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What is the BEST Workout to Build Muscle? Find out here.

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So you want to look like this guy? Who is this guy anyway? I hate to break it to you. You won’t ever look like that guy. Unless you plan on injecting steroids directly into your ass cheek…

If that’s the case, I encourage you to check out….. JUST KIDDING. Don’t take drugs. Unless you’re a middle-aged man that’s been prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by a licensed physician you should never take illegal drugs.

Alright, to the point: I have to be honest right off the bat and tell you that there is no such thing as the “best” workout. The “best” workout entails choosing one that directly corresponds to your physique goals as a male or female. If you don’t know what your physique goals are, I invite you to keep reading so you can figure it out!

There are different training styles and all of them serve their own purpose. However, here at Physique Authority we like to keep things simple and attainable for you guys. For information regarding some of the industry’s best workouts today continue reading – I promise you will not be disappointed.

So If There’s No Single Work Out That’s The Best, What TRAINING STYLE is THE Best?

As somebody who finds themselves on this blog, you may be asking yourselves various questions as to what type of workouts will get you the best results, how do you eat properly, what do you do etc. These are common questions that many people might ask and this blog will aim to answer many of these questions.

The thing is, I have been in a position where I have asked all of these questions and through my own experiences have been able to get them answered for myself. And I am hopefully here to help answer some of these questions for you as well.

Now, there is no single sure-fire method of training that will guarantee muscle growth because of the various factors at play. How much you eat, what you eat, how often you train, training intensity (weight on the bar), volume (how many sets and reps) and frequency all play an important role.

Rest is equally important as well. Having the correct training split will get you the best possible results – and a well structured training program will get you there.  Someone who trains 5 days a week may make slower gains than someone training 2 days a week simply due to over training and not enough rest.

Alright – let’s take a look at some training styles you can look into if you’re a beginner.

When we Think of the “BEST” Workouts, we Must Ask Ourselves: “What’s our Physique Goal?”

In order to figure out the best course of action for anything you want in life, I believe goals are the one fundamental thing to get the ball rolling.

How else could you imagine beginning to take action if you haven’t a clue where you’re going?

Now, in terms of fitness, whether you’re a man or a woman looking for a solid workout in order to get you closer to your dream physique it’s important to follow some fundamental principles otherwise this may never happen.

One must combine the correct workout strategy with rest, nutrition and some other things in order to have the best possible shot at obtaining your dream body.

Simply put, there is no one “best” workout for everyone. It’s definitely not a case of one-size-fits-all but rather a process of determining what it is YOU want to achieve.

For example, my own personal physique goal is that of a superhero like Chris Evans in Captain America. Chris Evans has been able to achieve his maximum genetic potential in terms of muscle development. Combine this with his ultra-lean state and that is my own personal physique goal.

He’s got the V-shape body taper that drive women wild and leave men awe-inspired and wondering how the F%#$ he achieved such an incredible body. This is what I personally want to achieve, but I know as a fact that this isn’t something every man wants.

If you’re a man looking to get the most muscle possible while enjoying a lean, low-body-fat lifestyle I would highly recommend you check out my review of the Kinobody Greek God Program here.

As a woman, you can check out my reviews of the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program or the KinoBOOTY Program – both of which are ideally suited for women looking to get perfect proportions – i.e. the perfect waist to buttocks ratio that drive men wild and most women will never have.

Why I Believe Certain Training Styles are More Important than Others No Matter Your Physique Goal(s)

When you’re a beginner, it’s quite easy to put on muscle regardless of whether you slip up on diet, sleep, rest, training intensity – anything you throw at your body and your body responds. However, this phenomenon only lasts a short period – generally 1-2 years before you need a specific plan of attack.

Therefore, when it comes to training styles, I feel as though a balanced approach is necessary. This means combining key lifts such as bench press, pullups, leg training and overhead pressing to get the most proportionate body. 

A training style that lends itself to building strength is directly correlated to the size of your muscles. So if you’re looking at getting more muscular, you must get stronger.

As a beginner, this is a great thing as you should not focus on isolation exercises only because you’re not developed enough to realise which muscle groups need to be “caught up” or specialised. 

Isolation exercises are movements in which you engage merely a single muscle group such as isolation curls or leg extensions.

Pointless as a beginner.

You do not need to specialise any muscle groups when you’re a beginner – you need to get all muscle groups up to par and really get to the highest muscle growth potential you have! This means getting stronger on the key lifts as outlined above.

Once you have a great baseline and you’ve been working out for a few years, you can then proceed to correct any “weaknesses” or muscle imbalances by doing some complementary isolation work.

This will help overcome barriers discovered during compound lifts.

My Training Style: Go HeavIER or Go HOME.

The key is to do compound movements and steadily increase the weights by focusing on progressive overload. This means going heavier each and every single time you repeat any given workout.

Progressive overload means you consistently lift heavier and heavier. This leads to massive strength gains over time and a better overall physique due to increased muscle development.

Pick a rep-range: 6-10 or whatever and stay within that rep range!

I’ll give you an example. I can do about 30 push-ups in a row, strict ones. I don’t continue to practice until I can do 40, 50 or 60 – I make the exercise more difficult.

During your compound lifts, if you’re focusing on strength, the 6-10 rep range is ideal. Once you’re there, add more weight to the bar!

When you can do 6-10 pull ups, do 6 but this time with 10/20lbs hanging from your torso. 

When you can do 15 push ups, practice them with your feet up on a platform!

When you can do 25 squats (bodyweight) practice them with one single leg!

Wrap-up: Compound vs. Isolation work

The number one takeway here is that you needn’t do any isolation work until you’re a well-developed bodybuilder.

Focus on building as much strength as possible with these key compound movements:

  • Leg training (Bulgarian Split Squats or Pistol Squats)
  • Pull ups
  • Push Ups/Bench Press
  • Handstand Wall Push ups/Standing Overhead Press
  • Accessory work such as deltoid/shoulder flys to emphasize your “round shoulder” look

Once you’re a master at the compound movements and you’ve reached close to your maximum genetic potential, go ahead and introduce some specific isolation work.

If you were at that point, you wouldn’t be here!

So, How do I Get the BEST Possible Workout?

There are so many different factors at play.

So, let’s recap:

If you want to get a good idea of how to balance all of these factors to get the best possible workout and build your dream body as a man or a woman, you can check out my reviews of the following programs.

They’re here for you to check out if you wish.

Kinobody Greek God Program

Kinobody Goddess Toning Program
Kinobody KinoBOOTY Program

Men & Women:
Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program
Dušan Djolević and Lazar Novovic’s Bar Brothers The System 

Let me know what you think in the comments below and let’s get a discussion started!

What is YOUR favourite workout or single exercise? Mine is by far the pull up/chin up!

As always,
With Love,


  1. Just what I’ve been looking for! Interesting to hear that it’s all about approach and style rather than any specific exercise routine – I guess what works for you and how you relate to the material/approach/ideas. Not that I want to look like the terminator, but a little more tone and fitness would be great!

    1. Hey Keegan, haha yeah I agree not everyone wants to be super jacked like Arnold – but good news – you probably can’t be anyway unless you take steroids.

      No workout program in the world will build you up like the Terminator. However, good muscle definition, development, power and strength is what’s going to keep us alive and limber later in life – and when you’re young like me (30) it’ll help in the getting women department as well I would assume.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I like how you did not try to give us a cure-all workout. I get tired of seeing these articles that say they will get you buff within 30 days with this miracle training routine. I love the balance of your workouts you recommend and how you talk about key lifts. I have been trying to get back into powerlifting and I am wanting to know what you think is the best way to reintroduce your body to heavy lifting like that.

    1. Hey Austin, absolutely. Anyone that tries to sell you a “miracle-cure” for anything is full of, well you know what. There is no fast or quick solution to anything in life. If you want anything in life, you must show up and do the work!

      As for getting back into lifting, I would recommend finding your 5RM (5-rep max) and building your routine off of that. You’d start with your 5RM for 5 reps obviously, bump the weight down 10%, hit that weight for 6 reps, bump the weight down again 10% and hit that for 8 reps.

      An example would be bench press.

      If you can do 200lbs for 5 reps, bump it down for the next set by 10% which would be 180lbs, do that for 6 reps, then go down to 160 and hit that for 8 reps – resting 4-6 minutes between sets to maximise recovery.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hey Mike,
    Great post on workouts, I really enjoyed reading it. You’ve presented some great overall information for both beginners and folks who’ve been doing it a while. I appreciate you sharing your recommendation of Kinobody as well, I had not heard of it and will check it out.
    I think you’ve hit it right on the head with your progression. With a beginner you can make a lot of great gains by simply lifting without a specific plan. After you’ve done it for a few years you need to start developing a real plan.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Mat A.

    1. Hey Mat, thank you so much for stopping by! It really means a ton to me. Yeah for sure, lifting is different depending on what your current status is – beginner or intermediate or advanced.

      Greg from Kinobody is really special and remarkable because of the FREE information he gives out in his several YouTube videos. It’s truly great to have someone care that much to just give you info completely for free!

      Of course one can buy his programs as well if they choose to do so.

      Hope to see you again!

  4. In the start, thank you for honest and realist article. I like that you don´t use the stupid “after 2 months you are ready” sentences!
    I agree with you on so many things. Is it right understand of me that you want, in the start, focus only on the big muscles? If it´s right understanding? I´m at least on that page and I have the feeling when you talk about your key lift.
    But I see that you talk about 6-10 rep. Is it wrong to start with a mix of muscle building and energy on the same time with, for example, 15-8-6?

    1. Hi Jóhann,

      Thank you so much for stopping by to read the article! It means a lot to me. At the start, you want to focus on building strength. Most people that go to the gym (at least in my eyes and for men) want to achieve a great physique. If you are not getting stronger on the lifting part then your muscles cannot grow.

      The 6-10 rep range is ideal for strength – anything more than that and you’re getting into endurance training which is also great in its own right – just not for building strength and dense muscle! You just have to determine what you’re after – maybe you want to build muscle and strength or endurance. It’s up to each person.

      I hope to see you again!

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