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What is the BEST Weight Loss Program for Women: *HINT The One You Can STICK To

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Hey, you! Yes, you. I want to show you today how YOU can live an absolutely incredible life by following a diet program YOU can stick to! Why suffer? Why would you want to coerce yourself and force yourself on a daily basis to do something that is just not natural (for example, dieting down)?

Yes, that’s right. The best weight loss program for women is the one you can STICK to. The one that you LOVE doing. The one that barely even feels like you’re even dieting down at all in the first place.

I find myself asking this question over and over again, and I have written several articles about this in the past but this one is going to focus on that ever-important aspect of a woman’s ability to SITCK through the difficult process of weight loss.

That question is: Why does everyone fight against their inability to lose weight? Why do people suffer, struggle, and ultimately try to force themselves into a diet that just isn’t right for them or doesn’t work?

This is so important. You needn’t coerce yourself into doing something. Ultimately, the key (I have found) is to find a way to do something that you will ultimately love and be able to stick to in the long-run!

What Weight Loss has Traditionally Looked Like for Women

Do you know who the number one demographic is when it comes to insane diets and dieting principles? We tend to think that good business practices are having an incredible marketing campaign and then targeting the most “benefited” or the “most insecure, gullible and ultimately naive” demographic.

It has been incredibly unfortunate that women have had to endure an entire onslaught of just pure rubbish information when it comes to the fitness industry. Think of any dieting protocol or “fad diet” that you know of.

Why would anyone do this in this day and age when there are a plethora of options available to you to make the whole approach the most enjoyable way to lose weight? I am just perpetually baffled by the fitness game.

When you show up and you truly care about people, their well-being and you genuinely want to help them out, how can you turn around and exploit them like that?

It just isn’t fair to be honest. And unfortunately a lot of that happens nowadays because people are more concerned about themselves than genuinely helping other people.

Some products and diets that pop into my head right off the bat are things like Atkins, paleo, ketogenic, (insert and fad diet or product here). These approaches may work very well for you, in which case, congratulations.

You have found the most enjoyable way to diet for yourself so keep doing what works!

However, if you’re doing it and it’s making you downright miserable, that just doesn’t make sense. Are these things something you want to stick to for the rest of your life? 

Do you want to remain miserable for the rest of your life? Hell no!

I know this article is mainly for women, but I think anyone can really benefit from this. Why suffer when you do not have to. It’s just something that is mind-boggling to me anyway.

Change Your Mindset to Accept that there IS a Better Way

I am a firm believer in having the correct mindset in order to achieve anything you want. You don’t necessarily have to be the most positive person in the world to change your mindset, you just have to sometimes accept that what you are doing isn’t working and find an alternate way of doing things.

This is especially true in the fitness world. As you know, there are many drop-dead gorgeous women in the media and everywhere you look that clearly know what they’re doing in terms of fitness.

Do you think that these women endured endless days of being just miserable with their diets and forcing themselves into eating kale and spinach salads all day, everyday? Well, you might argue that yes, they did. And you’d be correct to say that some of these women did that, indeed.

However, what they have failed to understand is that so many other beautiful women have gotten to their dream physique in a way more enjoyable waySome of the women suffered, sure, and some of them went a more enjoyable route.

Both sets of women got to their dream physiques, however.

And isn’t that the end-goal anyway? Whether you torture yourself and are miserable or you enjoy the process, the end-goal is the same. You will get there either way. So why do people still kill themselves and slave themselves to their bodies?

Because maybe you’re not aware that there are other options.

I choose the enjoyable way and so should you quite frankly.

See, you probably have one of those paradigms that lots of other people have (and one that I have had as well). And it goes a little something like this.

If so many other people (or women) are doing something THIS way, this MUST be the right way.

We follow the other sheep. We have lost our innate ability to be independent creatures, have independent thought and act in a way that has been thoroughly thought out.

Somehow we’ve lost touch with our critical thinking abilities and have settled to live a life accepting whatever others have taught us. This is complete and utter nonsense.

I’ll make one last argument for this point before I move on to the next section of this article: Your ability and mental and emotional capacity to stick to something long-term is influenced by your ability to enjoy what you are doing.

This is why most crazy fad diets just aren’t sustainable. You don’t enjoy doing them now, let alone for the rest of your life.

That just isn’t the way I want to live my own life.

Finding Your Own Style and Figuring Out HOW to Enjoy It

So now that we know the information necessary to ensure you stick to your weight loss goals we can begin figuring out what your own personal style is and how you can ensure your own success. This happens by tricking yourself into subconsciously sticking to your process.

Ask yourself these important questions to feel out what it’ll take to help you stick to your weight loss plan:

  • what foods do you like to eat?
  • how much do you like to eat (big meals or several small meals)?
  • when do you like to eat these meals?
  • if I told you that you can eat any food your want, is there any food that you could eat everyday to make it more likely for your to stick to your goal? (this could be desert, cake, ice cream, pizza, whatever)
  • if you began forfeiting the consumption of all the foods you love, would you be miserable without them or could you survive?
  • do you know how many calories your body burns everyday, and how much to eat to lose weight (if not, check out this article)
  • do you have to force yourself to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do just to get to your goal?

These questions will better serve you when it comes to determining what kind of style you will employ to make weight loss just so enjoyable and essentially effortless.

For further reading on specific weight loss programs for women, you can read about the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program here if you want to learn about how to shred down your fat levels and give your body a little bit more “tone” for that sexy, feminine look.

If you want to purely focus on shredding off as much fat as possible,  allow me to invite you to check out the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program to find out more about how you can quite easily lose weight while eating all the foods you still LOVE to eat.

Quite honestly, I am not sure why anyone is still following any bullshit advice out there when we now have all the tools, knowledge and know-how to make correct decisions for ourselves.

We don’t have to suffer, be miserable, lethargic, and just f*cked up all the time just so we can prove to ourselves we have unbreakable will-power to lose weight. That’s nonsense.

Fitness and nutrition should enhance your life – not dictate it. As soon as we let something dictate our lives, we have lost to it and even if we do follow through we’re ultimately just a pathetic slave to ourselves instead of embracing life and making it our little bitch. You know what I mean?

There is NO One-Size-Fits-All Weight Loss Program that is Perfect for Everyone

Look. There isn’t any one magic-pill solution to the weight loss game. If you’re currently doing something that’s working for you, that’s great, stick to it, enjoy the results and just go with it.

The problem I have is when people are torturing themselves for no real reason. This is when the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program and the Goddess Toning Program come in to play.

You can tweak these to be whatever you want. Just make sure you’re doing something that is enjoyable to you because you needn’t suffer through anything weight loss related.

The whole idea is to lose weight effortlessly while enjoying the process so that you can continue to lose weight, feel good about yourself and not be miserable.

This pretty much wraps up the article. I hope you were able to extrapolate some value from this. Go out there, find a way to lose weight while loving the process and watch as your life transforms before your very eyes without having had to do much work at all in the end.

In the end, we’re all living on this planet and we’re going to die. I don’t want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary doing shit I hate doing. That’s a waste of my time and life to be quite honest.

I don’t lose weight by doing what I hate – I lose weight by living life to the fullest, eating my ice cream, pizza and everything else. Find out how I do just that here.


Let me know in the comments below if you have had any similar experiences or if you have found any alternative ways to love losing weight!

You will really also be helping out any and all other visitors coming to the site and hearing from you your first-hand experience will give others something to look in to as well!

As always,
Yours truly,


  1. What an intriguing post! But I agree 100%. Losing weight should not be a burden or some kind of punishment. For one, I don’t believe in depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy just to look fit. If I could lose weight eating all the foods I love to eat, why look for other alternatives?

    My friend and colleague really wants to lose weight but she can’t quite control the urge to eat. I will recommend to her the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program and i hope it will work. Thank you for this article, very helpful indeed!

    1. Hi Alice, exactly. One thing you can employ to help with food cravings is Intermittent Fasting. I actually wrote an article on the benefits of daily intermittent fasting which you can check out here:

      It’s an interesting read for sure. It will show a person how to go about dieting in the most enjoyable way possible as intermittent fasting will allow you to consume bigger and more satisfying meals whilst helping shed the extra weight by not consuming too many calories.

      Additionally, I couldn’t agree more with not making it a burden. As soon as anything becomes a burden, as each day goes by, you’re more and more likely to drop off the wagon and quit your journey which is so unfortunate for many!

      Come back soon!

  2. I think a more fun way to exercise would be joining a tennis team or a recreational sport of any kind. For some people, a simple walk is so much better than doing nothing at all. Instead of saying I can’t run or I can’t play tennis or I can’t do aerobic exercise, just get up and walk! Throw your favorite music on or even a movie and walk around the block. Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, it’s a great time to get started.

    1. Hi Jen,

      Fantastic tip! Walking is something I truly do enjoy a hell of a lot. It unfortunately won’t lead to weight loss however, neither will tennis or any other aerobic exercise unless a caloric deficit exists – meaning, you’re eating less than your body is burning everyday. This is the only thing that leads to weight loss.

      This can be induced in one of two ways – you simply eat less which is number one. The second way to do this is to move around more (tennis, walking, etc) to force your body to use more calories but let’s be honest – who has time for that? Simply eating less is the ideal way (in my opinion).

      Take care and come back soon!

  3. I have heard a lot about the Vitamix Blender and it is supposedly one of the best blenders out there. I wanted the same but had been postponing it since it was way too expensive.
    The fact that you mentioned in your post is very true, we have forgotten to have our individual thinking and that is the reason we keep following the herd and the same old sluggish way of dieting.

  4. While you said what is best weightless program for women — I think this can also apply to men as well.

    I believe many people still argue that you have to eat clean, no crabs, and exercise like crazy to get your ideal physic. I think however you can eat anything and everything you want — as long as you know how many calories and macros you need, and they are met.

    Problem is normal foods like burgers pizza and candy have lots calories making it very easy to get more fat into your diet than protein and healthy carbs.

    Thanks again for your review.

    1. Hey Michael, thank you so much for stopping by the article. I completely agree with you. I don’t understand why anyone (men or women) torture themselves when there are much better ways these days.

      As long as the foods you consume are within the macros and calories you set out for yourself, you’re pretty much free to eat anything.

      I see so many people villainising all kinds of foods because they just don’t have the knowledge or understanding of what really leads to weight loss.

      It’s so imperative to learn the correct strategies and mindset to eat anything you want and still lose weight because otherwise it’s so unlikely that anyone actually sticks to their diet plan. 

      If I couldn’t eat bread and cheese anymore, I would not be able to survive, for example!

  5. I’m sickened by how predatory the weight loss industries can be…selling people cures and potions and lotions and hope. You make a great point about not being able to sustain any diet that excludes the foods we love. For the vast majority of people, food isn’t merely fuel, it’s a major source of pleasure, a social experience, and just something that we have to do all the time. Thanks for putting a positive spin out there on the subject.

    1. Hey Penelope, thank you so much for coming by to share your words. Yes, it’s extremely predatory and people often fall for all the bullshit which makes me so sad. Food is absolutely a source of pleasure. Very well put! If it’s ok with you, I am going to use those words in upcoming articles because I really like how you have articulated that point.

      I hope to see you again sometime because you offer some great value to the website. Take care!

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