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What’s the Best Diet for Working Out? *Spoiler Alert* – Whichever One YOU Enjoy Most

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Alright guys, here we go. It’s that time again – debunking fitness myths (kind of). Today we’ll be discussing what the best diet for working out may or may not be for you.

See, the trick is the following. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with a lot of the other things I talk about such as making your approach to fitness one that’s enjoyable because you enjoy it, not one of slavery because you “have to do this to get to X place’. 

When it comes to dieting and nutrition, I do believe you must do what’s good for you – I.e. how can you make your efforts sustainable by performing them in a fashion that will let you naturally tend towards keeping that momentum going without having do dip into that all-important will power that depletes quite quickly in my experience.

So What’s the Best Diet for Working Out?

30% Protein.
25% Fats.
45% Carbs.

Good night. JUST KIDDING.

In all seriousness, the modern trend in the fitness world is IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros, or, for those who don’t remember acronyms (like me), Flexible Dieting.

This means that for any given day, as long as you’re hitting your macro nutrient targets, you can eat whatever the hell you want.

And it works like a charm.

The problem with this is, however, many don’t consider micro nutrients to be an important part in their diets. These are things like vitamins and minerals that your body requires for pretty much any and all processes in your body.

You get these from all types of different foods – and the more “whole foods” (i.e., unprocessed) you eat, the higher your likelihood will be of getting all of the required macro and micro nutrients in your daily diet.

If Your Main Focus is Building Muscle

When you’re building muscle, the diet is there to support muscle growth.  Without adequate nutrition, your muscles just don’t and can’t grow. If you’re brand new to weight training, you might sneak by this system for a number of months, but you can’t avoid the nutrition police forever.

Rock hard, dense, woman (or man) attracting muscle does not grow on its own. You must provide your body with a surplus of protein, carbs and fats on a daily (or weekly) basis in order to force your body to adapt to more demanding workout routines.

If you simply rely on what you’re already eating, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. Let me give you a scenario.

Say I gave you two activities, Activity A and Activity B, and, upon completion of each, you got money for it. Following me so far? Ok good. Alright, for Activity A, you got 10,000 dollars. You called it a day, and you walked home really happy because you’re rich.

However, just by doing Activity B in addition to Activity A, I gave you 15,000 dollars, what would you do? I certainly wouldn’t be leaving anything on the table and I would just do it.

The same goes with nutrition – just do it right and watch the results pour in. Don’t be leaving any gains on the table (as they say) by shooting yourself in your Chicken Leg. Yes, you have chicken legs if you work out like me because my legs are already getting so big that they don’t fit into my jeans comfortably anymore (at least certain pairs).

If Your Main Focus is General Health or No Focus

This article is about what the best diet is for working out. Working out can really be taken a number of different ways – working out can be weight lifting, martial arts, cycling (for an in-depth look at cycling check out my good buddy Mitch’s page Saddle Venture), running, walking – whatever “working out” means to you, that’s fine.

You just have to sit down and determine what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Now, some people enjoy exercising and don’t pay much attention to their diet (which, again, is fine by me). That’s your own personal decision to make and it doesn’t matter to me what you decide.

I will wager a bet, however, that those people aren’t on this website right now trying to determine what the best diet is for working out. If you aren’t serious about it, you’re not going to be searching for my website anytime soon.

For those who want to learn more about how diet has a direct impact on not only fitness, but on physiological health and mental health as well, that’s why you’re here I would presume. This would make the most sense to me to be honest. 

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or are simply trying to improve your health – diet is the #1 thing that will make or break your plans, PERIOD.

No drugs can work without the right diet.

No doctor can heal you without the right diet (unless of course you require a specific medication).

You wouldn’t be able to survive without eating which is a very clear indication of how important your diet truly is to anything and everything you do.

If Your Dieting Goal is Weight Loss

Do you want this woman’s body? Do you want to be lean, sexy, strong, and feeling great? This section is for you if you’re carrying excess fat on your body.

I see this SO often it actually makes me angry. If you want to lose weight, you must eat less than you burn. This is why your DIET is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss.

Exercise will NOT make you lose weight unless it induces a caloric deficit. When you want to lose weight, you must know how much you’re eating. Track it daily for one week. Then, adjust it. If you aren’t seeing results, adjust again. Don’t have a food scale? Stop fucking around and go buy one otherwise you have no clue how much you’re eating.

A few key pointers:


  • stop eating the foods you love
  • stop eating carbs
  • stop eating cake
  • stop eating cheese
  • …you get the idea.


  • figure out how much you’re eating everyday for a month and adjust your caloric intake

If you want to read an in-depth article on the importance of dieting, check out my Effortless Nutrition article.

When You Visit Physique Authority, You’re Trying to be the Best You Can Be – Including Dieting

Why not do everything in your power when you have a goal? Let’s be clear about some things here. When there is something you want, why not take every conceivable measure to give yourself the best chance at success? Why not?

Do you not want it badly enough that you’re not even willing to make sacrifices? That’s probably the case. Stop making excuses and start admitting you just don’t want it – or if you do, then TAKE ACTION!

With that said, you do NOT have to:

  • torture yourself
  • give up everything you love
  • focus your entire energy on something to see success (life happens)
  • get down on yourself when you slip up
  • be negative about yourself when things aren’t happening as quickly as you want them to

What IS required to see success:

  • do everything in your power to make strides towards success everyday
  • be consistent with your diet and nutrition
  • be consistent with your workout routine
  • remain focused on the end-goal
  • keep in mind that you’ll get there as long as you’re doing all the right steps everyday

The Reason that the Articles Cross Genres is because They’re Related

When you come to this website, you’re going to learn a shit ton of information that will help you get the body and life of your dreams. I do not believe that these two things are separable, unless you’re a steroid-using bodybuilder.

When your body improves, your life improves. There is no denying this. This is why these articles touch on fitness and personal development because, at least for me, fitness is a key player in personal development. How can you develop yourself when one of the main components to your “being” (your body) is not up to snuff?

Remember we talked about leaving things on the table? Whether you want to be an astronaut, a business magnate, a celebrity or the best kids party clown to ever have lived, what use is all of that if you’re dying and decrepit? Start treating your body right, nail down your diet, nutrition and exercise routine (whatever that might be) and start firing your life on all cylinders.

In the modern world there’s so much competition. If you’re slacking in one area, forget ever winning the race.

Leave a comment down below and let me know how YOU are firing on all cylinders!

In other words, stop screwing around.

As always,
Yours truly,




  1. Super useful post!

    The information about IIFYM and its pros and cons was great as I was only vaguely aware of it previously.

    I also found out that I’ve been overthinking my diet a lot recently, worrying about things like macro nutrient ratio when after reading this article I now know don’t massively matter.

    How would you advise increasing the amount of micro nutrients I get from my diet without increasing my total calorie intake?

    1. Hey Jacob,

      Perhaps I might have been a bit ambiguous with the article, but your macro-nutrient split is quite important – mainly the amount of protein you’re eating. I advise tracking only protein and calories because fats/carbs seem to even themselves out over the course of a week anyway.

      In terms of micro nutrients, as long as you’re eating a very balanced diet with a good amount of variety, a couple pieces of fruit per day, one to two servings of vegetables, a good blend of potatoes, rice and different meats, you should be nailing your micro nutrients down pretty well!

      You could always take a multivitamin if you’re concerned with that as well, but I personally don’t like them or agree with them. Just a thought!

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Sooooo exited to try loosing weight with your instruction cause you motivate me a lot.
    one question I have…
    can I stabilize my weight after I lose it ?
    cause I tried more than three programmes before, but I gained back the weight I lost.
    thank you soo much for sharing this valuable information with us…

    1. Hey Basset, I completely agree with your concerns as they are the most frequent concern with any weight loss diet. The thing is, if you make the lifestyle change and implement the diet as your new lifestyle, it can be 100% sustainable. That’s what Physique Authority teaches – how to make your approach to fitness and dieting sustainable, enjoyable and effortless. I call it the S.E.E. your success principle – more of which you can read about here https://physiqueauthority.com/….

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