Weight Loss for Men Over 50

Weight Loss for Men Over 50: The Same Principles Apply, No Matter Your Age

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Wouldn’t you agree with me if I said that as we age it gets more difficult to lose and keep the weight off?

Well, today we’ll explore together the idea of how weight loss for men over 50 shouldn’t be (and isn’t) any different than a younger male – at least the fundamental principles.

Once you are done reading this article it’s my personal promise to you that you’ll be armed with the information necessary to lose as much weight as you want – all for absolutely free.

Let’s go over some of the most fundamental principles you need to know to lose weight including caloric requirements, caloric intake, caloric expenditure, intermittent fasting and more.

Let’s begin.

Let’s Start With This Guy – An Impressive Weight Loss Journey

Who said getting into shape wasn’t possible over 50?

Who said weight loss isn’t possible over 50?

This guy was over 50, a smoker for decades and worked more hours in a day than a normal person in a week (what seems like anyway).

Let’s watch the video and continue the article below that:

Calculating Your Caloric Requirements: Set & Adjust – Rinse & Repeat

Setting your calories is greatly different between men and women and people of varying body sizes.

A good rule of thumb is that you need at least 13 calories per pound of body weight depending on your activity levels to MAINTAIN your current body weight.

Let’s go into a little more detail:

If you have a sedentary job where you sit at your desk all day you might want to consider eating 13 calories per pound of body weight.

If you are active 1-2 hours per day (walking or not sitting) then use 14.

For those who are excessively active (factory jobs) and exercise 3-5 times per week either doing sports, cardio or lots of walking, use 15 or even 16.

Now that you have your MAINTENANCE caloric requirements set, please subtract 25% every day to lose between 2-4 pounds of fat per week.

For an in-depth explanation of this concept, please refer to my How Many Calories Do I Need to Eat to Lose Weight article here.

That article will go through all of the minute details you need to know to lose weight.

Since I’ve already covered that concept before, I will not go into massive detail here again but I will share a couple of examples below for your reading pleasure.

Determining HOW Much Food and How Many Calories YOU Personally Need

As you age, your Basal Metabolic Rate might decrease slightly, but just ever so slightly.

I have provided you a link to a BMR calculator but don’t be fooled: There’s a much simpler way to determine how many calories you use just by being alive.

In order to maintain your weight (meaning not losing or gaining weight) take one of the two examples below and use them to calculate your calorie needs.

Example 1: You are significantly overweight

If you are more overweight than you’d like, pick a target weight you would like to see yourself at in poundage.

Take this number (in pounds) and multiply this by either 13, 14 or 15 (depending on your activity level).

If you’re an office worker and don’t get much movement on a weekly basis other than maybe hitting the gym 2-3 times per week use 13.

If you get more activity, use 14 or 15.

Example 2: You are CLOSE to your ideal weight – maybe 10-20 pounds to go

So instead of the example above where you used your target weight, just use your current weight and follow all of the same steps.

The reason I am giving you this simplified version instead of having you use the BMR calculator I showed you above is because our bodies are not machines.

They need adjustment and tuning constantly so your caloric requirement and measurement will always just be a ballpark figure anyway.

There is no 100% certainty that 3126 calories EVERY DAY is the perfect amount for you – you will naturally have to adjust!

Once you have your maintenance caloric requirement you can proceed to add a deficit to this. You can aim to eat at about 75 percent of your maintenance calorie intake.

This means if you’re eating 2500 calories a day to maintain your current body weight, you can eat anywhere from about 1850 – 2000 calories per day. This will net you some serious weight loss after just a few weeks.

Try not to go any lower than this because you may affect your metabolism negatively and therefore impeded your ability to continue to lose weight.

Again, for an in-depth explanation of how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, please visit this article.

With Age Comes a Slower Metabolism – But it Doesn’t Matter!

When one ages, of course the number of calories you need at 50+ will be different than when you were 18, but believe me when I say that the difference isn’t really THAT much.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t really matter anyway because you will be using the caloric requirements for your own personal body to calculate how to lose weight.

Just because guy needs 3000 calories to maintain his weight and loses weight eating 2500 calories does not mean that you cannot lose weight.

Your weight loss might happen at 2200 calories, 1800 calories or 2700 calories – it all depends on how many calories you personally need.

This is always the argument I hear people say like “oh Mike, you’re so lean because you must have a fast metabolism.”

Well let me tell you something very very important: That is neither here nor there!

One’s metabolism does NOT dictate whether one loses weight or not.

Eating fewer calories than your body needs leads to weight loss.

How Fast Can I Expect to Drop Fat/Lose Weight?

If you are following the above dieting protocols, you can aim to lose anywhere from 1-2 pounds of fat per week.

Now, obviously, the more overweight you are, the faster you can expect to lose weight.

Gradually, as your body fat levels come down significantly, your body will be more reluctant to let go of vital fat reserves and your fat loss will slow down substantially.

If you fat loss slows down so much that you’re not losing anymore weight, keep in mind that you may look into taking a break from dieting for 1-2 weeks and eating back up at your maintenance levels (as we discussed above).

This will reset your metabolism and make it more likely to accept any caloric restrictions you impose upon it.

So let’s recap:

  1. calculate your maintenance caloric requirement
  2. eat at a 80-75 percent deficit
  3. keep doing that until you’ve reached your desired leanness or your fat loss has stalled
  4. if it stalled, eat at maintenance for 1-2 weeks before going back into a deficit
  5. rinse and repeat until you are at your ideal look in the mirror.

Intermittent Fasting for Men Over 50: Yea or Nay???

Intermittent Fasting is not some kind of medical term, nor does it provide you with some kind of magic solution for weight loss.

PRO-TIP: Here’s a quick guide on how to begin intermittent fasting by the Hodge Twins. Don’t be put off by their boisterous style – Kevin and Keith definitely have some gold nuggets of information for you!

Intermittent Fasting by itself is a tool used to help you deal with food cravings and hunger, and to help the journey of fat loss become much more enjoyable for you.

What you’re basically doing is pushing that first meal deeper into the day therefore allowing you to feel fuller and eat much heavier and larger meals while still shredding off the fat. 

Click the link above to learn more about that.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that fasting is detrimental to our health as we age, and there is actually an increasing body of evidence suggesting that the benefits overall outweigh the potential drawbacks regardless of our age.

I will not bore you with references to this statement – you can simply perform a search on NCBI to find tons of empirical evidence supporting that claim.

For an in-depth explanation of how to diet and get the body you want at 50+, check out our review of Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building which goes over everything you need to know to transform your body into something you’re proud of.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Leave us a comment down below lettings us know if you’ve tried any dieting methods and what your success has been (or lack thereof).

Are there any other topics you’d like to learn more about? Let us know below!

As always,
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  1. Wow! amazing article! i definitely learned a lot from tis especially in figuring out my bmr (hope thats right) in a more simpler way! in general everything was super easy to understand i already loss some weight from burning more than i eat as well as drinking water (lots of it) but with the help of your article i’ll definitely be looking forward to losing more.

    1. Hey Marquis, great to have you here man! I have seen you around from other websites, am I right? Why don’t you drop your link so I can link others to your content. 

      If I remember correctly your site is pretty badass and I want people to have the chance to see it.

      But yes, I definitely agree with you. By following the strategies I set out in this article one can expect to lose weight like clockwork. All you need is a food scale and the knowledge of how many calories are required to maintain your weight – then simply subtract 25% of those calories everyday!

  2. Great article! Okay, okay… so I’m not a 50+ year old male, I am actually a 34 year old woman who is 6-months pregnant, the complete OPPOSITE of who this blog was written for. Lol. However! I’m an Occupational Therapist and have worked with 100s of male adults who had weight issues that went hand in hand with their medical issues, so I was intrigued by what you had to say. It’s truly amazing how the general public doesn’t have a basic understanding of how the human body works! (I believe we are all programmed by mainstream messaging and marketing, but that’s for another blog… haha!) I appreciate that you went over different explanations for losing weight and show how it works for more than one demographic. Honestly, what you shared is how I permanently lost 25 lbs and finally got to my ideal weight a few years ago! I kept it all off until I got pregnant this year!! Glad I came across your blog today… Great job sharing REAL and HELPFUL information to those who need it most! 🙂

    1. Hey Lizel, 

      Thanks so much for stopping by the article!

      Absolutely! The basic principles of weight loss still apply whether you are male or female which I am sure you are fully aware of based on your work background!

      Many people I personally know truly haven’t the faintest clue how one’s body loses weight. You try to tell them it’s a balance between consuming and burning calories and they look at you like you have two heads!

      I am so glad you were able to permanently lose 25 pounds. That’s truly remarkable and a feat that many others may not be able to do without good information. I myself was able to lose 27 a couple of years ago and I have never looked back!

      I hope to see you around the website again some time 🙂

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