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Kinobody KinoBOOTY Review: Fitness Workouts for Women to Get You the Perfect Proportions

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Product: Kinobody KinoBooty Online Course
Price: $69 (retail)
Where to Buy:
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Return Policy: 30-Day  Guarantee

Perfect proportions. There is an ideal of the ‘perfect proportions’ that applies to women. Now, granted, I know many women who don’t care about “perfect proportions” which is totally fine – this article is here to help those women that want to achieve this. 

If having the ideally proportionate hip to buttocks ratio is important to you this program may be good for you – but let’s dive a little deeper to find out if that will be the case for you. It may turn out that this is something you don’t want which is absolutely okay in my books.

Kinobody’s KinoBooty Course: A Brief Overview

This woman has the most proportionate physique of any woman out there. She hits the gym hard and KNOWS how to do it correctly.

When you think about the most beautiful women in the world, including the woman up above, what is it about them that makes them so damn stunning?

It’s really quite simple: They have developed their lower bodies to be perfectly matched with the rest of their body. This is what’s known as the hip to buttocks ratio and is a sign of femininity, sexiness and fertility.

The KinoBooty Program aims at getting you in the gym 3 times per week, doing 5 key exercises for your lower body and lets you build up your body the way you want – without becoming “bulky” or too masculine looking.

I have talked to a few women regarding this course and it’s certainly one of the most direct approaches to the attainment of this body. 

The idea is to get lean, lift heavy weights and forego all the treadmills and ellipticals to build a strong booty/waist to buttocks ratio in order to have the perfect proportions.

When you enrol in the KinoBooty course, you are unlocking all of the potential your body has to get to this physique as a woman. You will be focusing on five main exercises that will target your legs and glutes in order to give you that incredibly sexy and chiselled body that many women want.

These five exercises are what will give you the perfectly proportionate hip to butt ratio that many women desire to have. 

The exercises are as follows:

  1. Wide-Stance Squats – Ass to Grass (all the way down)
  2. Dead Lifts or Wide-Stance Dead Lifts (Sumo Dead Lifts)
  3. Forward Lunges (with dumbbells or barbells)
  4. Curtsy Lunges
  5. Barbell Hip Thrusts

The KinoBooty Program teaches you how to use these exercises effectively to tone and shape up your buttocks/hips and get you leaned down if weight loss is something you also want.

If this sounds like something you would want and you want to develop the sexiest physique you’re capable of keep reading the article.

Let’s Find Out What Greg from Kinobody Has to Say About How to Get those Perfect Proportions

Let’s find out what Greg has to say about the program and how these top five exercises will get you to your dream physique as a woman.

What Other Women Are Saying About KinoBooty

Women all over the world have been asking Greg to release a program that will cater to those women wanting to get those perfect proportions.

When you have a bunch of people asking you to create a product, you must do it in order to deliver what your customers want.

This program has helped countless women achieve the physique of their dreams and you can also do this too.

Looking like the above models is no longer a dream that only the most dedicated of individuals will ever accomplish – nope. Even those who can only spend a few hours per week working out and otherwise have their regular busy lives to live.

Having an absolutely breathtaking physique is now simpler than ever. And don’t mistake it! Having an amazing body will invariably lead to all of the following positive effects:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased alertness
  • Cognitive function improves
  • Sex life improves
  • Your attractiveness SKYROCKETS
  • Less chance of over-weight induced ailments such as diabetes
  • Longer lifespan
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved “zest” for life
  • More relaxed
  • At-peace and at-ease attitude
  • Being the BEST version of yourself!

Your Favourite Part will Be The Price to Value Ratio

When you join up with any Kinobody courses, you get free access to the Kinobody community on Facebook.

This is a group of dedicated gals and guys that are doing the same program as you are that can help with any questions.

When you buy this course, it comes with online video tutorials on how to do each exercise, how long to do them for, how many reps, etc. The best part – you have lifetime access forever! You can therefore go back as much as you want to do the program and watch all the videos!

Now that is some serious price/value ratio when the program barely comes in at 70 bucks.

Let’s Discuss the Important Issue of Pros vs Cons


  • Exceptionally easy to follow (do NOT expect fast results! This is not a scam!)
  • Easy to sustain because it’s not very demanding time-wise
  • Incredible price to value ratio
  • Video lessons, tutorials, and written instructions
  • Invaluable Facebook group dedicated to helping you!
  • One-on-one chat available with other members
  • Currently the BEST course for women to get those perfectly proportioned lower bodies
  • The first product to offer results without wasting your time or your money
  • Tons of other women have begged Greg to make this product and are following it now with incredible results!
  • So much cheaper than personal training that will not work anyway! 
  • Much less time-demanding than running everyday without getting results (=time wasted!)


  • One-time fee of $69USD
  • No other cons.

That’s Pretty Much a Wrap:
Women All Over the World are Enjoying an Incredible Physique Following This Course

That’s pretty much a wrap (or a burrito, which, by the way, you’re encouraged to eat following Greg’s advice).

Women all around the world have been using this course to get the most incredible buttocks and hip ratio known to any woman.

There is no question in my mind that this course is perfect for you!

If you’re wondering about whether or not you can achieve this body in your 40’s and 50’s I’d invite you to check out this article to learn more.

Well, that’s a wrap for today – what do you think about all this, is this something that you would do? Is this course going to offer you the body of your dreams or do you not care about the “perfect proportions?”

By the way, I am not the one who is judging what “are” and what “are not” the perfect proportions. Like I’ve said, women all around the world have been begging for this program to be released because they themselves want that physique.

Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

As always,
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  1. I like how you focus on a hip to waist ratio in this article. Way too many woman are focused on total weight loss instead of thinking about overall health and strength. My question is what exacly are people paying for? What type of excercise can people expect to be doing? Who else has tried it?

    1. Hey Shannon, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and ask some important questions! Exactly my thoughts. People are paying for an online-access course that will teach you how to systematically build the ideal feminine physique that so many women have been asking for. Women can expect to do exercises that target their lower bodies such as the legs, gluts, hamstrings and calves that lend themselves perfectly to having that “ideal” booty – the “waist to hip ratio”.

      Many women have not only tried this program, but it was women that have been begging Kinobody to create a program specifically designed for this goal because these women have been struggling to attain this physique with other programs or their personal trainers in the past. Since Greg is a very reputable fitness personality, women have asked him repeatedly for his help in getting that ideal lower body shape they crave by combining the perfect fitness and nutrition blend.

  2. This workout regime seems just about ideal for ladies looking to get that feminine-sexy physique.

    Your review is spot on and I totally agree that a well-toned lower body does make a huge difference when it comes to sex-appeal, for us men.

    The price also seems ideal and yeah, any lady from a regular housewife to modern CEO-type women would benefit from the Kinobooty program.

    Do you think this would be a viable gift for one’s wife?

    1. Hey Simon, thanks so much for stopping in! Yes, I agree – the Kinobody women’s courses have been designed with women in mind because it has been women that have been asking for the courses!

      If one’s wife were, for example, looking to get the physique that Kinobody advertises (the perfectly proportioned lower body with a toned body) then yes, this could be a fantastic gift for one’s wife. 

      Take care!

  3. wow, a very detail post, i like how you said the pros and cons, i had the same situation and i was a cardio bunny for over a year it wasn’t until i followed a similar program that helped me change my life. seriously no one actually likes running over an hour every day so the program sounds good and will help those who are struggling

    1. Hey Emma, yeah exactly. I agree with you. Cardio will unfortunately not get us very far because by the time we’re done running/jogging we get so hungry that we just eat those calories back again!

      Everyone in life who wants to achieve something must truly possess the ability to learn about how to go about doing it in the correct fashion – and if one is doing something that isn’t working there is a strong likelihood that one must employ a different approach and/or learn how to do it correctly.

      The Kinobody courses teach you how to do these perfectly! Thanks for stopping by!

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