overview

The Greek God Program is primarily aimed at men who want to have the ultimate visual markers of strength and power which directly correlate to having the perfect male proportions of strong shoulders and a strong chest, and a V-tapered torso.

What this means, for you, is being able to build a lean, chiselled and muscular physique without the added burden of fat gain. Let’s be real here, however – a little bit of fat gain is going to be inevitable.

With that said, the Greek God Program offers you a way in which to get into great shape while working out 3 days per week on non consecutive days.

You’re going to be focusing on four indicator exercises in the Strength and Density section of the program before moving on to more advanced sections. Those four indicator exercises are indications of how your physique is progressing.

When you hit the below strength standards, you can be certain that you will be muscular as f* with an incredible physique. There’s no way around that. When you build strength, your body will show it. You will be doing all of this without adding much if any fat gain as well.

Let’s take a closer look at those strength standards below:

In order to progress, you will have to find your 5-rep max for each exercise. This can and will take a few weeks to sort out if you’re pretty new to lifting. You will be training in reverse-pyramid style which means lifting your 5 rep max for 5 reps, lifting your 6 rep max for 6 reps and lifting your 8 rep max for 8 reps.

A brief example for my own personal weighted chinups:

I lift 80lbs for 5 reps, 50lbs for 6 reps and 30lbs for 8 reps. This is what’s known as a reverse pyramid system.

The strength standards will be worked on in the following A/B workout split. There are two other exercises in each split but they are accessory exercises and not indicators of how your physique is progressing so I haven’t included them here.

Workout A:

  • Weighted Chin Ups
  • Barbell Curls

Workout B:

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press (to focus on that steel plate of armour chest)
  • Standing Overhead Barbell Press

You’re going to be focusing on the key movements and lifts and improving them over time. As you progress to heavier and heavier weights, your body will grown and your physique will become better and better.

Let’s Look at What Greg Himself Has to Say About the Greek God Program

Greg’s style of teaching is different from anything you have seen. Why get all “bulky and gross looking” when you can build muscle while staying pretty lean? This is what’s called “lean bulking” and this is what’s made the Kinobdoy Greek God Program so darn effective and popular over the last few years.

It’s truly impressive how much muscle you can put on without the added fat so let’s see what Greg himself has to say about it:

What is Involved in the Greek God Program?

Brad Pitt in Troy and Stephen Amell in Arrow are just a couple of examples of the Greek God Physique and proportions. Greg will teach you how to achieve this in the most efficient, easy to follow, streamlined approach possible – all while eating the foods you love, drinking alcohol and enjoying the rest of your life.

Here are some of the most important considerations when making the decision to purchase this program:

With the Greek God Program You Do Not Have To

Stephen Amell in Arrow
  • Torture yourself with boring and overplayed meals
  • Kill yourself in the gym 5 days per week
  • Accept the fact that you’ll forever bench press 150lbs
  • Make fitness your primary goal (i.e. eat, sleep and breathe it)
  • Give up everything else you love doing in life
  • Give up partying, your friends, your hobbies and alcohol
  • Sacrifice the most important things in your life to meal plan and go work out
  • Fall victim to the mentality that it’s “very difficult to get the body of your dreams” **spoiler alert** it’s NOT!
  • Do cardio to burn fat
  • Get super fat during the bulking phase
  • Gain unnecessary fat in general

With the Greek God Program You Will Get To

  • Go to the gym only 3x per week for about 45-60 minutes
  • Follow the instructions which are laid out in a very easy to follow manner
  • Get stronger on your key lifts which directly contribute to the Greek God Proportions
  • Only perform the exercises that will lead you to the perfect proportions
  • Put on hard-as-steel, lean and mean muscle that girls will love and that men will admire
  • Do all of this WITHOUT following the traditional wisdom of torturing yourself

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What are the Cons of the Greek God Program?

As with anything, there are a few cons to the program. Let’s take a closer look:

  • This is a great workout program for beginners. However, if you’re advanced, this is not the program for you as you will get very little if any benefit from doing this program
  • If you have any form of physical impairment, you may or may not be able to complete some of the movements (but there may be alternative movements you can do)
  • Your training will be based on videos and written articles which sometimes makes it a little bit difficult to work out the movements (without a personal trainer) but totally achievable (which I am doing)
  • Sometimes the audio can be a bit poor and makes it slightly difficult to understand what is being said (but most of the time it’s fine)
  • Sometimes it can be confusing how to increase your weights over time – however, I have found that this gets sorted out on its own as you gain more experience.
  • This program does require some basic understanding of human kinesiology (i.e. which muscle groups are worked out with which exercises) but an explanation is present for each movement so don’t worry too much about this

That Pretty Much Settles It: The Greek God Program is a Must-Have to Build a Rock Hard and Dense Physique

Including myself, I have known a few people that have purchased Greg’s programs and they say they’d never go back to their old style of training.

Greg has shown them just how simple and easy it is to follow the correct routine in order to get as strong, muscular and lean as possible while still living your life as you normally would.

Without the Greek God Program, I would be spinning my wheels and running around in circles. I have no desire to do this which is why I bought the program.

This isn’t even the first time I have purchased something from Kinobody – and it certainly won’t be the last

Let me know what you guys think about the Greek God Program in the comments below. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it, what you think, if you’ll stick with it and if you’ll buy any other of Greg’s programs!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or other experiences you want to share.

I answer all comments and would love to hear from you guys!

As always,
With Love,


  1. The greek god program sounds great! I have seen Greg’s videos around facebook and other websites and I have been a bit interested in it. Seems like a legit lifestyle change that a lot of people relate to and desire. However, I have to say I’m a bit old fashioned and I realize I am a special kind of weird, but I enjoy waking up early, performing all sorts of lifts, not just the ones mentioned here, and doing cardio and eating healthy. I usually don’t spend more then an hour and a half at the gym. When I first started it pretty much was my life, mostly because I was inexperienced. I can see how this program would be great for beginners mostly, because most veterans have figured out a system that works for them. But I am always looking for new things to try, so maybe I’ll give it a shot!

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hey Kyle, yeah absolutely, Greg’s videos are mostly free of course. That’s where he got his foundation. He has changed many peoples’ lives with just even his free info – including my life.

      If you have experience lifting, however, you may be more interested in his Superhero Bulking program. It’s unarguably the best fitness course for veterans of the lifting game that want to take their physique to the absolute brink and get it kissing the tip of the FFMI scale without gear (drugs).

      If you’re interested in taking your physique/strength to the absolute highest limit it will ever get, check out the Superhero Bulking Program here http://MIKEPAWLIK.kinobody17.h

      Take care!!

  2. This is a really cool review. I love how it still allows me to live my life and eat fun foods with friends all the while improving my body! I have always struggled with trying to do workouts that are videos or apps as I just lose motivation without a trainer or that partner. I like how this program even has training for fitness trainers so they can learn this program and integrate it into there routines.

    1. Hey Austin, absolutely. The Kinobody approach is different from many other fitness information. The approach incorporates living your life the way you normally would anyway, whilst eating the foods you love and drinking alcohol (if that’s your thing).

      Thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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