Think Eat Lift ShredSmart Review: Shred Fat & Build Muscle or SCAM?

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Program: Think Eat Lift ShredSmart 
Author: Radu Antoniu
Where to Buy: Exclusively Available at Think Eat Lift
Guarantee: Zero-Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If there’s one thing we’re all about here at Physique Authority, it’s making fitness part of your life, yet not letting it consume all of your time.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

*Physique Authority is an affiliate for ThinkEatLift and any sales driven to ThinkEatLift through this website will create a commission for Physique Authority.

Please be aware of this and decide for yourself if ShredSmart is something you’d like to try out.

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Trying to lose weight and feeling miserable?
  • Attempting to build muscle but being relatively unsuccessful?
  • Having to change your entire life around in order to fit in fitness into your goal(s)?
  • Feeling down and depressed when you aren’t attaining those goals?

I’ve definitely been there before and I entirely know that feeling, yet I’ve been able to overcome this and I’d like to show you exactly how you can lose fat, build up some great muscle proportions in one of the most enjoyable ways possible

As you’ll discover below, adherence to the plan is what separates the successful from those who never achieve their goals, whether fat loss or anything else.

Check out our quick video on adherence and the ShredSmart program below:

It All Began With My Own Journey.

Let’s just say something really quickly here. I’d like to draw your attention to the image below (or on the right) depending on what device you’re using to read this.

I went through a long time of being miserable and unsatisfied with my life because I was about 30lbs overweight until I found the answer to my own frustrations.

Rewind to circa 2015. I was working at a job I despised, in an industry I despised even more.

Sitting behind a desk all day had me more miserable than I ever remember being my entire life and this naturally led me to overeat… a lot.

I’d eat first thing in the morning, all day, and then I would snack on anything and everything all throughout the evening once I was home.

The problem was further compounded by driving at least 1 hour to work each way which further added to the sedentary lifestyle I was living.

Anyway, enough about me. I want you to let you know that I overcame this and so can you!

Lose That Old-School Paradigm of Misery Being a Necessity.

What is Think Eat Lift all about, and what the hell is ShredSmart?

You see, for the most part, the main reason people fail to do something and stick to it isn’t necessarily always because they lack discipline or motivation.

There could be a variety of other reasons at play which is hampering these peoples’ (and your!) ability to stick to your weight-loss goals.

Some of these reasons are obvious, but one of the less obvious reasons is that perhaps the plan you’re following is asking you to flip your entire lifestyle on its head in order to accommodate your fat loss journey!

That’s just not the ideal solution to this problem in my opinion.

Let me offer you a few concrete examples of how this could look:

  • When you go out with friends, you’re constantly worried about what you’re eating.
  • During family gatherings or events, you may try to avoid certain types of food or food groups altogether such as deep-fried snacks, pizza, desserts and various types of alcohol.
  • Perhaps you’re a victim of the age-old paradigm that foods with excess fat, sugar, and carbs are inherently bad and automatically lead to fat gain.
  • You haven’t yet mastered the art of carefully tracking your calories so that you actually can eat all of the foods you personally believe to be evil and that lead to fat-gain.

I know I was personally very much into the above thinking patterns.

It’s what I heard in the media, from various fitness celebrities, fitness YouTubers, personal trainers, my parents, teachers, the school system, other friends – this bullshit information was floating all around the internet!

One this for sure. You CAN lose fat and weight, and build muscle in a way that actually does not leave you feeling miserable and guilty about consuming the foods you actually love.

Think Eat Lift’s ShredSmart program is going to teach you exactly how you can do that and we’re going to dive into quite a bit of detail below so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get rolling!

Think Eat Lift’s ShredSmart is Much Different than Other Programs.

What’s the number one thing that any personal trainer will tell you when you go to them and want to lose weight?

They will get you doing two absolutely ridiculous things:

  1. You will be doing tons and tons and tons…. of cardio whether on a bike, classes, treadmills or any other exercise gear.
  2. You will be required to eat only the most bland, fat-and-carb-devoid foods that leave you feeling like you’re just missing out on life entirely.

You see, these fitness trainers just haven’t gotten it right yet and it’s not entirely their fault.

The education system that leads to getting your personal trainer accreditation is severely flawed, just like many other education systems.

What they’re taught is just more of the same thing over and over again, and no one really stops to ask any questions.

It’s actually pretty bizarre if you ask me.

How can an entire industry be built on paradigms that are just entirely sub-optimal for one of the most important factors of weight loss?

The most important factors of weight loss are NOT:

  • How much food you eat.
  • Whether you eat carbs or pizza.
  • Whether you become miserable or slave your ass off on random exercise equipment or in random classes.
  • Sleeping well at night.
  • Foregoing that cake at your friend’s birthday party.
  • Ensuring you only eat the most bland foods such as chicken breast and broccoli.

Let me give you one simple secret that can change the way you view fat and weight loss forever!

Here is the secret:

The secret to a lifestyle of effortless AND enjoyable weight and fat loss comes down to only one simple thing which is THE single most overlooked aspect: Adherence!

Yes, that’s correct. The only single thing that will ensure you stick to your fat loss goals in the long-term is adherence to the damn fat loss plan in the first place!

If you’re planning on embarking on a journey of fat loss through sheer will-power and misery, the fat loss plan you’re employing is definitely not going to promote adherence to it!

Create a Plan – and STICK TO IT!

Think of all the people you know that torture themselves each and every single day by not eating the foods they love, restricting themselves to “clean” foods (makes no sense…) and always have some form of misinformation embedded into their brains about what fat loss is all about.


Think Eat Lift’s ShredSmart does exactly that. The program consists of very amazing ways that will ensure you stick to your fat loss goals by:

  • Actually encouraging you to eat all the “bad foods” 
  • Allowing you freedom to incorporate any foods you love including pizzas, chocolates, sugar and ice cream
  • Not making your entire life revolve around your fat loss goal making you lose friends and relationships in the process
  • Allowing you to use fitness to enhance your lifestyle
  • Not restricting the amount of foods you eat in a single setting (more on that below)
  • Offering you freedom to lose as much weight as you want AND love the process making it so much more likely that you’ll actually stick to it!

So with everything said and done, if you can’t stick to your goals then the goals will probably not be realised in the long term anyway.

Think Eat Lift’s ShredSmart Will Give You a GREAT Plan

We are not paid by Think Eat Lift to say anything here nor do we recommend this program to everyone.

There is a workout aspect involved as well and where we do recommend everyone to actually work out and lift weights, that might not be the best thing for you.

However, the ShredSmart program consists of two main components:

  1. More than one whole half of the program is devoted to teaching you how to diet down and reach your fat loss goals in the most enjoyable way possible that works for you. 
  2. The other half (or slightly less than) is devoted to helping you achieve your muscle building goals.

You definitely do not absolutely have to follow the workouts in the ShredSmart program, but if you want to bring your body and physique to the next level, working out with weights at a gym is absolutely highly advisable.

You’re going to be focusing on intermittent fasting from about 4-6 hours in the morning until lunch therefore allowing yourself 2-3 very large meals throughout the day ultimately leaving you satisfied and more likely to stick to the plan.

If you haven’t yet heard of intermittent fasting, I’d recommend you check out our article on that so you can get familiar with what that is before diving head-first into ShredSmart.

That Sums it Up: There’s No Better Way

If someone told me I could lose fat while enjoying my life and not restricting the foods I eat, I would have jumped all over the opportunity.

I wasn’t aware that you can lose fat whilst still eating everything you want and you can do the same thing as well.

Many people have jumped on board with ShredSmart and you can learn all about that by visiting Radu’s YouTube channel under Radu Antoniu simply paying a visit to his website here and to discover transformation photos.

We don’t think there is any better program out there to help you lose weight in a way that’s more enjoyable so we’ll wrap this up with some pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this will work for you!

Pros vs Cons of ShredSmart


  • Lose fat and build great muscle proportions while still living and enjoying your life
  • Effortlessly diet down while not avoiding certain food groups
  • Of course your main goal is to eat nutritious foods, but you can also have some snack foods as well (which most people avoid)
  • Lose from 2-4lbs of fat per week depending on your current obesity level
  • Use fitness and nutrition to enhance your life – and not let it dictate your life and make you a slave


  • Without the use of intermittent fasting, you will have a difficult time remaining in a calorie deficit which will make it extremely hard to adhere to the program
  • Not everyone is willing to do fasting so if you don’t think you can do that it’s very unlikely that you can lose significant weight in the long run
  • Working out is part of the plan – if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, but you will get far better results in terms of seeing a change in your body while also lifting weights

Go pick up your own copy of ShredSmart here and let us know how it’s going in the comments below!

As always,
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  1. I am so glad that I ran across your article! I am an avid believer in intermittent fasting and follow a keto lifestyle, but I am always willing to read up on other lifestyle options! I am looking forward to checking out this program and will definitely come back and provide any additional reviews of this should I decide to partake in the program! Thanks again for your straight-forwardness and honesty regarding this program that you stand behind!

    1. Hi Misty,

      Thank you for stopping by to have a look. Fasting is a good way to allow yourself to eat bigger meals throughout the day making your diet plan seem much less like a diet plan!

      Let us know how it goes if you decide to jump on board!

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