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The Best Workout Programs for You To Try NOW

Alright guys so here we are again this time discussing the best workout programs for you to try today.

Of course, when I recommend the guys below I am recommending their programs.

Also, of course, your best source for fitness information is and always will be . . hehe.

For starters, I recommend you to read through this article if you want to learn more about the current best online fitness programs that you can enroll in today to bring your fitness to the utmost highest level.

However, in terms of exercise/weight training programming, many different factors need to be taken into consideration.

Here are some important preliminary questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your current experience level?
  • How long have you been working out?
  • When it comes to the FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index), how close are you to your genetic potential?
  • Are you super lean and are near your FFMI max potential?
  • Are you still quite overweight and need to drop some fat?
  • Do you want to build functional strength and an aesthetic to go along with that?
  • Do you want to be a body builder or are you at an amateur level?

Should I Program My Own Workouts?

When it comes to building your programming, it is very important to have the experience to back the choices you make for individual exercises.

Why would you choose that exercise instead of the other? Do you know what the difference is even if they are very subtle?

I am going to break it to you – if you do not have the requisite experience, please do not program you own workout regimen as you will be wasting valuable time because you have no idea what you’re doing.

As they say, it’s best to invest in yourself so go pick up a program. You don’t even have to pay for one – simply visit Reddit at r/fitness to get a better idea of workout programs you can try.

If you are a beginner and are interested in getting started at home, I suggest you read our article on The Best Beginner Workout and the review on the Shamrock Door Gym. These two articles should give you a great starting point to begin today.

However, if you’re already pretty experienced, then you likely are not reading this article to begin with and you can just move on to create your own programming.

Well Mike, Where Can I Turn To?

The Best Workout Programs are available in numerous places – you can try r/fitness or you can buy one from a variety of reputable online fitness companies.

Please refer to this article for an in-depth overview of The Best Online Fitness Programs in 2017. In my own personal opinion and experience, Gregory O’Gallagher from Kinobody makes one of the most compelling arguments as to why you should buy his programs.

Regarding The Best Workout Programs, there are numerous you can follow. Here are my top 5 people to look out for online and check out their programming (these are in no particular order)

  • Gregory O’Gallagher from
  • Igor Opeshansky from Vitruvian Physique
  • Radu Antoniu from Think Eat Lift
  • Mike Matthews from Muscle For Life
  • Christopher Walker from
  • Eric Helms from

Let’s Go Through These One By One

Greg O’Gallagher from

In essence, whether you’re male or female, Greg will help you get the lean, chiseled, powerful Hollywood physique in the most enjoyable, straight-to-the-point and effortless fashion possible.

If you’re someone just getting started or even a seasoned individuals, probably the best workout program you can currently buy is one from

If you are a female, you can check out the Goddess Toning Program or the KinoBOOTY Program – both of which women have BEGGED Greg to write for them in order to get the most incredible feminine physique of all time! He finally budged and crafted a one-of-a-kind program just for you lovely ladies out there.

You can check out my review of the Goddess Toning Program here and the KinoBOOTY Program here.

If you’re male, a program that you may very well be interested in is the Kinobody Greek God Program. You can check out a review of that here.

Igor Opeshansky from

Igor is a natural bodybuilder with some of the most reliable fitness information in the world. All of his information is validated by not only his own personal experience, but also based on empirical, scientifically proven evidence.

Igor is an amazing wealth of information to take your physique to the absolute highest level possible. Igor employs sound nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice that he not only dishes out – but that he himself abides by on a daily basis.

Radu Antoniu from

Let’s take a step back for a minute and talk about one of the biggest YouTube channels and the largest fitness company in Romania – Think Eat Lift. Radu explains fitness in an extremely user-friendly, easy to understand fashion. His videos are expertly edited and presented in a way that motivates you like no other.

His teachings I would say are loosely based upon principles set forth by Kinobody and I believe he was an affiliate at one time as well. If you want some of the most direct, no-nonsense fitness approaches out there, you definitely want to check out Radu.

Mike Matthews from

I am not even sure where to begin here. Mike is a bodybuilder of the finest order with probably the single best fitness podcast available on YouTube. I believe Mike has talked with and is associated to Kinobody as well as they share many similarities.

Mike is someone with a decade and a half of experience in the fitness realm and you definitely want to go check out his website, right now!

His information is presented in an extremely in-depth fashion and many credible sources are used in his information so you know you’re getting true, quality content with Mike.

Christopher Walker from

The same thing goes with Chris as does with Mike Matthews, Radu and Greg – all of these guys are some how associated and deliver truly outstanding, industry-leading information. Go check them out – what are you waiting for!

Eric Helms from

Let’s stop here and take a second to reflect. Reasons why you should do yourself a favour and watch every single Eric Helms video on YouTube and buy every single one of his books:

  • Eric is a pro body builder (natural)
  • He is doing a PhD in fitness related education
  • Decades of experience
  • Some of the most well thought-out and detailed information relating to the fitness world today
  • Just an absolute beast of a knowledge fountain when it comes to best fitness practices
  • Eric will take your level of fitness and sky-rocket it by combining a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to get you to a whole new level
  • Not for the faint-hearted, average-joe fitness guy. His teachings are professional and unless you have a burning desire to consume 100% of your time doing fitness Eric might have too much information for you. It’s still really useful but it’s best to follow him if you’re already pretty advanced.

That’s a Wrap-Up.
We’ve Discussed the Best Workout Programs in Detail Here.

I did not mention any specific workouts in this article as you have have noticed. That’s because it isn’t necessary – go check out these individuals, look at their YouTube, listen to their podcasts and decide for yourselves whom you want to follow.

Depending on your interest level you can go to their respective website and decide for yourself which one of their programs is best for you.

In my own, humble and personal opinion (which is not backed by any evidence) – the best workout program currently available is probably the Greek God Program from if you’re male and the Godess Toning Program if you’re female.

Check out more information about that here.

Anyway guys, thank you so much for chiming in! Do you have any specific workout programs that you’re particularly fond of, and if so, which one is it?

Let me know what you think in the comments below and make sure to leave a comment regarding your own personal favourite program(s)!

As always,
Yours Truly,


  1. I love Greg O’Ghallager as well! He is awesome and very down to earth and provides a look into fitness with such a simplified and straight to the point style. Just like you said, these are some of the greats and awesome sources of information about fitness. I think you hit it right on the head there. Programming is key to a successful fitness regimen. If you want to achieve a certain goal, whether it be to get a nice body or increase strength, having a specifically tailored program will help tremendously, and you don’t want to waste your time.

    1. Hey Kyle, exactly my thoughts. Once you’re more seasoned, you can of course do your own programming as you have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t for you. But I beg to differ with beginners.

      And absolutely – Greg is one of the leaders in the fitness industry today. The only unfortunate thing is that he gets a lot of hate from many people due to his unorthodox principles and methodology. But so many people are seeing insane results even just following his free advice which speaks volumes for his character.

      He doesn’t have to give free information – But he chooses to do so anyway because he does care about people.

      Take care!

  2. There are so many different fitness gurus and workout programs out there today that its hard to tell which ones I should be going for as it can seem a bit overwhelming.

    This article simplified this a lot as choosing between 5 programs is considerably easier than choosing between 100.

    Would you say that there is a baseline level of experience needed before starting the Vitruvian Physique program?

    1. Hi Jacob, thanks so much for stopping by. I totally agree that the fitness world can be entirely overwhelming. That’s why I try to make the process much easier!

      I would say that the Vitruvian Physique program is perfect for anyone. Igor is a fantastic fitness resource with a wealth of free knowledge as well if you check out his YouTube channel!

      If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know!

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