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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review: Effortless Muscle Building or Scam?

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Program: Visual Impact Muscle Building
Author: Rusty Moore
Where to Buy: Exclusively at Visual Impact by Rusty Moore
Guarantee: 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Do you want to look like a overly bulky powerlifter or bodybuilder?

Or would you rather have a shredded beach-ready body that has the perfect muscle proportions?

If you’d rather have an amazing, lean and shredded physique with all the right muscle development, this program might just be exactly what you’re looking for!

Visual Impact is a fitness company started about 10-12 years ago by Rusty Moore – a renowned fitness expert and fitness model trainer.

Rusty began Visual Impact because he wanted to offer people a way to get into the shape they wanted to get into, and not the shape that powerlifters or strongmen would have you believe.

Heck, even bodybuilders with their huge, muscle imbalance packed, bulky and ugly physiques is a look that Rusty tries to steer you away from.

Who is this Program Designed For?

Visual Impact Muscle Building is designed for men who want to have the most powerful indicators of a strong male physique.

You’re going to be doing workouts across three different phases that will allow you to focus on losing excess body fat and building just the right amount of muscle in the right places.

Don’t like that ugly and fat powerlifter physique?

You know, those guys who just get bulky as heck but can lift a mountain?

Well, if you want something more along the lines of amazing muscle development without going over the top and having a very lean and chiseled appearance to boot, this program could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Traditionally speaking, bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen had a few things in common that don’t lend themselves nicely to having a great physique:


  • Too much body fat!


  • Overdeveloped muscle groups along with underdeveloped muscle groups leading to that “bulky and ugly” massive appearance


  • Not really a physique-focused sport so these guys won’t have the body you’re after

Now, there isn’t a single thing wrong with any of the above-mentioned physiques, and if that’s what you’re going for, we would highly suggest to look elsewhere to be honest with you.

Rusty’s Muscle Building course, as described, will aim at offering up a way to put on the exact right amount of muscle in correct proportions to help you attain that “beach body, shredded look” that you’re after.

What Can You Expect from Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Muscle Building by Rusty Moore is more than just a way to get shredded.

On one hand, you can eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life, or you can find an enjoyable way to diet down and build muscle.

The aim of this program is to help guide you through a very enjoyable process of dieting down if you have fat to lose, then building up some proper muscle proportions after you’re done losing some extra fat.

The common misconception in the fitness world today is that you have to torture yourself with bland foods, eat 19 times a day and workout for 6 hours, 7 days a week.

In essence, the fitness industry wants to make your attainment of a great physique as hard as possible so you keep buying the next best fitness thing!

On the other hand, what you can expect from this course is a streamlined, direct approach to your physique goals by cutting out all the rubbish and noise and nonsense to get you from point A to B (your current physique to your goal physique) all while getting rid of all the crap you don’t need to do.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is an online fitness guide devoted to helping you develop the most powerful traits of a strong male physique:

  • Very well developed, muscular shoulders
  • A strong V-Shape taper by building adequate muscle in the back/lats
  •  Shredded abs (8-10% body fat)
  • Your chest is very dense yet shredded and powerful
  • A very lean and chiseled jawline that helps accentuate the strong physique characteristics

What Other Men Are Saying About V.I. Muscle Building

Meet Greg O’Gallagher from Kinobody. This is his video (from a long time ago) showcasing the effectiveness of Rusty’s teachings.

Greg began his own fitness company since then, but this is where he started out.

You can tell from the video that this is at least 6-7 years old, so this program has been around for quite a while and literally tens of thousands of men have been able to transform their bodies.

Why Visual Impact Muscle Building Over Other Courses?

You see, other courses are probably also effective at getting you shredded and getting you to a point where you’re happy with your physique, but how sustainable are they?

Do you want to:

  • eat bland foods all the time without enjoying eating out or other foods you love?
  • feel miserable the entire time you’re working out to get the body you want?
  • feel sad, depressed, and run down from working out 6 days per week?
  • have to say no to important gatherings for the sake of getting shredded?

If none of that sounds good to you, then this program could help you get to your physique goal in a much more enjoyable way then just the tired old “do what needs to be done no matter how miserable you feel” approach.

Cons of the program:

  • If you’re going for a massive, Dwayne Johnson type of steroid-aided bodybuilder appearance, this program should not be your #1 choice
  • If the thought of eating foods you love makes you feel uncomfortable and guilty, either learn how to incorporate these foods or steer clear from this program
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to have a trainer to show you movements, but personal trainers have largely been debunked as frauds and useless individuals anyway

If You Don’t Like It, Get Your $$$ Back, No Questions Asked.

When you buy the program, you get access to it for your entire lifetime.

You can check it out, do the program, and if for whatever reason you aren’t seeing any results within 60 days, or if for any reason this isn’t the right program for you, Rusty will refund your money within 60 days – no questions asked.

For people out there looking to get into shape, there’s a lot of crap out there.

People will try to rip you off, sell you some things and devices that don’t work, and ultimately sabotage your attainment of the goal physique you want.

Within 60 days you can get a full refund if this isn’t the program for you.

60 days is definitely long enough to see some kind of results, and Rusty seems pretty sure that you’ll love the Muscle Building program which is exactly why he trusts it enough to offer a full refund.

That Settles It: Maybe There IS Something to This Program After All.

If you want to finally have a way to get shredded and build good muscle proportions without becoming a slave to the gym or the process, Physique Authority fully stands behind the Visual Impact Muscle Building program.

You’re finally going to be able to attain your goal physique without suffering and being miserable all throughout the process, and, ultimately, we want you to come back to our website for information and we would not recommend this program if we didn’t stand behind it.

There are definitely some cons to the program, however, and as long as you’re fully aware of everything you’re going to get, it’ll be much more likely that you jump in head first without being surprised that this isn’t what you expected.

Click below to learn more about how you can finally attain the body you’ve always wanted in one of the most enjoyable ways possible.

As always, thanks so much for reading. Have you tried any workout programs that haven’t given you the physique you want?

We want to hear from you!

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