the importance of sleep for health

The Importance of Sleep for Health and Overall Well-Being

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So here we’re at it again, this time with a topic you’re probably thinking “what the hell, this guy is stating the obvious. . . ” and guess what – you’d be correct! I am stating the obvious.  But let me ask you this: How many hours of sleep do you get? Case in point!

Let’s Talk about the Ideal Amount of Sleep You Should Be Getting

For me, there isn’t a “set” number of hours everyone should be aiming for. But with this website and these articles I strive to offer you information that may or may not help you in finding your own personal perfect balance of all the factors leading up to your dream physique.

All I know is that sleep is something we all need – and for me personally, I can’t function properly if I get any less than 9 hours. I feel sluggish, extremely tired, and I know for a fact my muscle building and protein synthesis efforts aren’t being maximised when I am deprived of it.

So, for me, 9 hours minimum. Sometimes I get 10, sometimes I get 6 or 7, but the difference is quite profound.

Alright, Let’s Bust Out the Big “Guns” (No Pun Intended) –
Research, Baby, Where is It?

If your goal is to lose weight, it has been shown that an increased number of sleep hours is associated with decreased obesity.

Go figure. . . 

But bear with me. This is good news for those of you wishing to shred unwanted fat – the more sleep you get, the better for your fat-loss efforts.

Without getting into the scientific aspect of this article too heavily, let’s just assume you’ll go through that research link I posted and find out for yourself that lessened number of sleep hours can lead to a number of health implications.

These can range from metabolic disorders, cognitive impairment, premature energy depletion during exercise or “lifting”, increased appetite, psychological symptoms such as aggression, irritation and general malaise.

Let’s just say, get the ideal number of sleeping hours that is good for you and reap the benefits on a daily basis. Only you can determine how much sleep you require.

If you want to maximise your gym efforts, eat enough. If you want to get bigger and stronger, get better in the gym. If you want to lose fat, eat less food.

If you want all of those factors to blend perfectly, get enough sleep!

Simple as that, really.

My Final Wrap-Up On Sleep

Look, this blog isn’t about telling you what to do. It’s about presenting information in an informative, fact-based way which you may or may not choose to employ yourself.

As we know, there are numerous health implications of too little sleep, and there are several health benefits of getting the ideal number of sleep.

Too much sleep on the other hand can introduce a separate set of problems. In a study performed on 20,000+ participants, it was determined that “too much sleep” could present the potential of a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) and psychiatric conditions.

In an effort to maintain the  S.E.E. Principles, let’s not overthink the issue. If you want the approach to be Sustainable, Evidence-Based and Enjoyable, take the above research, and find your ideal sleeping times. Get the balance right, be healthy and no need to be neurotic about anything!

Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments below! How many hours of sleep do YOU get?

I’d love to hear from you!

As always,
With love,

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